3 Highly Effective Compound Exercises that 90% of People are Doing Wrong

This article is about 3 best compound exercises that are very important for building muscles, increasing strength, improving flexibility, and gaining muscle mass. In another word, without the addition of these exercises, no one wouldn’t be able to get the desired results. These following exercises are the roots of any exercise program or workout routine, namely Push-ups, Pull-ups, and Squats. Unfortunately, over 90 percent of people wrongly perform these exercises, and end results are hilarious. In reality, when they do not follow the instructions, they get injured. So, here you will learn how biomechanically you can perform these exercises. Also, how beginners can become champions or masters in these exercises.

How to Become a Champion in Pushups in 12 Weeks

There is no doubt that pushup is one of the basic but highly productive compound exercises. Almost all ages of people who get engaged in physical activities would love to perform pushups but unfortunately, a majority of them do this exercise in the wrong way. Following a well-designed push-ups program and the instructions will be useful for them to become master in pushups.

The primary muscles work while doing pushups are chest muscles. Secondary muscles that are engaged namely triceps, shoulders, core and somehow quadriceps.

How to Perform Pushups Biomechanically

There are few variations in pushups especially for beginners’.

Knee Pushups

knee down place your hands directly under the shoulders, engage your core and move your body downward until your chest touches the floor but at the start, you do not need to worry if you wouldn’t able to touch the floor. As you move down you inhale and when you bring your body upward then exhale. You must ensure when you going down your hips don’t lift that means your spine and knee get in line. When you will perform 10 reps 3 sets you should move to basic pushups

This time you do not need to get your knees down. Get into the plank position, hands are directly under the shoulders so when you move the body down the angle between spine and elbows becomes 45 degrees. Your spine must remain parallel to the floor. Distance between two hands is extremely important because if there is a much distance then you are not able to engage your chest muscles completely. Similarly, if you reduce the distance then it will target the triceps muscles.

Week 1 – 4

Week 5 – 8

Week 9 – 12

How to Become a Champion in Pullups in 12 Weeks

How to Perform Pullups Biomechanically

When we talk about best upper body compound exercises definitely pullups get the first place. Those who wish to have v-back, rounded shoulders, and extreme biceps strength, it’s a dream exercise for them. This is the best upper body compound exercise that engages most of the upper body muscles. Your targeted muscles while performing pull-ups are latissimus dorsi. Then it works for your arms, shoulders and core muscles as well. It’s a challenging exercise for beginners but with minor modification, they can perform it easily. Any exercise program without the inclusion of pushups, squats, and pullups is incomplete.

How to Perform Pullups Effectively with Minor Adaptations

Beginners can do pull-ups on an assistant machine. They can slowly decrease the weights on a machine to increase resistance. Once they feel they are lifting almost 75 % of their body weight by themselves then they can move on free pull-ups that mean they can perform this exercise without any assistance. They should target at least 5 pullups at the start and if they wouldn’t be able to lift they can ask for minor co-operation from their partners.

Adjust the weight of almost half of your body weight. Stand on the machine steps, hold the handles of the machine slightly wider the shoulder width, palms outward or back of your hands facing towards you, place your feet on the platform, as soon as you place your feet on the platform you would feel like you are going down but you need to hold the handles firmly and lift your body upward until your chest and handles get in line and exhale. Slowly move down towards the starting point and inhale. Avoid excessive arch in the lower back but definitely you have to engage your core muscles. When you are done, be careful first you move one foot down on the steps and then control the resistance with another foot. Do not leave the handles until you stand straight on the steps.


When you start doing pull-ups freely keep in mind a few things, you can cross your legs backward, hang your legs slightly bent. If you want to engage core muscles then you can bring your legs upward and hold it in front of you while lifting up and going down. Do not push your body by your midsection just to give some extra lift. You should feel like you are lifting your body with the support of shoulders, arms, and lats muscles. I am sure if you follow all these instructions you become a champion in Pullups just in 4 weeks.

Week 1 – 4

Week 5 – 8

Week 9 – 12

How to Become a Champion in Squats in 12 Weeks

Squats exercise is top of the list of highly effective compound exercises that assist to build your quadriceps, hamstrings and lower back muscles. Here you will find the exact way of doing squats and why you should avoid doing deep squats.

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Squats exercise is the king of exercises because It is a highly productive compound exercise in which multi muscles and multi joints are engaged that helps in burning more calories, also builds extreme lower body strength.

Now let’s will talk about why people do squats. The basic purpose of doing squats is to enhance the strength of quadriceps, hamstring and lower back muscles. Unfortunately, lots of people wrongly perform this exercise.

How to Perform Squats Biomechanically

Stand straight, the distance between your feet according to your shoulder width. Those people who do not have an arch in their feet or flat feet the distance between their feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width. Lift your chest upward maintain an arch in your lower back, engage your core muscles or squeeze lower abdominal muscles then go down until your hips become parallel to the floor, and second, your knees should not cross the toes then move upward and exhale, inhale when you are going down.

Should You Perform Normal Squats or Deep Squats?

I wouldn’t recommend you do deep squats the reason is, you overstretched the knee ligaments and may pinch the joint cartilage. What is joint cartilage? It is the white issues that cover the end of your bones where they meet to form a joint. Healthy joint cartilage assists you in proper movements. So next time when you perform squats you have to keep in mind all these instructions.


However, no one can deny the importance of these 3 compound exercises for getting extreme quality muscles and body strength. If you really think that you want to be a champion then definitely you have to follow above all instructions carefully and be regular while attempting 4 weeks compound exercises program.

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