5 Easy Body Fitness Tests At Home

5 Easiest Steps For Body Fitness Test At Home

Body Fitness

‘Being fit satisfies you for whole life’.

Body fitness describes how fit are you physically and mentally?

When talking about body fitness there comes a series of questions in the mind. For example,

  • How does your body behave at a certain age?
  • How well your body cope with a crunch situation?
  • Is there any difference between men’s and women’s body fitness?
  • How can one change one’s body fitness level?
  • Is it possible to change body fitness time to time?

If someone wishes to have, right and perfect fitness must make himself mentally active. Once, you plan,  what kind of fitness you want to achieve or to dream about then you can figure out it what could be possible ways to grab it.

Body Fitness Test

Body fitness varies according to people’s taste, age, gender, profession and circumstances. Few more factors, which can put favorable or adverse effects on body fitness includes body structure and flexibility.

For example

  • A bodybuilder who workouts daily in the gym can do more push ups as compared to other athletes.
  • People who are interested in yoga workouts having more flexibility.
  • 18-year old boy can lift more than 60-year-old man.
  • Pregnant woman fitness level differs if compare to healthy ones.

List Of Body Fitness Tests

These following steps are still useful for measuring body fitness because these base on average that means one should pass to a minimum threshold.

5 Easiest Steps For Body Fitness Test At Home
Test Your Body Fitness

1-Height-to-Waist Ratio Test

The waist should be less than half of the height in inches. For example, if someone with a height of 6 feet, i.e., 72 inches then his waist should be less than 36 inches.

2-Plank Test 

Keep your body in plank position minimum for 2 minutes shows good rating of your body fitness.

3-Sit and Rise Test 

Minimum ten moves shows your body is in a healthy state.

4- Push-up Test 

Ratings for men according to age







 > 54

 > 44

> 39

> 34

 > 29



















 Very Poor

 < 20

 < 15

 < 12

 < 8

 < 5

 5-Crunch Test

Ratings for men according to age


< 35 years

35-44 years

> 45 years













Needs Work




Hence, By focusing on these body fitness tests, people can think about how fit they are currently and how they can change their fitness goals or plans in the future.

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