10 Outfits that You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

Normally we wear according to the office dress code or follow a particular uniform on weekdays. But weekends are the time to have fun and try out for various fashion. But when it comes to your friend’s wedding, it isn’t a place to experiment. There are a few gray areas when it comes to wedding attire. There may be some unintentional wedding wear which may earn your attention where you can explore best designs with Dresslily Coupons which offer great pricing. So here presenting with a list of the item not to wear on a wedding to avoid those invitations.

Not to Wear Dress in a Wedding
Not to Wear Dress in a Wedding

Not to Wear Dress on Wedding


Yes, boys do wear black tuxedos and dark spots coats on various occasions. But the color black is a no go for any wedding ceremonies for girls. Black is the color of mourn and worn especially at the funeral. If the dress is light and sleek or having sequined work on it, it can go. A cocktail black dress is also food to go for any formal occasions, but if you see any chance to fit into a procession for deceased, put it back in the wardrobe and slip into a more colorful one.

Skimpy outfit

All want to grab attention wearing the skimpy outfit in the crowd. Girls especially love to show their skinny land smooth legs, and there is no harm to showoff them. However, everything has a time and place; a wedding is not a place for them.

Jeans And T-shirt

Jeans and T-shirts are meant to be casual and not a wedding thing. Attending a wedding ceremony in such a dress cant never be an option. Whether it’s a beach party, or in the house backyard, even if it’s just a formal thing for you to show up, just throw a dress, or go with khakis pairing it up with a t-shirt or tuxedos, gives you a casual option. For girls, pumps, sandals, heels are always appreciated, but plastic footwear is just a blunder at the wedding parties. But yes, there are always exceptional cases, the theme weddings, where you can always show up for beach events.

Prom Dress

Proms area pre-wedding feel for all the high school girls. Slipping into a prom dress can be much alluring and awfully tempting, even if it has been decades you have passed your high school. Be careful, an evening gown or a blush dress can make you look much like a groom. So, instead of wearing a flashy dress, try something more elegant and adult.

A Tux

If it’s not a black-tie wedding or your own wedding, you should try to avoid wearing a white dinner jacket. Let the very important guy of the day, be the guy in the penguin suit. However its never a bad taste to compete with the groom. But don’t let him cry alone in the closet or complain to his friends for you looking better. Yes, it’s obvious it

is not in your hand to innate your good looks, but at least you can slip into a sport coat and leave the suit for the main man on his very day!

Bellbottoms and other dated attire

Bellbottoms always work for discs and night outs, for parties and farewell, where you would love to shake your booty back. Again wearing 1960s pencil skirts or a dress with high waist and cap sleeves revealing the 1940s era can easily allow you to turn other heads with undesirable attention. But while going to such wedding events do remember to stick to some norms. Bellbottoms won’t fit into a wedding and neither vintage dresses.

A Tiara

In plain words, never ever think to wear a tiara on other’s wedding, it would make you desperate and ridiculous. People would find your attention-seeker. Any headpiece that extends to the crown, ornamental headbands or anything else which could be a substitute for tiara, let the bride choose for her to wear.

A Pantsuit

It’s a wedding, not a business meeting. Leave behind your business persona and slip into any kind of skirt, dress or gown. A wedding is a celebration of two people uniting their lives into one. We would also like you to advise to stay away from businessy accessories, rather you can go for stone studded clutches or just a side purse would be nice to carry.

Anything Loud

People are there to look at the bride and not at your purse, dress or shoe. Wearing anything loud unintentionally will make you a desperate attention seeker and you may not like people gossiping around.


It’s never a good idea to wear white on a wedding day. As avoiding black is much like a tradition on this big day, white to works the same way. You may go for any light color dress or skirt to break a rule, not putting yourself into many problems.


Every dress should select based upon personality, appearance along kind of party you are enjoying which surely will going to give you good results.

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