Flourish Your Fitness Career by Learning Fitness Instructor Courses

Fitness Instructor
Fitness Instructor

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The popularity of personal training and health-related services have risen enormously within the past few years. As public awareness and competition have driven prices down more and more people are turning towards trained professionals in hopes of getting better results for their fitness and exercise efforts. That in itself has created a whole new demand for educated and certified professionals within the health and fitness industry to meet the ever-growing demand.

There are endless educational possibilities for interested people wanting to enter the fitness and nutrition career path. The broadest studies are academic degrees from universities. There are various different subjects to major in under the health and fitness education programs. Students graduating with such degrees can choose between becoming nutrition therapists, personal trainers, and aerobics instructors or specialize in other health-related professions.

However, not everyone is interested in such in-depth studies, and there are lots of self-proclaimed fitness experts who have amassed their knowledge through years of training and experimenting different techniques on themselves. Many realizing that their experience and knowledge could be useful in helping others to reach their fitness and weight loss goals have applied to a fitness instructor course to get a trusted qualification. Many former bodybuilders have chosen to put their years of experience to use in such ways. These fitness trainer courses are however not limited only to experienced individuals but are also available for motivated beginners interested in fitness.

There are several institutions worldwide providing everything from short to long-term courses for different types of fitness trainer qualifications. Worth noting is that different countries recognize different eligibility standards, overnight Propecia so what may be valid in one country may not be in another.

Completing a fitness instructor course and getting a trusted qualification is a fast and secure way for persons interested in helping others reach their physical well-being getting started.
Because of the broad possibilities available, it is worth doing some due diligence on the course organizers. Searching online will often lead you to discussions, reviews, and comments on experiences from former participants, giving you some indication of organizers professionalism and the course quality.

The health and fitness industry is a constantly growing industry providing lots of job opportunities for educated professionals. If you are looking for a fast way to get into this industry sing up for a local fitness instructor course in your area.

With the vast majority of people who reside within the public eye modeling seemingly perfect figures with exceptionally low body fat, the average person may feel under immense pressure to replicate the appearance of their role model. Both celebrities and models spend significant amounts of time maintaining their figure and exercising to retain such an attractive appearance. However, for the average person high levels of motivation, energy, and stamina, not to mention time, can often prove to be elusive resulting in gross unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, there is help on hand for those who value the importance of their physical appearance yet do not have the ideal circumstances in which to maintain it: an at home personal trainer.


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Value of Fitness Instructor

When asked, many celebrities speak highly of the value of their personal trainer in achieving their outstanding appearance. An at home personal trainer can provide a range of different attributes that can hugely benefit the customer and greatly assist the process of losing weight or enhancing fitness. First and foremost, a personal trainer can provide motivation and inspiration to the customer through encouragement and a consistent presence. Moreover, many find simply having an appointment of great benefit as it is much harder to cancel an arrangement than simply not make the effort when alone. The most important benefit of an at the home personal trainer, however, is their experience and knowledge. The trainer can provide exercises that are most suited to what the customer requires whether optimized for weight loss, improving fitness or enhancing muscular strength.  Furthermore, the knowledge and experience of the personal trainer may be invaluable in preventing injury and strains.

Why having a Fitness Instructor is the Best Option?

In direct contrast to a gym membership, and at a home personal trainer is the ultimate in convenience as they will come to the home at a time that is most suitable for the customer. As customers do not have to travel for their fitness routine, motivation to continue with the routine and benefit from the results is much more likely. An at home personal trainer also provides a source of interaction during fitness training that is both motivating and pleasant and personal rapport can be established with the personal trainer. So when in need of physical training for enhanced fitness or weight loss but with time at a premium, seriously consider the use of an at the home personal trainer.


3 Best Holiday Diet Tips

3 Best Holiday Diet Tips
3 Best Holiday Diet Tips

There are vast amounts of delicious foods that present themselves during the holiday seasons. You may even find some of them irresistible, and you end up in a situation where the temptation becomes overwhelming, and you can no longer resist. We all know where this leads us to, we have all been there. Overeating in itself is not too harmful when it happens occasionally. The problem usually is that such incidents significantly affect our motivation and discipline for the long run. When we see our hard earned results disappear in just a few days after all the effort and self-restraint, it took, we end up feeling close to giving up on our goals.

