Ab Workouts – Common Mistakes during Ab Workouts

Ab Workouts

Ab Workouts

The word “Ab workouts” or “Six Packs” workout has become one of a most frequent workout during last ten years, and it is all because of media. People like to get what they see on TV. These ab workouts do not restrict to men only. In fact women. Children or even old people like to get such fitness. Beach bodies or summer bodies is also another factor that tends people to do ab workouts. Women like to wear the bikini and want to look more attractive, and that is why they prefer to do ab workouts. Nowadays boys pay lots of concentration on abs workout because girls are more attractive towards fit personality.

Ab Workouts
Best Ab Workouts

Common Mistakes about Ab Workouts

Although, it is exquisite to keep your body fit. Proper guideline and training reforms overall results. One of the most common mistakes while doing ab workouts are:

  • What his or her body exactly wants?
  • How many workouts should be done by the individual?
  • Which parts he or she needs to focus?
  • What type of ab he or she plans to workout?
  • What is the right nutrition or diet for ab workouts?
  • How much time is he having for building ab?
  • How much body fat is he currently facing at the moment?
  • How many calories does he want to burn from any particular workout?

Just working out doesn’t mean that you will get the right moment and will get the same outcomes that you have already planned.

Mistake by Personal Trainers

Now, what is the most recommended or preferred exercise routine for this particular part of your body? Many experts and gym trainers and healthcare practitioners believe that the best exercise is none other than the “crunch”. It is a modified version of the exercise routine called “sit-up”, but it is with very limited motion.

How do Ab Workouts

There are different types of ab workouts, so it depends on individual body type and requirements. Ab workouts differ according to gender and age. All ab workouts are not suitable for everyone. So, one should choose right abs workout program and also aware of factors like age, back injuries because these may put an adverse effect on performances. A most common complaint among people who undergo abdominal exercises is the lower back pain. It is the result of hyperextending your spine, for which very many people are guilty of doing or are doing so simply because of having improper guidance or instructions. As always, it is always the best and the safest to refer to your healthcare provider or medical practitioner, or even your gym trainer before even attempting to begin any workout or exercise routine.

  • Upper Ab Workouts
  • Middle Ab Workouts
  • Lower Ab Workouts
  • V-cut Ab Workouts
  • Oblique Workouts

It is best to do exercise in combination such as two exercises for each section. 10 exercise 12 reps each exercise and three times sounds good. Total number of repetition would be 120 * 3= 360. You can quickly burn over 150 calories for this 30 minutes ab workouts.

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