What are Main Reasons of Childhood Obesity in The Whole World

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is an adverse health condition among children which is caused by excessive body fat. The body gets fat when there is unbalance calories in it that means the excessive input of calories and less burning. There are different methods for measuring body fat according to the age group that classifies as healthy, overweight and obese. Obesity also varies according to gender. Nowadays obesity in children is getting very common all over the world because of the lack of proper childhood nutrition. In a long run, childhood obesity is linked to various diseases such as cancer and diabetes. So, it is very relevant to advise parents how to get rid of obesity among children.

Questions about Childhood Obesity

As a layman, everyone has a couple of questions about childhood obesity such as

Is our child obese?

  • To measure weight through an indirect method that is BMI is a first major step. Because it decides either child is healthy, overweight or obese.

What are the main causes of childhood obesity?

  • Lifestyle (Behavior and Culture)
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Genetics
  • Medical Conditions

Why do children get obese?

  • Poor nutrition such as fizzy drinks, high sugary foods (cakes), chocolates, and big portion sizes, fast foods make children stout.

What would be nutrition for obese children?

  • Prefer fruits and vegetables, foods with low calories

What are the health risks associated with childhood obesity?

  • Short-term health risks in childhood such as Breathlessness, Increase sweating, Snoring, Back and joint pains
  • Long-term health risks in childhood such as Early puberty, Skin Infections, Asthma

How can we prevent obesity in children?

  • Changing lifestyle behavior can prevent children being overweight and even obese. Developing a habit, such as eating one or two portions of fruits and cut few sweets is a better idea.

Childhood Obesity in Different Countries

United States  Childhood Obesity

  • About 1 in 8 preschoolers.

United Kingdom Childhood Obesity

  • 2012/13, show that 18.9% of children in Year 6 (aged 10-11) were obese, and a further 14.4% were overweight. Of children in Reception (aged 4-5), 9.3% were obese, and another 13.0% were overweight. It means almost a third of 10-11-year-old and over a fifth of 4-5-year-old were overweight or obese. Reference (WHO)

Australia Childhood Obesity

  • 1 in 4 Australian children is overweight or obese.

It is the biggest issue of the 21st century. The government should plan to increase awareness among people and teenagers by health-related programs and campaign in a country or even at the school level. That might reduce childhood obesity among children and individuals as well.

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