Why Do You Need To Be Careful When Eating Too Much Sugar

Quit Sugar

Quit Sugar

Though sugar is equally important for your body insulin level but the most important thing you should concern that in which form you are getting your daily sugar intake? Why on earth would anyone discourage others from a product as tasty as sugar, and go as far as quitting it and urging others to do so too? Outlined below are four reasons that will highlight those facts why the excess intake of sugar is not good for your body.

Reasons to Quit Sugar

First Reason

  • Added sugar exposes people to a colossal number of health risks. Since individuals only burn a little of the sugar they consume to provide energy for their bodies, the rest of the sugar is converted to fat in large quantities as to cause health troubles. Some of the health issues sugar predispose individuals to include obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, tooth cavities, cancer and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Second Reason 

  • As a consequence of sugar stimulating the release of enormous amounts of the neurochemical dopamine, sugar is addictive. Dopamine excites the brain’s reward center leading to dependency and addiction to the cause of the stimulation (sugar). To worsen the situation further, this enormous release of dopamine overrides the brain’s efforts to exert self-control eliciting a “sugar rush” commonly observed in sugar addicts.

Third Reason

  • Additionally, sugar has no nutritive value, unlike vegetables and fruits that yield useful calories along with vitamins, fiber, enzymes, water, and minerals. In contrast, the sugar added in food has calories only, but no enzymes, proteins, healthy fats or vitamins. Furthermore, sugar put in food draws away vital minerals from the body when it is being digested.

Fourth Reason

  • Finally, the addition of sugar in food is a pointless and costly expense. The body already gains valuable sugars from vegetables and fruits thus rendering it unnecessary to add sugar to a diet already providing the needed calories. The addition of sugar is uncalled for as it causes the liver to strain and channels vital body resources to unprofitable causes resulting in drainage of essential nutrients. It is also needless to consume sugar as it never satisfies; instead, it kindles the individual to crave more sugar. Purchasing sugar is a costly affair, with the refined versions and the sweeteners particularly pricey. Additionally, the medical costs of treating sugar-induced complications are very high, especially the chronic illnesses.

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