Best Ab Workouts Routine at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Nowadays, people are crazy to get a flat stomach and toned ab, but they do not know exactly, which best ab workouts program is worthwhile for them. A majority of them perform hundreds of reps of one exercise for the same muscle like crunches for upper abs and leg raises for lower abs. It’s a flawless technique rather you work 20 to 30 reps and do 8 exercises for the same muscle. You are also able to differentiate either you are training for upper ab, middle ab, or lower ab.

Basically, there are three different levels that are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level. Each ab workout program is designed according to these levels. As you know, the workouts vary according to the exercise intensity, repetition, and time duration. So, it is more convenient to start your workout from beginners’ level rather than choosing the intermediate or advanced level initially.

The Most Effective Best Ab Workouts Routine

Best Ab Workouts Routine at Beginners Level

This level sets an essential foundation for the next two levels because it mobilizes your particular muscles and makes them ready for the next two levels.

Best Ab Workouts Routine at Intermediate Level

After spending, at least, four weeks at your beginner level, you can move towards the intermediate level and it becomes a challenging task because if you look at the time duration, number of exercises, and intensity of exercises, all are increased. Now, your muscles have to work hard to perform all the exercises because of increased repetitions and sets.

Best Ab Workouts Routine at Advanced Level

When it comes to advanced workouts then it means you have to exercise like professionals. This level is the most challenging but also the most productive phase of your training. Yes, it is true because you can see all the transformations once you complete it.

Best Ab Exercises that You can’t Ignore

Fitball Crunches

In ball crunches, you position your back over a swiss ball, with your knees twisted and feet on the floor. At that point, you lift your upper back off the ball. Once your shoulder blade falls off the ball, you gradually roll your spine back to the beginning position.

Dorsal Raises

Facedown, place yourself on the tips of your toes and elbows so that your body is in a straight line from your head to your feet. Keep your body level and parallel to the floor. Lift your head and toes at least 6 inches above the ground and hold the position by engaging your abdominal muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

Position a mat on the floor and rests on the mat level on your back. Pull your left leg up until your knee joint is at around 90 degrees. Presently take your right leg and lay your lower leg to your left side knee. Begin the activity by touching the side of your head with your fingertips and raising your shoulder bones somewhat off the mat.

Leg Raises

Lie down on the mat with straight legs and place your hands under your hips. Lift your legs by engaging your lower abdominals. Keep in mind slightly bend your knees to avoid lower back pain. Move your legs until the legs become perpendicular to the floor then move down to the starting point but do not let the heels touch the ground.

Heel Touches

Lie down on the exercise mat with knees bent so that your hands easily touch your heels. Raise your hands above head, you can hold dumbbells as level increases. Move both arms together but touch the heels with the hands or dumbbells one by one. After each rep on both sides, you move your hands towards the starting point and repeat it.

All these best ab exercises work effectively for rectus and transversus abdominis but somehow these also target the core muscles.

Tips for Best Ab Workouts

  • Once you make up your mind for blasting your abdominal muscles, then you must follow these tips.
  • 5 to 10-minute minimum warm-up. You must do full-body dynamic stretching that includes torso stretching as well.
  • Keep your movements controlled and engaged for strengthening your core muscles.
  • You must do at least 40 minutes of cardio training on alternative days.
  • Don’t forget to rotate your exercise program because 60 percent of people get bored by doing the same exercises.
  • Take a balanced diet that includes 5-6 small meals.
  • Include 1 portion of vegetables and one portion of fruits and low-fat yogurt.


Despite this, it is harder to get six-pack abs or flatten stomach for everyone because of various body composition, body fat percentage but still, these ab workouts will be effective for men as well as women and for those who already tried so many times but fed up with their end results.


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