Top 10 Exercises to Get a Sexy Hourglass Figure in a Month

Sexy Hourglass Figure
Sexy Hourglass Figure

Nowadays on media, there is a hype of hourglass figure everywhere and might be you are familiar with other names of the hourglass figure that are curvy body, or x type body. The famous Hollywood celebrities who become the spotlight are Kim Kardashian, Scarlet Johnson, Beyoncé and Jenifer Lopez for their stunning bodies. No doubt, they are blessed with such an astonishing hourglass figure, despite of the fact, they have to put some extra efforts to maintain it. These efforts are incomplete without the inclusion of diet plans, and workout routines.

There are many body types like pear, banana, apple, and hourglass but surely, no one likes to discuss these body shapes because these are not considered as good as an hourglass figure.

Let’s highlight some features of the hourglass figure.

In this body type, the width of the shoulders and the pelvis are the same, but the waistline is too narrow.

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Exercises for a Sexy Hourglass Figure

It’s not a big task to figure out how to get the perfect sexy hourglass figure. First, have a look at your body structure, especially, the shoulders, hips, and abdominal. If you feel the body is d shaped, you shouldn’t be worried about it because workouts can be helpful to increase muscle mass, trim down belly fat, and get rid of love handles that eventually get you the dream physique.

With a combination of several workouts and diet, you can easily achieve the sexy hourglass figure. Quality training should be possible through free weight-lifting and certain sorts of weight machines. While despite everything you have to do a few ABS workouts. There are some fun and demonstrated weight machines in nearly in each gym.

Top 10 Exercises

You should follow these routines for 14 days that means 6 sessions of both plans on alternate days.

Don’t forget to do warm-up and cool down sessions with 20 minutes of cardio session like treadmill and arc trainer.

Dumbbells Lateral Raises

Stand with shoulder width apart, Hold dumbbells in both hands, keep them with your thighs, gradually raises the dumbbells until they get parallel to the floor. In other words hands, elbows and shoulders are aligned to each other. You should avoid arching while lifting the dumbbells.

Shoulder Military Press

Sit on the supported bench, so that your hips and upper back are align to each other. Grab the dumbbells, raise them overhead, and avoid locking the elbows when arms are extended. Gradually bring down the dumbbells until your elbows get parallel to the floor.

Rear Delts Machine

Sit on the machine facing towards the pad, adjust the seat so when you grab the handles of machine, wrist, elbows and shoulder get in line. Push the handles backwards until both scapula meet to each other’s.

Back Leg Elevated Dead-Lift

Snatch a dumbbell in each hand, move one leg a couple of feet behind you. From this position, raise the leg straight back, so that hip, hamstring and foot heel get in line and bring your dumbbells down gradually until they’re at about shins or 6 inches above the surface. Now bring the body in an upward direction while moving the leg down until your foot come to the starting point.

Lunges with Front Dumbbells Raises

Pick up dumbbells in both hands at your sides with your palms facing down. Begin with the two feet together. From this position, lift your one foot and make a stride. Keeping your front knee behind your toe, and your shoulders stacked over your hips, raise both dumbbells in front to shoulders level by keeping elbows slightly bend. Repeat the same step with other side.

Back Leg Elevated Lunge or Bulgarian Split Squat

Get a dumbbell in each hand, put the toe on the bench that is kept behind you. Keeping your shoulders over your hips and your front knee behind your right toe, press your front knee forward untill the front thigh gets parallel to the ground.

Lateral kicks

Get down on knees. Arms directly under the shoulders. Slightly raise your leg backward then kick it sideways. Bring down to the starting position and repeat this procedure to another leg.

Windshield Wiper Abs

Lie down on the floor with your legs outstretched and arms resting behind you parallel to shoulders. From this position, squeeze your core muscles, toes pointing up, lift the two legs straight up into the air. You can slightly bend your legs when moving towards right side, bring your’s legs closer to the floor. Move it back to the starting point and repeat the procedure with the opposite side.

Medicine Ball Russian twist

Sit on the floor. Lift your legs up or even you can cross both legs, hold the medicine ball in both hands. Lift your chest upward, start twisting your trunk right side then left side keeping both legs into the air.

Hanging Leg Raises

Grasp the handles of hanging leg raises machine on both sides, place your elbows on the pads, keep your back straight with back pad, slightly bend the legs and lift them up until get parallel to the floor.

You can perform this exercise on pull-ups machine. The only difference is you need to hang without any support that will be tough task.

Swiss Ball Shoulder Bridge

Lie down on the floor, place your feet over a Swiss ball. Your arms are outstretched on the floor closer to hips, with your palms facing down. Press your palms agaisnt the floor and lift your hips straight up off the ground.

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Quality training will reshape and tighten up muscles, and give you significantly more vitality. When it comes to diet, it means you should avoid processed foods with high salt intake, junk foods with lots of fats and sugars, rather prefer to eat foods grown from the ground, which is high in fiber, protein-rich foods, complex carbohydrates, and water intake may help to trim down your whole body.

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