20 Minutes Lower Ab Workouts for Men at Home or Gym

Lower Ab Workouts for Men

Lower Ab Workouts for Men

Lower ab workouts are one of the hardest and challenging workouts. The majority of men or women want to crush their lower ab, but not everyone gets successful in it. These muscles are the lower rectus abdominal and covered with lots of belly fat as compared to upper ab that are relatively easier to work on it. If you are thinking about developing lower ab, you must include external oblique exercises because this obliques section give proper V shape to your lower abdominal region. So, preference needs to be given while choosing lower ab workouts, i.e., focus on secondary muscle such as middle ab and external obliques. There are few lower ab workouts mentioned here which can perform in a gym or even at home to sculpt men’s ab.

Lower Ab Workouts for Men
Lower Ab Workouts for Men

Popular Lower Ab Workouts

A very popular exercise moves to target your lower abs is called the “bicycle crunch.” It develops your lower abdominal muscles, your thighs and legs along with your overall balance and coordination. You begin by lying with your feet and back flat on the ground, with your knees bent and slightly apart. You begin by putting your hands behind your neck, and then proceed to raise your shoulders (without your arms or elbows assisting your upper body) and thighs in a simultaneous manner. You then commence this exercise by raising your shoulder and knee in a simultaneous upward kicking manner on alternating sides, so as to simulate that of riding a bicycle. Repeat this exercise based on your health care provider or your gym trainer’s instruction, to achieve maximum results.

Lower Ab Workouts for Men at Gym

Hanging Leg Raise: 12 – 15 reps

Land Mine: 10 each side

Woodchop: 10 reps each side

Weighted Crunch: 15 reps

Swiss Ball Plank: 30 sec hold

Lower Ab Workouts for Men at Home

Hip raise/leg raise: 10 reps

Jackknife: 10 – 15 reps

Windshield Wipers: 10 – 12 reps

Reverse Crunch: 10 – 12 reps

Bicycle Crunches: 10 – 12 reps

Tips for Lower Ab Workouts

  1. Choose 5 to 6 exercises and do three sets of each exercise.
  2. You can workout six continuous exercises then 1-minute rest then again six exercises 1-minute rest and third set again six exercises at once.
  3. Total time is taken not more than 20 minutes. You can burn more calories if you choose your workout in this way.
  4. Rotation of exercises after two weeks are good because muscles get used to with a same workout.
  5. You can individually perform lower ab workouts or a select couple of lower ab exercise and mix it with middle and lower ab.
  6. Do three workouts following one day off in a week with three workouts of cardio.
  7. Look for quality, not quantity.

If you are already feeling (and seeing) some results on your routine upper abdominal workouts. Then it is indeed high time to incorporate your lower abs as well to achieve your ultimate goal of having your “six-pack abs”. However, targeting this area can prove to be very difficult and tricky, because there are more ways of doing it wrongly and cause possible injury than doing it in the right way and cause desired goals. These tips should be kept in mind while performing lower ab workouts  in a gym or even at home for getting desired results.

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