9 Exercises that Boost The Immune System but Avoid from over-exercising

Today I will talk about those exercises that are helpful to boost the Immune system and respiratory system as well. You all know that coronavirus affects your respiratory system. The following are the best 9 exercises that boost the Immune system and make it works astonishingly well to guard you against this virus.

Now the question is how exercises boost the Immune system? Basically, Exercises put a positive impact on changes in antibodies and white blood cells. White blood cells are your immune system cells that help to fight against different infections. So that means exercises not only enhance your general fitness but also boost the immune system as well.

First I will talk about those exercises that are helpful to build your diaphragm muscles, strengthen them, and improve the cardiovascular system. You know exercises make your general fitness better that ultimately makes your immune system better.

Red Blood Cells

Exercise 1: Pursed Lips Breathing, Works for Diaphragm Muscles

The most important thing is to follow the pattern of this exercise. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective for you. The first step, breathe in from the nose. At the start, you can breathe in for 2 seconds but gradually increase the limit for 4 seconds. The second step holds this position, the third step exhales it that must be twice than inhale. When you exhale, keep in mind your lips become like you are whistling. Repeat this pattern 4 to 5 times.

Exercise 2: Push-ups

This exercise works for your diaphragm muscles. Get into the plank position. Hands directly under the shoulders bring your chest down; avoid making an arch in the lower back, round back, and knees bending. Exhale when going down.

Now I will tell you a couple of Exercises that will work for your cardiovascular system. These exercises will increase heart rate and better circulate your blood flow. Exercises are burpees, jumping jacks, and high knees.

Exercise 6: Dumbbells Deadlift

You can perform this exercise in this way. Stand straight, the distance between feet shoulder-width apart. Lift your chest upward and move down by keeping your core tight the most important thing inhale and exhale. You need to exhale when coming up.

Let’s move towards other exercises like plank, sit-ups, and cobra stretch. These exercises are important for diaphragm toning and strengthening the core.

Exercise 7: Sit-ups

Lay down, bend your knees, put your fingers on the temple or above ears. Move your body upward by keeping your core tight. Avoid bending your neck or chin tuck.

Exercise 8: Elbow Planks

Get into the push-ups position, elbows directly under shoulders. Engage the abdominal by keeping your back straight or parallel to the floor, hold it. Avoid making arch or bending your knees.

Exercise 9: Cobra Stretch

It lengthens diaphragm muscles and flexibility that ease in breathing. Lay down on your stomach, hands are alongside the rib cage, lift your chest upward. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds.

So all these exercises are helpful to build your diaphragm muscles, strength, and tone. These exercises won’t take more than eight to nine minutes. Initially, you can perform 1 round of each exercise; gradually move to 2 and 3 rounds. Minimum you must do 10 reps of each exercise. You can do all these exercises at home.

Over Exercising is Worse for Immune System during Coronavirus Crisis

Everyone knows exercise has a powerful impact on strengthening the immune system but if it is done with the right strategy. Actually, people are at home during coronavirus pandemic so they want to utilize this time period in a better way that’s why they give priority to doing exercise. But the question is it right strategy and the answer is very simple excess of everything is bad that means if you have the extra time it doesn’t mean you do exercise all the time.

We can’t deny the truth that where exercise makes your immune system better but it can be harmful to it as well if exercise exceeds a certain time period limit. So, next time when you choose exercises during coronavirus crisis, choose it wisely.

Let’s talk about the Immune system.

• The Immune system is a complex network of your body cells that fight against different infections and keep your body healthy.

• Main parts of the Immune system include White blood cells, lymphatic system, thymus, bone marrow, and spleen.

Here I will tell the most important thing that there is a deep relationship between white blood cells and exercise (walk). At least 30 minutes’ walk 3 times a week will help to increase white blood cells.

Now the question is how much exercise you should do during coronavirus crisis. As a beginner 30 minutes, 3 times a week you should do exercise. You can do a walk, bike, swimming whatever is convenient for you, do at your home.

Now I will talk about standard recommendations for exercising for adults that how much exercise is good in a week. So keep in mind at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise should be performed. Moderate physical activity like a brisk walk and combine it with strength-building exercises twice a week.

Similarly, if an adult wants to increase his exercise intensity then he can do running instead of a brisk walk that is vigorous physical activity. There is evidence that too much exercise can reduce your immunity. If I talk about athletes who are super fit if they perform over 90 minutes of vigorous activities. So next 72 hours after finishing their workout they are prone to illness.

I want to sum up my whole discussion but still, you have to listen to your body because each body behaves differently and if you put more stress on your body you have to give proper time for recovery. If you don’t give proper recovery time period to your body then you have to face complications.


You bear in mind all the information before choosing any exercise program. Nowadays everyone at home and finds different exercise patterns online. Do not follow all these workout plans and exercise programs at once. You can follow this program without any fear and I will guarantee you these exercises will definitely boost the immune system.

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