20 Minutes Workout Routine for Women to Get Flat Stomach at Home

While women desire toned stomach, they have to keep in mind few facts that their bodies are different than men’s that’s why they need to choose methods wisely to shape it up. For example, the way the female body stores subcutaneous fat on the hips, thighs and stomach. In this way, women need to correspond with a balanced diet and right exercise program.

Women are inclined to putting on more weight on abdominal region. Lots of women attempt to adopt different techniques like eat less carbs, pills or slimming teas to get rid of the abundance pounds but a sound eating plan and abs exercise should serve you right.

Today I will highlight few of abdominal exercises that will help you to get your stomach flatten. All you need is your body weight. These exercises are:

20 Minutes Workout Routine to Get Flat Stomach

20 Minutes Workout Routine for Women

Isometric Crunch

Isometric exercises are very much enjoyed those who are aiming for conditioned bodies. Lie down flat on the exercise mat, hands on the ears, bent your knees so that your heels become parallel to the ground and toes pointing upward, move your body upward by engaging your midsection and hold it for few seconds, exhale, and then move towards start.

Sit-Back Leaning Forward Crunch

This can help support your weak abs. Begin with a sitting position on the floor, your knees bent, and place feet on the floor. Have your arms cross over your chest and roll your head and forward your shoulders to the chest. Consistently recline with your shoulders and head tucked in. Keep this up till you feel weight and compression on your abs. At that point drive it more so you feel like your abs are shaking, let it shake for 5 seconds and after that move back to the upright position.

Leg Raises

Working on the lower stomach muscles, leg raises is best exercise you can do anywhere.

Lie down on the floor, legs are straight. Place your hands down, under your butts that support your back. Gradually raise your legs off the floor, legs are slightly bend to avoid extra pressure on the lower back, and bring it down until the point that your feet are around 1 inch off the floor. Exhale when you raise your legs upward and inhale when you bring the legs down. That is one rep.

Exercise Ball Crunches

The Swiss ball or exercise ball crunches is extraordinary activity because it strengthens your back and engages more muscle to keep the ball stable. With a little practice, you get the hang of it, and it is excellent for toning your waist.

To do, sit on the ball, gradually rolled out so your lower back is on it. Put your hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart, elbows outward. Focus on your abs and raise your shoulders. Keep in mind do not pull you neck to extra squeeze your rectus abdomnis. Exhale when you are lifting up and inhale when going down.

Reverse Crunch

The last exercise is the Reverse crunch. It is somewhat hard, however, will bring awesome results.

Lie down on the flat surface with legs fully extended upward. Start it with the feet pointing towards the ceiling. Lift the butt off the floor, legs as yet pointing towards the roof. Come back to the starting position. It is one rep.

Cardio workout

Crunches and leg raises are just fine to tone your stomach muscles. However, they won’t assist to paunch fat without adding fat burning activity like cardio (running, swimming, bike riding). Following a minimum of 20 minutes cardio program would surely be helpful for you.

Instructions to Follow for Productive Results

  • A minimum of 2 sets, 12 to 15 reps, you must perform.
  • You can perform 1 exercise 2 sets, then move towards second exercise.
  • After 2 weeks you can perform 1 exercise 3 sets, then move towards second exercise.
  • When you become master, make a round of all these exercises, then rest, then perform another round, it’s a challenging task.
  • Don’t forget inhale and exhale with every repetition.
  • Combine this exercise program with some cardio activities.
  • Stop exercising if you feel back pain.
  • Don’t pull you neck to put extra pressure on your stomach.
  • Follow 1200 calories well balanced diet plan.


For you to attain abs you need do the best abdominal exercises that are mentioned above. Muscular strength is thought to be the hardest piece of a human body. Lots of people adopt wrong techniques for shedding those extra pounds from their stomach, for example, following low calories diet plans, unnatural ways like surgeries and medications. The key is to stick with a balanced diet plan and right exercise program helps to tone up stomach and for sure this 20 minutes workout routine brings the desired results.

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