Luckily with a few effective tips, we can enjoy our holidays, eat the desired foods and maintain our long-term weight and fitness goals.

3 Best Holiday Diet Tips

Practice the Snob

  • Here is the most common practice lamina Propecia fracture you should use to stay in shape during Holiday seasons. At times, as the saying goes we eat with our eyes. The problem is overeating when we no longer need to take that extra piece of cake.

Taste Small Amounts

  • A real solution is to taste small amounts of all the right and fattening foods or sweets, but eating larger portions of healthy and low-calorie foods such as salad or fruits. Don’t forbid yourself from eating certain things, the more you restrict yourself, the more you will desire those foods. Allow yourself eating everything, just don’t overdo it, in the end, you still need to show some amount of self-control not to take that extra piece of cake.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

  • Beers and other sorts of alcoholic drinks often incorporate as part of the celebrations during the holidays. There are a lot of false beliefs when it comes to alcohol and some calories it contains. Having a glass of wine during dinner is certainly not an issue, but you would be surprised to hear that how many calories amount to excess drinking at your holiday weekend. One helpful option is to switch to light beers and other light drinks or even better, diet sodas. The key is to stick to moderate amounts and to remember that there are other forms of celebration aside from drinking.

Holiday Diet Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is no inhibition for taking part in the celebration. A holiday season is a wonderful time of the year and must be full of enjoying. There is, however, no need to practice an all or nothing type of attitude, resulting in restricting yourself from everything or completely letting go of all self-discipline. By following these useful holiday diet tips, you should be able to enjoy your holiday and get right back on track with your weight loss and fitness goals when you get back to your daily life.

There is no Reason to Stop Exercising

For some reason when the Holidays arrive, we tend to ditch our normal daily routines, especially when it comes to our workout schedule. That is the exact opposite of the desired action to take. Not only do we now eat more, we also burn less, because we skip our daily workouts. The additional calories consumed during the Holidays are relatively insignificant if we stick to our workout schedule.

What do You Need to Know about Dehydration


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People actively participate in sports and other forms of exercise. There are hundreds of sports available to choose from with many officially endorsed every year. Some partake in sports just because they enjoy the sport, and it brings them great satisfaction while others take part to enjoy the many associated health benefits that exercise promotes. It is well documented that exercise is vital to maintaining a fit and healthy body, reducing the chance of severe health conditions and preventing the gain of excessive weight.

However, enthusiasm for the numerous advantages of partaking in the exercise must be balanced with an element of caution. Without the appropriate knowledge and experience, exercise can create some problems for the body including strains and injuries but most commonly dehydration. Dehydration is a condition that may arise during strenuous exercise that is easily preventable and easily remedied with the appropriate knowledge. However, without the appropriate knowledge or experience dehydration can have serious ramifications and may be the root of many other problems.

How to Prevent Dehydration

Prevention of dehydration is extremely straightforward: Consume a generous amount of water prior to partaking in exercise. Ideally, it is best to prevent the condition altogether but this is not always possible as it may underestimate how much water is necessary or strenuous exercise may not be anticipated. Therefore, it is important that the symptoms and consequences of dehydration are well known. Dehydration is the result of an insufficient quantity of water being present in the body. Water is used by the body to cool down during exercise through the mechanism of sweating. When not enough water is present within the body, this cooling system cannot perform efficiently resulting online pharmacy Propecia in internal overheating. The consequences of which may be a feeling of faintness or in dangerous occurrences the loss of consciousness.


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Remedy for Dehydration

Likewise, the remedy for dehydration simple: Consume a generous amount of water. Couple with a period of rest, preferably while sat down or laid down, the effects of dehydration should rapidly reverse. However, the greatest danger of the condition may not come itself from dehydration but the resulting injuries incurred as a result of the loss of consciousness. Such injuries may vary from simple strains and muscle aches to broken bones and fractures too, in some rare instances, life-threatening injuries.

Drinking Importance

As diet is crucial for pre-workout and post-workout performance and efficiency. Similarly, no one can ignore the drinking aspect during workouts. There are plenty of benefits that are linked if you choose the drink wisely for the workout. It shows everything is in your hand, if it is selected in the right way, you will get the healthy results into your pocket.

