Why is It Necessary to Do Cool Down Exercises after a Workout

Cool Down Exercises
Cool Down Exercises

The body can do amazing things; athletes are a testimony to this. They can jump higher, run faster, lift weights, and many other activities. They train themselves every day for particular sports and can’t perform well unless they do warm-up as a pre-workout session, and cool down as post-workout sessions, regularly with their major workout session.
We will discuss the effect of the cooldown exercise  after the exercise. We all should realize that the cooldown session is equally important like your major workout session. Here the question comes , do we need a cool-down after exercise?Basically, after the completion of workout, the body needs to cool down in a safe, and sound manner. Performing cool down exercises assert that the athlete’s body will not suffer from damage. Your body needs to transition from the working hard stance into a resting pose.

When someone performs a workout or any physical activity, the cardiac heart rate goes up, and oxygenated blood circulates with a higher rate into the body. The more an athlete pushes his body, the more he needs oxygenated blood for the muscles, and the same amount of blood is required to return to the heart. Suddenly, stopping the exercise may cause blood pooling because the blood doesn’t return to the heart like before. An athlete tends to cool down, to bring the heart rate down, slowly, which prevents them from blood pooling. Therefore, everyone who engages in any physical activity should cool down, at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Importance of Cool Down for Every Athlete

How do Muscles Behave during a Workout?

This scenario clears the picture, why cooldown is so necessary to muscles. Many pints of blood are distributed to the extremities during exercise. Average 15 to 20 percent of remaining cardiac output goes to muscles, but once you engaged yourself in any physical activity, the muscles receive 80 to 85 percent of the remaining cardiac output. This massive shift occurs by reducing blood flow to kidneys, liver stomach, and intestines. As a result, nausea occurs with the leg workout. You can go for stretches to cool down.

After the workout is complete, the body needs to cool down in a correct manner. Cool down exercises ensure that the athlete’s body will not suffer from damage. Your body needs to transition from the working hard stance into a resting pose.

Cooling down will reduce the dizziness caused by the blood in your lower extremities, it will help with the strain on your heart muscles it will revert to its normal functioning.

People those involve in high-intensity exercise can’t skip cool down session because high-intensity exercise contains an anaerobic feature. Anaerobic feature results in lactic acid, accumulation in the bloodstream and muscles.

Cool Down Exercises

The question is which are the best exercises for cool down purposes?

Cool down exercises are light and do not have any threat to the body. There is no exercise meant to alleviate the strain of a hard workout that will make you sweat.

Choosing simple aerobic activity will aid to remove lactic acid. Sometimes people feel muscle soreness after lifting heavy weights and cool down is the best option to eliminate such muscle soreness. For example, after a leg workout, doing a recumbent bike would be the best option.

An athelet can perform the following cool down exercises to normalize his heart heart.

The Power of Walking

There is no other beneficial exercise then this; just a simple walk will help you to cool down.

your breath back by making sure the heart rate is getiing lower. No power walks are allowed; if you are in gym then you can walk on treadmil at a standrad pace.


This one is another must done exercise to cool down. It mostly applies to runners, other types of workouts will benefit too. Try touching your toes without bending the knees. More stretches can be done, and although you are not stretching the body you’ve been working out it will still do you good.


That is right, do not forget about the arms and shoulders. Even runners before a race can be seen stretching the arms and you will benefit from an active cool-down exercise. Cross your arms and stretch the back of your arms by placing your hand on your back.

Core Stretch

Get your core stretched by getting down on your arms and knees, arch your back like a cat and then bow down like the letter C.


An athlete has to sit or lay down calmly for 15 minutes. A professional masseur will do the job to make you feel relaxed and reinvigorated.

There are plenty of things you can do after you have finished a workout that can decompress the muscle and help you regain your calm and balance. Try to see what your body best endures, use the exercises that you feel accustomed to, and come to you in a simple manner. If any pain arises, do not continue the movement, try and switch to a different exercise and be aware of the signals your body is transmitting.

We conclude from the discussion that cool down exercises are an important part of every workout program. So, why not make your body cool down after an intense workout?

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