Which Healthy Foods are Best to Eat to Increase Libido

Healthy Foods that Increase Libido
Healthy Foods that Increase Libido

Do you feel worried that you don’t have the energy to perform in bed? Do you feel embarrassed? Stop getting worried anymore because you are going to find some useful tips to increase your energy level that eventually boost up libido. With insane ways of our nowadays life, numerous components can add to abatement on the drive, including stress, poisonous quality from our surroundings and horrible eating routines. There are top foods mentioned in this article that will help you to increase libido but you shouldn’t forget the value of exercise to boost up libido.

Best Foods to Increase Libido


Oysters are master of boosting up libido. This food contains a high amount of Zinc, which helps to build up hormones and clitoris sensitivity. Oysters are toxic food sometimes while other shellfish will absorb the toxins in the ocean, which may usually outweigh the vintages of Zinc. Intake of the oyster will increase your sexual desire.

Pumpkin Seeds

In the past, Pumpkin seeds were used to treat an enlarged prostate and other urinary problems. Now pumpkin seeds are the beneficial source of good nutrients. These seeds contain several agents that boost up libido, including vitamins, minerals and a high level of zinc that is necessary for testosterone development in the body. Pumpkin seeds have a large amount of Zinc and  essential vitamins like E, C, D, B, and K, which play a crucial role in boosting libido and sexual desire. Not only men but also women can take advantage of these seeds but it increases lubrication during sex in a female.


Asparagus, full of vitamin E that kicks your libidos. Reducing cholesterol is one of the main functions of vitamin E. It helps your heart to work more efficiently, which ultimately improves your fitness level, stamina and increase energy. Asparagus gives a ton of folic corrosive, which can expand histamine creation that makes coming to climax less appealing for both men and women.


Avocados have B6 and potassium that hike the system with sexual power and it increases blood flow. Avocado is full of healthy monounsaturated heart-friendly fat. So, anything that promotes healthy heart functions and boosts your blood flow is good for health and fitness.


Onions are the best source of increasing libido in your body. For best results, you have to peel off the skin of an onion, cut them or crush them and stir fry in butter. This ready meal you have to take every morning with a spoon of honey on an empty stomach will seriously result in boosting up libido.


Some of the ocean water fishes are a good source of Omega – 3. This fatty acid will facilitate sex urge in both men and women, also enhances the sex stamina. These fatty acids promote fighting depression, lighten the mood and help in the correct function of a nervous system.

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Intake of garlic or mainly raw garlic every day can facilitate your sexual urge. Though its smell can be weird you do not need to worry that it would flip your partner away, it will help you in sex. Usually, warm foods are a preference to increase sex desire in your body. If you are suffering a low energy level while in bed, then you should try the intake of raw garlic every day at least for one month to see valid results.


Dates are rich in iron that may help in strengthening the organic process in a female body. It helps in boosting libido or sexual desire in men and women. For best result, take some pure Arabian dates and soak them in a very cup of honey. Daily take one spoon of soaked dates to enhance the energy for a sexual purpose.


Peanuts are the prime source of zinc that verified to assist the body to form healthier sperm in increasing sperm count. Peanuts are rich in L-argentine and can facilitate in increasing libido in men. The amino acid in the peanuts helps in reposeful the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the body.


Almonds are good to increase your desire for sex. These nuts act like a fertility aid and sexual stimulant, if you are attempting for a baby, try almonds. These nuts are rich in minerals that will boost up your libido and reproduction process. Zinc is found in peanuts that perform best to enhance sexual desire.


Circulation may be a big deal for each libido and sexual desire. Arousal may take time if your body is deprived of good blood flow. Blueberries are beneficial for the flow of blood in the body. Blueberries are natural food that may facilitate men in driving high pleasure.These berries are rich in antioxidants that may facilitate the relaxing of blood vessels. Those men who take blueberries will have a stronger erection.

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Everyone loves to eat chocolates because of its taste, but no one knows its importance for a sexual relationship. It contains theobromine and serotonin that reduces depression. Chocolate is the sentiment sustenance in light of current circumstances. Cacao has PEA (phenylethylamine), the adoration compound which advances dopamine generation in the mind’s pleasure focuses which top at the climax. PEA arouses sentiments of rapture and fascination, which match with the tryptophan’s belongings of unrolling.

Tips to Increase Libido

  • Add garlic and onion at lunchtime.
  • You can add bananas and blueberries as snack at morning time.
  • Eat almonds, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds in your snack. You can sprinkle on different deserts or salads.
  • Start your day with dates would be a good option.
  • You can eat sea foods like oysters and fish as a meal.


Food choice is always necessary for a healthy life. As we all know that healthy diet is key to increase and decrease body weight, but people should think about their better sexual relationship. They have to aware of which unhealthy foods can decrease their sex drive. Sex has so many benefits such as it fulfills the physical need, reduces depression, stress and makes people relax. Once you start eating these healthy foods to increase libido, surely, you will find your sex life better and will feel a spice in your sex drive.

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