Drinking Misconceptions during Workouts

It’s sad to share these facts that the majority of people are not aware of, which drink is best when to take it and how much water does require during and before workouts. Most people are having a misconception about post workout drink. Do they not know what is the importance of post workout drink? Which are the best post workouts drinks that have fewer calories? The whole workout efforts go waste if you drink too many calories in the form of drink. Most of the drinks contain 200 calories and over 50 gm sugar that is equal to 100 burpees and 15 minutes hiking. So why not be careful when going for post workout drink?

How much water should We Drink?

0.5 — Sedentary, no sports or training
0.6 — Jogger or light fitness training
0.7 — Sports participation or moderate training three times a week
0.8 — Moderate daily weight training or aerobic training
0.9 — Heavy weight training daily
1.0 — Heavy weight training daily plus sports training, or “2-a-day” training

After selecting your category, multiply it by your weight in pounds, you will get the right amount of water in ounces that need to drink regularly.

Drinking Benefits

Water reduces the dehydration level which helps in reducing cramps and muscle stiffness. Drinking water is best for everyone, especially those who are reducing weight and planning for a low-calorie diet. And if they go for energy drinks, which are packed with over 200 calories and finish this bottle during a workout session it will probably destroy your all efforts.

Keep drinking water and avoid dehydration!


How To Pick Your Workout Music

How To Pick Your Workout Music
Workout Music

Any workout experience can be greatly improved by having the right kind of workout music along. Music works to improve your workout and fitness routines in various ways. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right type of music for exercising. Much of it depends on the type of exercises that are carried out. To get that extra performance boost for those last repetitions when lifting weights and a high tempo beat certainly gives the needed adrenaline rush. Some melodic songs can convey you a feel of extra power to train faster and harder. On the other hand, if you are looking to pass the time during the daily cardio exercise, perhaps some of you favorite songs will do the trick to keep you motivated. Here are three ideas to help you find the right kind of music to improve your fitness routines.

Tips to Pick Right Workout Music

  • Select workout music with a tempo consistent with the intensity level of the workout. Many workouts have different techniques and pace, so depending on the exercise, chose music according to the intensity level of the workout. Matching your music with the right workout routine creates the most efficient outcome. That is why fast tempo beats are great for intensive workouts. To meet the requirements of your workout music, try exploring in different high tempo music genres to find the ones you like.
  • Collecting similar tempo songs and placing them on one playlist ensures consistency in your workout music. Changing songs rapidly from one genre to another disrupts your workout intensity. When you have already started a routine try not to interrupt it. Avoid needing to scroll or change songs. Sometimes it may be difficult to find all the desired songs on your playlist. The Internet is a very useful tool for searching for new music and even buying what you find. There are also several online forums that discuss and share ideas on good training music.
  • Try keeping all your albums and songs organized in your mp3 players. Nothing is more annoying than having to search for those songs that you want to listen. It reduces training efficiency and is time-consuming. It usually is the case when songs only last from 3-5 minutes. Try to group them into the same categories. Such problems can avoid when you listen to the longer mix tapes. As workouts usually start with a warm up cardio, know which songs you want to start out with on your warm up. Then just shift later on to another group according to your daily workout. Just as with your training, starting out with slow tempo music is a good idea. As your workout becomes more intense change your music accordingly.

How useful workout music affects your fitness?

These are just a few suggestions to the endless alternatives available to your workout music. However with the right kind of music, working out is a lot more enjoyable. In this case none of the above suggestions suites you, then explore a bit to find the right type of music to your taste and liking. Once gotten used to being accompanied by workout music when working out it is very hard to go without it anymore.

Best Exercises to Maintain Senior Fitness Level

Senior Fitness Exercises
Senior Fitness Exercises

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Importance of Senior Fitness Exercises

Whether you are young or old, you should not underestimate the importance of physical fitness. It’s hard to deny the positive impacts of physical fitness. An individual who is physically fit is similar to an engine that has already is generic Propecia safe been an excellent tune that can contribute to an individual’s general well-being.

During the golden years, senior fitness exercises have two primary goals: controlling weight gain and promoting good posture. Weight gain is more problematic in old age because the body’s metabolism slows down as one age, especially if the person has not been physically active or physically fit for most of his or her life.

