4 Weeks Full Body Exercise Program to Develop Quality Muscles at Home

With regards to working out, you always have alternatives, you always follow some workout routines. Doing body weight exercises gives you an option to workout at home, at any time, even with little space but it is equally effective like working outdoors or in gyms.

So what are some best body weight exercises you can do at home to get a strong and healthy body with your new full body exercise schedule?

Full Body Exercise Program

4 Weeks Full Body Exercise Program at Home

1) Push Up – The most effective body weight exercise is the push-up. This compound exercise works for upper body muscles mainly chest and some other muscles like triceps, shoulder and core. It also work for lower body that includes quadriceps.

If you’re quite recently starting working out or you are a beginner then you need to focus on few variation such as to begin doing pushups with your knees on the ground until you develop quality.

2) Chin Up – Another highly productive body weight exercise is Chin Up. All you need is a jaw up bar; you can use a low lying crossbeam some place, ensure it is safe. No doubt this compound exercise works extra ordinary for your shoulder, biceps and mainly the latissimus Dorsi muscles or back muscles.

3) Chair Dips – Another incredible exercise that build extreme strength for the triceps muscles. It primarily works for your triceps but it also engaged shoulders, and chest muscles.

4) Squats – above couple of exercises specifically target upper body, yet squats the king of exercises, one of the best compound exercise which you can’t ignore if planning to do body weight exercises anywhere at home or gym, when done correctly impact your lower body. There are a lot of variations of squats namely free squat, sumo squat, gun squat, horizontal squat, split squat hop, Bulgarian squat.

5) Lunges – When we talk about developing leg strength we can’t be shy to perform lunges. There are some variations like forward lunges, backward lunges, lateral lunges, and walking weighted lunges. This exercise works amazingly for hamstring and quads muscles.

6) Step Up – Have one leg at a higher height than the other. Step the lower leg up to where the higher leg is. Breathe in as you bring down breathe out as you are coming up. Do around 8-12 reps for each leg.

7) Bicycle Crunches – You can make an addition of bicycle crunches for developing core muscles. This exercise will work astonishingly for the rectus abdominis, core and upper body as well.

For beginners they can start practicing from torso move then legs move and then move to this exercise because initially they get confused with upper and lower body moves together.

There you have it an incredible full body exercise routine at home that will work quite well for your full body. You will be able to build quality muscles of your upper and lower body with these exercises. You do not need any equipment, How cool is that?

Instructions to Follow

  • Start with 2 sets 10 reps, once you develop skills you can do 3 sets, 12 to 15 reps.
  • I recommend that you should always follow inhale and exhale pattern with every repetition.
  • You should follow this full body exercise program 3 to 4 times in a week, with some cardio exercises.
  • For beginners’ they must start slowly, 5 reps 3 sets for pushups, 5 reps 3 sets for chin-ups.
  • No one is allowed to compromise on the form of the exercise.
  • You should never hesitate to work on basics.


However, this Full body exercise program just need half an hour to complete. On account of full body exercises, the essential thing is quality, not amount, or the length of your exercise. When you practice utilizing your muscle and consolidate a full body workout you can accomplish huge gains on in both weight reduction and muscle strength and building.

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