7 Best Abdominal Exercises that Pregnant Women Should Do at Home

Women they don’t know how to perform exercises during pregnancy and even they don’t know how useful the exercises are and which exercises are the most effective ones?

In this article, I will talk about those best abdominal exercises that are useful for pregnant women and can be easily performed at home. They do not require any equipment like mostly they need in gyms. I will also highlight a couple of exercises that should be avoided because it can be harmful for them and their babies as well.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Let’s talk about Pelvic floor muscles first, these muscles helps to support uterus muscles, bladder, intestines and rectum. The major benefit of pelvic floor muscles is women can recover easily after childbirth. If your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough then you can be safe yourself from more complications.

Now start from some of the pelvic floor exercises such as Kegel exercises and bird dogs.

Kegel Exercises

Contract you pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds then relax.

The question is how you can find these pelvic floor muscles, in short when you hold urine at that time you can feel these muscles are contracted.

So while performing kegel exercise you have to contract those muscles by engaging your lower abdominal and squeezing glute muscles.

Bird Dog

It is really important exercise to build your pelvic floor muscles.

Hands are directly under your shoulders, distance between your knees should be according to your hands distance then you lift your leg and opposite hand and make it sure you must engage your abdominal muscles.

Avoid jerking your leg while lifting upward and your opposite arm should be parallel to floor, Perform 10 reps each side

Core Exercises

I will also recommend you to add some core exercises like plank hold, side planks and glute bridges because when you perform any core exercise the primary muscles engage in it are pelvic floor muscles then internal and external oblique, lumbar region and lower abdominal muscles.

Elbow Plank hold

Get in to the push-up position, elbows are directly under the shoulders, squeeze abdominal muscles and hold, should focus on the alignment of your spine, it should be parallel to the floor

Keep in mind pregnant women should not hold this position for a minute, they can hold 10 to 15 seconds and repeat 3 times

Side Plank

The next exercise this side plank but we have to do some modifications to make it more effective.

Usually, people perform this exercise by getting into this position, heels, hips shoulder are to be aligned with each other but for pregnant women they have to modify this exercise and they should do like this, knees bend and the lift

knees bend and then lift your hips and down

Glute Bridges

It is one of the most highly effective exercise to build your core muscles and same if your core muscles become strengthen your primary muscles that are pelvic floor muscles, will become strong as well.

Lie down on the floor, hands alongside your hips knees bent and then lift your butts

keep in mind, avoid to stress your lower back much, do not try to lift you butts upward

You can’t perform this exercise if your pregnancy is of 20 weeks because when you lay down it would interrupt the blood flow towards your baby but the exercises which I mentioned earlier like planks, side planks, bird dog and kegel you can do it through out your pregnancy to build core muscles.

Let’s discuss about those exercises which pregnant women should avoid

Crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, criss cross and sits ups could be worse for you and your baby as well. For example if you do crunches you will exert too much pressure on your abdominal which is not good for your baby. Similarly, if you perform criss cross you put extra pressure on the lumbar region and it is not good because already pregnant women carry their babies which make their lower back muscles stiffed.

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