Surprisingly, the first thing that a senior should do when starting a physical fitness regimen is to move simply. It doesn’t matter if a person has led a sedentary lifestyle all his life. More important is that he chose to be fit even in old age. And this can be accomplished through simple activities like walking or light running.

Exercises for Boosting Physical Fitness

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. People always attract when they hear about anything that gives them benefits. So, when we talk about benefits of exercise, then this sounds more worth able because everyone likes to be healthy and fit. In reality, lots of people are not aware of benefits of exercise except it gives you good body physique. Exercise offers short and long-term health benefits. It depends on what an individual keep in his mind. Either he or she is thinking about to has a general fitness or going to takes part in any sports. Then the nature of exercise will entirely be different and benefits of exercise will differ concerning different people. It is crucial to choose a right exercise at the right time if anyone wants the maximum from exercise.

Before engaging yourself in the exercise, you should consider these factors

Aim of exercise

  • What is the individual purpose, either for general fitness or participating in any sports?

Time for exercise

  • How much time can individual spend for exercise?

Type of exercise

  • Either muscle training, strength training, cardiovascular or resistance training?

Proper environment

  • Environment is very important such as temperature. It has an immense effect on exercise intensity.

Facilities for exercise

  • Are doing at home or in a gym with proper machines or weights can have a greater impact on performance.

Proper guidelines

  • Are you exercising under the eyes of any certified personal trainer?

Good Nutrition

  • Exercise with the lack of a nutrition can’t give you full health benefits.


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Senior Fitness Exercises Program

Some exercises exert too much stress on the joints and the spinal column –and this is never good for people in their golden years. Straight leg exercises and abdominal crunches are no longer ideal exercises.

High impact exercises are also a big no-no because these high-impact exercises can cause more harm than good. Since muscles, joints, and bones are not as strong as they used to be, they can get easily injured with improper exercise.

Basic Exercises

First off, you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, walking is a good start. Begin with a short walk to your home and slowly expand your walking area.

Make sure that you pace yourself correctly and you do not drive yourself to the brink of complete exhaustion. What we want to do with a walking exercise is to reduce stress and to keep the muscles toned and ready for more physical activity.

Now if you’re tired of walking, you can try using a pair of dumbbells to achieve some muscle tone and balance. An essential herbal Propecia exercise with a couple of dumbbells would be to raise both dumbbells to the collarbone area, hold for a few seconds and release. You can expand this to include a full upward movement (above the head), before lowering to the collar bone area, then back down to the hip area.

Senior Fitness Exercises Tips

You can improve your posture by activating muscle groups that are not used often. How can you accomplish this? And the answer is: by surprising the body with unusual movement. Walking backward, sideways or in an irregular path is a good start. If a person is used to walking smooth, paved hallways, a hike up a nature trail will do his posture some good because the body various muscle groups are active once again.

Start following this senior fitness exercises program from today and get your old days back!


Why is It Necessary to Do Cool Down Exercises after a Workout

Cool Down Exercises
Cool Down Exercises

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The body can do amazing things; athletes are a testimony to this. They can jump higher, run faster and are overall more powerful than other people. Hard work is the key to this success, and they work every day for it. After the workout is complete, the body needs to cool down in a safe manner. Performing cool down exercises ensure that the athlete’s body will not suffer from damage. Your body needs to transition from the working hard stance into a resting position.

In other ways, when someone performs workout or do any physical activity that results in a change in body features such as cardiac output needs to become down at the same position where it is previously started. It suggests that everyone who engages in any physical activity must cool down at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Importance of Cool Down Exercises for Every Athlete

After the workout is complete, the body needs to cool down in a safe manner. These type of exercises will ensure that the athlete’s body will not suffer from damage. Your body needs to transition from the working hard stance into a resting position.

Cooling down will reduce the dizziness caused by the blood in your lower extremities, it will also help with the strain on your heart muscle as it will revert to its normal functioning.

Athletes get to enjoy the good feeling that emerges after taking a hard jogging followed by a pleasant walk.

It is well known that cooling down exercises are light and do not pose any threat to the body. No exercise meant to alleviate the strain of a hard workout will make you sweat.

People those involve in high-intensity exercise can’t skip cool down session because high-intensity exercise contains an anaerobic feature. Anaerobic feature results in lactic acid accumulation in the blood stream and muscles.

