Top Fitness Tips from Experts that can Change Your Life

Listen to Expert Advice

Exercise is a brilliant way to improve your physical and mental endurance. By working out at the gym, you get to meet people from all walks of life working towards a common goal; improving their fitness. Here are some of the top fitness tips from experts: Set Clear Goals Most people who start working out […]

How Pregnant Women can Perform Full Body Strength Training Workout in Bed

dumbbells full body workout

Actually lots of women think if they do any physical activity, especially exercise, it would be harmful to themselves and their baby as well but the reality is entirely different than their perceptions. The moderate-intensity level of exercise helps pregnant women to maintain their fitness level their fat level so we can’t say that exercises […]

Adaptation to a New Reality: How to Survive Quarantine with Children?

Quarantine with Children

Joy is what you can now try to counter alarm Anti-crisis quarantine child science, the next universal human challenge, and training skills to quickly adapt to changing reality. Of course, after such a crown crisis, the world and we will change dramatically in it. I’m already interested to see what all this will result in, […]

20 Best Ramadan Weight Loss Diet Tips for Sehri and Iftar

Best Foods for Weight Loss in Ramadan

Ramadan is the best month among all because it brings a bundle of divine blessings for all of us. The purpose of fasting is to make us realize how poor people spend their whole day when they have nothing to eat. This month addresses us to build patience. Despite all this, we should take care […]

3 Highly Effective Compound Exercises that 90% of People are Doing Wrong

This article is about 3 best compound exercises that are very important for building muscles, increasing strength, improving flexibility, and gaining muscle mass. In another word, without the addition of these exercises, no one wouldn’t be able to get the desired results. These following exercises are the roots of any exercise program or workout routine, […]

20 Minutes Workout Routine for Women to Get Flat Stomach at Home

While women desire toned stomach, they have to keep in mind few facts that their bodies are different than men’s that’s why they need to choose methods wisely to shape it up. For example, the way the female body stores subcutaneous fat on the hips, thighs and stomach. In this way, women need to correspond […]

4 Weeks Full Body Exercise Program to Develop Quality Muscles at Home


With regards to working out, you always have alternatives, you always follow some workout routines. Doing body weight exercises gives you an option to workout at home, at any time, even with little space but it is equally effective like working outdoors or in gyms. So what are some best body weight exercises you can […]

8 Myths and Facts of Aerobic Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

Treadmill for weight loss

How to Choose Aerobic Exercises Slow twitch muscles fibers and fast twitch muscle fibers are two types of muscle fiber which handle the selection of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise. Slow twitch muscles are mainly responsible for aerobic exercises such as cardiovascular work on the treadmill, stepper, or bike. High twitch muscle fibers largely responsible for […]