Why You Should Pick up Cross-Training in MMA

Cross-training is all about training in various disciplines. In this blog, we will be discussing the use of cross-training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

As the name implies MMA itself is, indeed, about training in different forms of martial arts. However, back in the day, Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) masters were against the idea of cross-training in other forms of sports or exercising techniques/routines. They thought that to excel in one discipline with complete superiority was much better. However, in due time, everybody realized the usefulness of training in other forms of arts and disciplines as well. Find out more about the benefits of cross-training here.

Embracing Diversity

A few decades back and you would have been able to experience the flavor of other martial arts. However, even then, lucky people mastering Kenpo Karate were able to, to some extent, branch out into other arts and disciplines once they had mastery in it. This was because the art itself promoted the knowledge of gaining expertise in other forms of arts. Exploration helps people reach out to the true arts that speak for their true personalities. Another truly unique selling point is the attractive gear that the trainees wear! This adds to the diversity of the sport! The sport also brings together many different people from different backgrounds together.

When you cross-train you will be able to meet and build relationships with people who come from experts in various disciplines of different art forms. It may so happen that you are extremely good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and another one of your colleagues is a pro when it comes to Muay Thai. You ask, what will happen? Diversity will end up embracing diversity leading to an exceptional amount of improvement in both your skills and the skills of your colleague as well. This will enable you both to become better at the martial arts skills that you both have and possess. Imagine yourself teaming up with this friend of yours and becoming apt at Muay Thai. And then imagine your friend becoming apt at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Who will benefit? Both of you will benefit from each other by the courtesy of the diversity that both of you have to offer! This is where cross-training will give you the necessary edge that other forms of arts, when practiced singularly, cannot hope to offer. Inside the ring, you will be a beast, mark my words!

The Rigidity

For instance, take the example of having a BJJ instructor who only trains you regarding the sweeps of his liking, the submission techniques that he prefers and closed guard techniques that he thinks are right for you. Imagine then, that with the level of limitation how would you or anyone else be able to excel in the mixed martial arts? Moreover, you’ll be compelled to follow him as well.

Not too long ago when students used to look for another training school to master a certain art that they liked; they were frowned upon quite savagely. Moreover, their earlier trainers would also desert them. The new ones, on the other hand, would not accept them.

It is time to move on and embrace the amazing times we live in today. This is the time for all of us to fully appreciate the potential every unique individual harness, not just in the world of MMA! You see, today trainers are very open to training students that come from different schools of martial arts because they realize that a good martial artist must be good in different types and forms of martial arts. They also understand that turning down an individual because they were training in some other form of martial art is just not fair at all, to begin with. This is a great time for anyone training to become an MMA professional or just doing it as an amateur. The maturity levels of all the people partaking in this sport have increased and will enable you to become a better individual!

Time to Move On

If you have a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you must possess the fire in you to look for new ways to elevate the level of your training. Day in and day out, in the experience of many BJJ students, it is a habit to train more and to train harder!

With that said, it is this behavior that leads to the creation of new art. The sport (MMA) is very highly competitive. It is this nature of the sport that encourages individuals to partake and master other forms of arts. Did you know that it is Japanese Jiu-Jitsu from which Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu came into place? The inter-relation of the disciplines can also not be denied. Judo also takes its roots from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. It is, therefore, very important to move on and embrace the fact that mastering multiple martial arts techniques is a necessity of today.

All martial arts have techniques that can be applied with a slight change of perspective in another discipline. It is, as a result of pivotal importance to be proficient in different arts to surprise your opponent.

Cross-training will give you the edge even if you’re an amateur trainee! There is just no excuse for you not to go out and train now! The times have changed and people have more acceptance towards cross-training and why shouldn’t they? Cross-training is the future. A person who is good at multiple martial arts is going to dominate both inside and outside the ring. I say outside the ring because when a person cross-trains, they end up becoming more confident, more resilient and more successful even in other aspects of life!

The Incorporation

A person who is only an expert in say Muay Thai would be at ease facing an opponent of the same expertise. However, when a person with expertise was to confront them, they would have issues. A person expert in multiple arts such as Kenpo, BJJ, and Muay Thai would be able to handle most of the tackles due to multiple abilities associated with footwork, punches, and grappling. With the passage of time and practice, a trainee can easily create combos of their own and use them to surprise their opponents. Imagine the element of surprise that a cross-training individual is always going to have. They are always going to keep their opponents guessing and getting ready for more beating.

It goes without saying that a person expert in different art forms will always have the edge. A person who is apt at different martial art types will have no difficulty in thwarting an opponent with ease and grace. With time you will be able to express a mastery whereby all the disciplines seem like one beautiful art form to you.


What will cross-training do? Most importantly, it will up your game. Cross-training will allow you to fearlessly pounce upon your opponent and to effectively defend in case of a surprise attack. Moreover, you’ll also be able to strengthen your attacks and use more dynamic approaches inside the ring. As a result, you will become more confident and apt at fighting!

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