Health Benefits for a Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding Positions
Breastfeeding Positions

It becomes the mother’s responsibility to feed her baby and make baby fit and healthy during its initial stages when it needs proper nutrition. Many mothers get satisfaction and feel enjoyment by developing an emotional relationship with a child by breastfeeding activity. Breastfeeding is having numerous healthy impacts on both women as well as a child’s health. These benefits come in the form of a good IQ level for children and reducing lots of diseases for a mother as well.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mother’s Health

Mothers can enjoy plenty of health advantages of breastfeeding that include

  • Psychological benefits
  • Reduced risk of various cancers
  • Lower Heart Disease because of a decrease in weight and controlled sugar level.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Reduces cardiovascular disease

Breastfeeding is a superb present for you and also the infant.

The arrival of Good Hormones

Many moms feel satisfaction and happiness from the physical and passionate fellowship they involved with their youngster while nursing. These emotions are expanded by the arrival of hormones, for example,

  • Prolactin: Produces a smooth, sustaining vibe that permits you to unwind and concentrate on your kid.
  • Oxytocin: Promotes a solid feeling of adoration and connection among you.

These lovely emotions might be one reason such a large number of ladies who have breastfed their first youngster breastfeed the kids who take after.

Medical advantages

Breastfeeding gives medical advantages to moms’ past passionate fulfillment.

  • Mothers who breastfeed recuperate from labor all the more rapidly and effortlessly. The hormone oxytocin, discharged amid breastfeeding, acts to give back the uterus to its customary size all the more rapidly and can diminish baby blues dying.
  • Studies demonstrate that ladies who have breastfed encounter decreased rates of bosom and ovarian tumor sometime down the road.
  • Some think about having found that breastfeeding may lower the danger of creating type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid joint pain, and cardiovascular sickness, including hypertension and elevated cholesterol.

Functional Added Bonuses

There are many handy points of interest to breastfeeding too, rewards the whole family can appreciate.

  • It’s brilliant, as well, to have the capacity to get the child and go out, regardless of whether around town or on longer outings, without carrying a sack loaded with nourishing gear.
  • Breastfeeding is additionally useful for the earth since there are no jugs to wash or recipe jars to discard.

How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

One of the most debating issues belongs to mother fitness after pregnancy. Every mother wants to reduce weight immediately to have the same kind of body fitness and looks prior to pregnancy. Hence breastfeeding plays an important role to reduce weight because it consumes 20 calories for producing 1-ounce milk and for a single day it requires 200 to 500 calories for milk production.

Some health professionals assume that breastfeeding mothers may have a higher risk of osteoporosis because mothers lose calcium while lactating but recent studies show that breastfeeding mothers have more bone density and therefore, having a lower risk of osteoporosis.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding is a cheap method. Otherwise, the cost of other methods for six months ranges up to 500 to 600 dollars.
  • It is available at every time and controlling the temperature.
  • It saves time because there is no need to buy warm bottles and sterilize nipples.

Breastfeeding Tips

How does breastfeeding techniques help you to feed your baby properly? These techniques and tips include the followings;

  • Are you comfortable?
  • The baby’s head and body should be straight in line.
  • The baby should close to you.
  • Baby’s nose opposite your nipple.
  • Support your breast.
  • Support your baby.
  • Vary your routine.
  • Relax, and then a nurse.
  • Time to stop.

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Breastfeeding Positions

  • Elbows Bent for Twins Feeding Together
  • The Cradle Hold
  • The Cross-cradle Hold
  • Football hold
  • A lying position


  • It is imperative to provide a healthy environment for your baby while you are feeding
  • The room should be warm.
  • Always keep the bottle of water or any drink.
  • You must have a pair of pillows to give proper support to your baby and yourself. Small breast mothers can keep a pillow on their laps to bring babies closer to the breast.
  • Choose the right positions according to situations.

 Precautions during Breastfeeding

  • Avoid bending your baby for feeding.
  • Do not hold your baby’s head when you start nursing.
  • Do not pull out your baby when you are done with feeding. In fact, place your little finger on the side of the mouth corner between gums and gradually pull out.


Although breastfeeding is a natural process, awareness of breastfeeding techniques can help your baby to feed properly.

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