Face masks – A Necessary Addition to Your Skincare Ritual

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in Korean skincare routines. Under these skincare routines, there are a number of elaborate steps, usually between 5 to 7. These routines have opened up our world to a variety of products like Serums, Oil-based Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliators for acne-prone skin, and others, which were not so famous before. One of these products which have been made a household name, owing to the worldwide adoption of the Korean skincare routine, is a Face mask.

Types of Face Masks

Such face masks are of two types – a sheet mask that is usually wrapped inside a packet, to be placed on the face, and others that are a thick paste, requiring application by you. They can be used at any point of the day and are a bit slimy given the fact that they contain essence in them. A face mask is useful for a variety of reasons pertaining to a healthy face, a few of which have been mentioned below.

•      Hydration

A lot of face masks are produced, keeping in mind the aim of providing the skin with hydration. Our face is usually bearing the burden of dealing with the dust and other dirt particles when we are outside the comfort of our home. Therefore, it is not a surprise that seasonal changes as well as changes in temperature, it tends to be dry and worn out and that is when you would require a hydrating face mask – to ensure your face does not become dry and crack up.

•      Moisturizing

Dryness can lead to the problem of your skin looking really dull and without any shine. Thus, a moisturizing face mask does what a moisturizer would do – it helps your face in retaining the moisture and ensuring that our face continues to look shiny and supple throughout our hectic day.

•      Acne

A number of face masks help in reducing inflammation of the face caused by acne. The dust particles that leech onto your face in your daily life can cause an increase in acne – cystic or under the skin. In such a case, face masks are really helpful in ensuring that it remains oil and germ-free. Though they might be a temporary solution, continued usage of masks whose base ingredients are Tea Tree and Green Tea helps minimize and possibly, even cure acne completely.

•      Exfoliate

Throughout our life, the cells present in our face work overtime, renewing, and then shredding themselves. This can lead to our complexion becoming dull and our pores being over clogged to the point where our skin starts to feel uneven due to congested shredding of cells which have not been removed properly by our cleanser. Hence, an exfoliating face mask helps you in removing these dead cells and cleaning your pores as it essentially functions like a soft scrub developed only for the face, thus, leaving your face looking healthy.

24 Karat Gold Face Mask

These face masks can be either a sheet mask or any other type of mask in a tube. They are made up of plant-based ingredients – Green Tea, Rose petals, Tea Tree, Pomegranate – and can be chosen depending upon the goal you want to achieve with their usage.

While such plant-based masks have been in the market for a relatively long time, a newer type of mask is the 24 Karat Gold Face Mask. These types of masks are a luxurious face mask type made from exactly what their name suggests – gold. They contain 24 Karat gold flakes for instant radiance. A few of their significant uses are mentioned below.

24 Karat Gold Usage

Face Masks

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A 24 Karat Gold Mask contains pure 24 karat gold that helps the skin regain its radiance almost instantly. Gold helps the face by looking in the moisture and helping in the maintenance of collagen – a reason why these masks are also famously known as 24k Gold Collagen Mask.

•      Elastin Breakdown

These types of face masks delay or completely inhibit the breakdown of elastin – a component responsible for the sagging of skin. By helping with this, a 24 Karat Gold Mask ensures that the skin stays free from the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, making your skin look young.

•      Strengthening of skin

These masks also help in calming down sensitive or overly sensitive skin. This reduces the redness and helps with irritation as well. Apart from this, a 24k Gold Collagen Mask also adds Vitamin C to the skin, boosting the collagen presence – a major component of providing strength to your skin.

Hence, investing in a face mask and choosing on from a variety of options is the thing to do in today’s trying time to warrant yourself a healthy face. Moreover, if you happen to be looking for a face mask that has an all-in-one a quality, fret not! The 24 Karat Gold Face Mask is your new best friend!

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