Top Exercise Program for Firm Legs and Get Rid of Flab Underarms

Women are more concerned about getting rid of flab underarms and thighs, that’s why they always try to find out different methods that can solve this issue. Unfortunately, there are certain factors like pregnancy, hormonal problems, and unhealthy eating habits become the major reason for storing extra fat, on underarms, lower belly, and legs. In this article, you will learn about how to get perfect body shape.

Exercise Program to Get Rid of Flab Under Arms

  • (a,b) – Supersets
  • (c) – Drop set
Diamond Push-ups  Use your hands to make a diamond shape while getting in the pushups position. Gradually move down and for a good stretch, hold the position for 3 seconds. Skull Crush Lie down on the bench, hold EZ barbell with closed grip, lift the barbell up infront of your forehead, slowly bring down the barbell near to forehead with locked elbows then move it upward. Keep in mind your wrist position pointed towards ceiling. Note: (a,b), Supersets, rest after completing a superset Feet Elevated Triceps Dips Use a flat and strong surface, similar to a table. Sit on the table, place your hands behind your back. On the other bench which is in line with the bench on which you are sitting. Place feet on the bench. Slowly move downward while keeping your elbows locked or closer to the body. Repeat 10 times. Backward lifts or Dumbbells Kick Back  Stand with your feet, shoulder-width apart. Holding dumbbells in each hand, lift your arms backward, Hold this position, kick the dumbbells backward. Triceps Overhead Extension Hold a dumbbell in the two hands and raise the arms over the head until that your elbows are framing a 90-degree edge.

Exercise Program to Get Firm Legs

Legs exercises are a worry for those who have saggy legs. You should exercise for thighs, hamstring, and calves muscles if you want to tone and strengthen your leg muscles at once. Trim down the extra fat with cardiovascular exercises would be a great addition to your exercise plan. Note:
  • (a,b) – Supersets
  • 20 Minutes Recumbent Bike
Squats Squats are the best compound exercise that strengthens and tone up your legs. Without doing squats you cant develop leg muscles. You can perform squats in different ways like front squats, weighted squats, and free squats. Free Squats Stand wider than shoulders width, toes slightly pointing outward, bring down the hips until get parallel to the floor, keep holding the core muscles, then move upward and repeat it. Keep in mind a few things like maintain an arch in the lower back and your knees shouldn’t cross the toes when getting down. Lunges Lunges are an exercise that works for the front muscles of the thigh and should be done with or without weights. Begin in a standing position and with your feet bear with legs separated. Take dumbbells in each hand and hold them by your sides. Ensure you hold your back straight then slowly press forward with one leg, drop the body slowly down until that opposite knee nearly touches the floor. Repeat this step with the other side, complete 10 reps each side. Leg Extensions Sit on the machine, so that your knees freely move, put your feet under the platform, feet pointed upward. you can hold the sidebars. Extend your legs, avoid jerking at this moment. Note: (a,b), Supersets, rest after completing a superset Running Stairs  Running stairs won’t just work your thighs, butt, and calves. It also helps to tone up your arms and belly. Keep running up the stairs for 15 seconds then do normal walk for 30 seconds. Seated Hamstring Curls Sit on the machine, adjust the seat so that pad is on the thighs, hold the bar firmly that will help to avoid slipping you down on the seat, especially when you curl the knees down. Seated Butterfly Seated butterflies are an exercise of inner thighs. You begin by sitting straight up on an exercise mat. Bring your feet closer, so that the soles of your feet touch to each others. Pull them near to your body and lay your hands on your feet with the aim that you can apply slight weight to your inner thighs. Tips to Remember:
  • Incorporate both exerise programs twice a week to get the desired results.
  • Follow this exercise program for 8 weeks.
  • You must Include 20 minutes recumbent bike, 20 minute arc trainer after the session.
Conclusion: Strategies for the best way to lose arm fat differ from routine exercises. Without a doubt, a single procedure is insufficient. Fusing a planned diet with exercises program is the key to get rid of flab under arms and firm legs.

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