Ab Exercises – How do Ab Workouts for Men

Men Ab Workouts

Men Ab Workouts

Nowadays, ab workouts are getting much popularity among people. Men try to do different ways to get ab or 6 packs. Personality improves because of the good body or overall fitness. Everyone in the gym or even at home prefers to do the ab workouts, but most of them do not figure out exactly which one is a best ab workouts for them. Doing hundreds of crunches or leg raises are not a good idea. And people think if they do hard for one exercise will get a positive result but it is totally useless to do a workout in such way. Best tip, when you are training your abs workout is quality, not quantity. It is best to do 15 repetitions for each exercise and exercise for every section such as upper abs, lower abs, middle abs, obliques.

Men Ab Workouts
Men Ab Workouts

Importance of Ab Workouts

The importance of developing your abdominal muscles (more commonly known as “abs”) is as crucial as developing other parts of your body. It is very important for posture, as your abdominal muscle is attached to your pelvis and spine. Can you ever visualize yourself not being able to stand, or walk properly? I don’t. As a matter-of-fact, approximately $50 Billion is spent on a yearly basis by numerous people experiencing back pains, and this is a big deal indeed. So what is one way to prevent back pains? It is none other than strengthening your abdominal muscles. Other than posture, your abdominal muscles are also responsible for maintaining balance; this is because your “gravity center” or roughly. The area just below your belly button called the “sacrum.” It handles making standing upright or sitting, or walking upright possible and helps to not cause pain or injury.

How to do Men Ab Workouts

Lots of people are not aware of right workouts and at the end their selection could harm their efforts. It becomes essential to men to understand the importance of right workouts selections. It is not necessary that men ab workouts should perform in a gym rather you can do at home without any equipment. So, people those who are short of money can get the desired outcomes. The only requirement is concentration and full commitment and just give 30 minutes to your ab workouts.

Men Ab Workouts

Men ab workouts can be performed at home or gym and by using machines or without machines.

The hanging leg raise

Movements: Flexing and Extension

Target area: Abdominal section

Plate Twist

Movements: Flexing and Extension

Target area: Abdominal section


Movements: Balance and Stabilization

Target area: Inner abdominal muscles, back


Movements: Obliques and back muscles

Target area: Obliques

Classic crunch

Target area: Upper ab

Reverse crunch

Target area: Lower ab


Dumbbells, medicine ball and cable weight system can be used.

Target area: Torso

Trunk Rotation

Target area: ab and obliques

Bird Dog

Target area: Core muscles including back

Knee tucks

Target area: Ab and legs using a stability ball

Glute bridge

Target area: Ab, butts, and back

Side plank

Target area: Ab,  back, obliques and glutes


If you are interested in men ab workouts then you need to pick 6 to 8 exercises, do on alternative days and 12 to 15 reps each.

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