Chest Workout – Common Mistakes about Chest Workouts

Chest Workout

Chest Workout Chest workout is the most typical workout that are performed by men and women. It is easy to do if compare to other workouts. Still, people facing problems as they do not know which exercise belongs to upper, middle and lower chest. People do plenty of reps for a same muscle and ignore the other parts. Such as if people do incline bench press then which is for upper chest muscle that connects with cervical or collar bone then there is no point to perform dumbbell incline press.…

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How to Perform Lower Body Exercises with Free Weights

Lower Body Exercises

Lower body Exercises – Free Weights People always ignore the lower body workouts because lower body exercises are extremely severe as compared to upper body exercises. In reality, it is difficult to deny the importance of lower body exercises. If the people give proper time to sculpt the lower body, then they can increase overall body performance, stamina and body shape. Training for full body muscles is also essential for symmetry and balance of the body. Consistency also matters when you are training your body, which means you need to…

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Full Body Free Weights Exercises

free weights exercises

Upper body Free Weights Exercises Everyone should aware of the techniques for free weights exercises to make your workout highly productive. There are six components of wellness: Proper weight and diet Proper exercise Breaking the smoking habit Control of alcohol Stress Management Periodic Exams Procedure For Free Weights Exercises Bench Press Set down on a flat bench Grip the bar firmly with hands outside shoulder Keep the wrist straight Lower the barbell until just above the chest Extend the elbows to return to the start Dumbbell Flyes Hold the dumbbells…

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