Cool Down Preferences

The question is which is the best activity for cool down purpose? Simple, choose light aerobic activity will aid to remove lactic acid. Sometimes people feel muscle soreness once they lift heavy weights and cool down is best option to eliminate such muscle soreness.


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How do Muscles Behave during a Workout?

This scenario clears the picture why cool down is so necessary to muscles. Many pints of blood are distributed to the extremities during exercise. Average 15 to 20 percent of resting cardiac output goes to muscles, but one you are engaged yourself in any physical activity muscles receives 80 to 85 percent of resting cardiac output. This massive shift occurs by reducing blood flow to kidneys, liver stomach, and intestines. As a result, nausea occurs with the leg workout. You can go for stretches for cool down.

Cool Down Exercises after Workout

You can perform following cool down exercises to keep your body in a normal state.

The Power of Walking

There is no other exercise as beneficial as this one; just a simple walk will help you gain

your breath back by making sure the heart is lowering its rate. No power walks allowed; you are to stroll casually as you would do in the park with your dog.


This one is another must for every cool down, as it mostly applies to runners, other types of workouts will benefit too. Try touching your toes and do not forget about your hamstrings as well. More complex stretches can be done, and although you are not stretching the body area you’ve been working out it will still do you good.


That is right, do not forget about the arms and shoulders. Even runners before a race can be seen stretching the arms and you will benefit from an active cool down exercise. Cross your arms or stretch the back of your arms by placing your hand on your back.

Core Stretch

Get your core stretched by getting down on your arms and knees, arch your back like a cat and then bow down like the letter C. You will get help for your core and your back also.


I like this one as it does not require any work from the athlete. You will just have to stay still for approximately 15 minutes. This helps with the blood that is in your circulatory system and is no longer needed. A professional masseur will accomplish this; you will get to feel relaxed and reinvigorated.

No activities that put a visible strain on the body should be classified as cool down exercises. There are plenty of things you can do after you’ve finished a workout that can decompress the muscle activity and help you regain your calm and balance. Try to see what your body best endures, use the exercises you feel accustomed with, and come to you in a natural manner. If any pain arises, do not by any means continue the movement, try and switch to a different exercise or stretch and be aware of the signals your body is transmitting.

Above discussion shows that a cool-down session is an essential part of every workout program. So, why not make your body cool down after an intense workout?


Why Would Warm up Exercises be Important for Athletes

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Importance of Warm up for Athletes

It is a state that gives initial spark or boost to particular muscles which later involves in exercising. It considers as a brief summary of your whole workout in which your muscles are going to involve later for an hour or so. You should be well aware of the warm up importance for raising their workout performance.

Types of Warm up

There are two types of warm up that are general and specific. As the term general explain that such kind of warm up is useful for the whole body functions to perform well. While specific warm up does point out the relationship with upcoming movements. There is no doubt about in increasing working capacity with warming up.

Why Should We do Warm up Exercises?

Look at these benefits of warming up:

  • Create muscle contraction rate
  • Boost electrical activity of muscle
  • Raises muscle strength
  • Reduce injuries
  • To stay away from injuries and get the most out of every workout they need to warm up.
  • Warm up will get the body ready by increasing the body temperature, increase neural activity, warming up the joints and getting the nerves ready to go.
  • When the proper warm up is not done, there is no guarantee that injuries will not happen. By making sure, this step is not overlooked athletes will get their bodies ready. It is important to take the time to warm properly up. Otherwise, you will not perform at your full potential. Results that come from a good warm up can be seen almost immediately.
  • Neglecting warm-ups may lead to back pain, knee pain, and weak areas. This is a classic example as in nearly all of the cases the injuries could have been avoided.

The purpose of warming up mainly increases the muscle temperature, metabolic adjustments and the opening greater number of capillaries in the muscles.

Warm up According to Workouts

  • People those are engaged in power lifting get benefit from warming up.
  • People interested in endurance events can’t grab benefit from warming up.
  • Direct, warm up for moderate intensity exercise for untrained clients are not fruitful.
  • Indirect warm up such as bicycling for few minutes not directly related to any sport.


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Warm up Exercises

Stationary Movements

  • Start with the neck and work your way down to the ankles and toes of your body. Stretch and mobilize every piece of muscle and tendon on the way down. The movements are there to get the “blood flowing”.

