Workout Plans for Firm Legs, Butt and Get Rid of Flab under Arms

Exercise Plan for Firm Legs

Workout Plans for Building Muscles

Planning is a major factor in building muscles, reducing fat or even toning up your body. Few factors such as time, availability of resources and gender may impact your motivational level. Planning needs to be realistic. You can’t get 100 percent results from your efforts if your workout plans are not designed according to beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Given exercises are mainly crafted for those people who are very much curious to build lean muscles and increase muscle mass just in few weeks. Yes, it’s not a big deal to have quality muscles if you follow proper directions and act, according to the guidelines.

Key Factors Which Impact on Workout Plans

Few notable factors should be kept in mind before following workout plans. These factors could have both positive and negative impacts in achieving dramatic results. Let’s learn about these factors.

  • Gender
  • Level
  • Goal
  • Medical conditions
  • Frequency
  • Nature of job

Recommendations for Workout Plans

  1. It’s better if you choose 2 or 3 exercises for each part and go for two reps for each exercise and then slowly move towards others exercise.
  2. A warm up is necessary before workout and almost 10 minutes are thought to be a good warm up idea.  Treadmill, jumping jacks are good exercises to warm up your body.
  3. Stretching should be performed at least for 5 minutes.

Workout Plans for Firm Legs, butt and Get Rid of Flab under Arms

Workout Plans
Exercise Plan for Firm Legs
Resistance training exercise Reps Sets
Safety Squat 15-17 1
Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 12-15 1
Lying Leg Curl 10-12 1
Seated Cable Row 12-15 1
Forward Lunge (alternating legs each rep) 15 each leg 1
Shoulder Press (neutral grip) 12-15 1
Alternate Seated Dumbbell Curl 12-15 1
Triceps Cable Pressdown 12-15 1
Seated Calf Raise 30 1
Incline Bench Dumbbell Press 12-15 1
Side Lunge 15 each leg 1
Step Up 15 each leg 1
Assisted Machine Pull-up 12-15 1
Seated Lateral Raise 12-15 1
Seated Leg Curl 10-12 1
Dumbbell Hammer Curl 12-15 1
Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extension 12-15 1
Standing Calf Raise 12-15 1
Reverse Pec-Dec 12-15 1
Back Extension 20-25 2
Reverse Crunch 20-25 2
Oblique Crunch 20-25 2
Straight Crunch 20-25 2
Superman 20-25 2
Cardio: 60% to 70% of maximum heart rate Flexibility: 5 minutes of light stretching

These are all possible exercises which works particularly for legs butts and remove flab under arms and are best suited for beginners.

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