Keep Moving

  • The next exercises are meant to warm your body up. These exercises consist of lateral squats, hand walking using the ball, lunges, and others. To keep your body relaxed and mobile during these exercises you can do some splits, try not to overdo it as the adductors are sensible and must be well warmed.


  • A simple exercise that will have an immense impact on the warming up consists of jumping the rope. Go easy and keep a mild tempo for about 5 minutes and the effect is guaranteed. The heart rate and the body temperature will go up so you will be prepared for the workout.


  • Problems arise when ankles do not get enough attention during warm-ups and workouts.
  • Sit on the floor and place your right ankle over your left knee, with your left-hand start rotating the foot so your ankle will begin to warm up, do it in both directions for about 30 seconds then switch legs.

Knee Reaching

  • This is a necessary warm-up movement. It will involve the entire body, and you will benefit from the extension that knees, ankles, hips and arms get while doing it. This sprint will get the heart pumping and the body ready for your workout.

Precautions for Warm up Exercises

  • It is a great tool for any athlete as it gives him the boost needed for a successful workout. There are times when this great thing may turn bad, not going all the way with the warm-up may cause problems.
  • There are a couple of bad warmups that may relax the muscles and lower the power output. Do not fall for the treadmill trap, a few minutes on the treadmill are by no means enough to get you into the shape you need for a proper workout.
  • Take into consideration that different body types will need to warm up differently. Some may have reduced mobility while others may carry more muscle mass.
  • Although there are plenty of benefits of proper warming up few cautions must keep in mind. Warm up is not necessary for every sport. Too much warm up can make you feel tired before working out for your actual activity, and fatigue from prior activity can decrease performance. Heavy warm up interfere with one’s ability to perform sports skills requiring careful control.

Above discussion shows that warm up exercises are the essential part of every exercise program. So, why not warming up your body before engaging yourself in strenuous activities?


How to Maintain Stability during Exercise

Stability during Exercise
Stability during Exercise

Exercising without a stability is just like a listening music without the volume. You assume that you are enjoying your music but in a reality, you don’t listen to your music. Similarly, if you want maximum output from your workout, you have to work for a greater stability.

The base of support increases stability, that’s why the best position for every exercise is feet approximately shoulder width apart. Second best option to increase your stability is to bend your knees to lower center of gravity. The more you lower your body the greater you become stable.

Stability Exercises

There are hundred of core exercises those can enhance maximum stability and increase the strength of your back muscles. Make sure you must include core exercises when you are ready to follow any workout program.

Stability Balls

  • Medicine ball and an exercise ball are two options available to increase stability by strengthening your back muscles. Free weights exercises can not be throw out from your exercise plan if you are improving balance or want to stable your body at its maximum peak.

Stability Exercises on Machines

Machines are correct ways to produce a stable and balanced body, and it gets more important for beginners those can’t handle free weights and might get injured without stability.

Overhead Press

  • When performing overhead press the muscles of the legs and trunk must contract to hold you in place.

Bench Press

  • Always place the feet on the floor for maximum stability because the rule is the larger the base of support the larger will be stability.

Front Dumbbell Raise

  • Upper body should be straight for maximum stability and avoid bending your back while raising dumbbell upwards.

Bicep Curls

  • Do not lift weights by bending your back because it will affect your posture and you must know for greater stability you must have good posture.

The Importance of Right Posture for a Greater Stability


Posture is the position of a body structure that plays a significant role for stability or balance for performing a particular task. The slight deviation of posture may results in injuries because of less support provided by muscles, which are attached, to perform that particular movement. Efficiency and output from the task reduce. Similarly, if you have good posture, your muscles are in balance, and your body gets symmetrical.

As we all know the role of good posture is a prime concern for everyone but its value is more significant for sports person or athletes. Athletes should be aware of the possible ways to correct their posture otherwise their performances may get hamper because of a wrong posture. Posture also affects your daily routine style such as how to sit, walk, jump stand, etc. There are few examples which show how performance and efficiency may reduce

  • People with lordosis condition press their intestine against the floor of the abdominal cavity that may create hurdles while performing regular work.
  • Rounded shoulders people feel that there exist constriction in the chest cage that results in less air inhaled into lungs.
  • If thighs and feet are rotated outward during walking greater stress is applied on hip and knee joints. Injuries are welcomed if you continuous walking in such way.