Gym Hygiene Hacks Everyone should Follow When Lockdown Ends

gym hygiene hacks

Here comes the good news, finally the wait is over for gym lovers. As we know there has been lockdown in all over the world because of coronavirus pandemic. In a few countries, the government has decided to reopen the gym. This is the most crucial time period for those who regularly exercise in the gym. Here I will share 12 most important gym hygiene hacks that everyone should follow that surely eliminates health risks and you would be able to do exercise without any danger.
Here is the list of important gym hygiene hacks:

Extend Your LockDown for 1 More Week

for those who are still waiting for the gym to reopen, keep in mind once the gyms are open, you should avoid going gym straightaway. You must assume that for you there is still a lockdown for at least 1 week. The reason is once you go to the gym, you may find a huge crowd that probably the worst source of spreading the various again among people. Be patient when things get normal then you start your gym.

Morning Gym Timings

I would recommend that you choose the early morning time for your exercise because you may find fewer people in the morning. You can do your exercise easily and without any danger. The other thing, almost all the gyms are cleaned at night when they close the gym or in the early morning. Definitely, when you go first you find the clean equipment.

Avoid Greetings:

You have to stick with the same habit that means you must avoid handshakes with other people. I know you are going to the gym after a few months, you find the gym friends over there but you should avoid contacting each other. Especially those who already exercising you must avoid contacting unless you do some safety precautions.

Wear Mask:

As I know people are using masks from the last 3 months, you should continue to wear masks in gyms. I know it’s a bit difficult to wear masks and do your exercise but nothing is more important than your health.

Use Sanitizer:

You should use sanitizer as soon as you enter the gym premises. You may apply sanitizer on your arms as well if you are not wearing a full sleeve t-shirt.

Use Gloves:

I would recommend wearing gym gloves. In fact, the majority of people use gym gloves but the problem is not all of them wash it daily. Now you have to wash your gloves daily and the reason is when you lift weights in the gym like holding barbells or dumbbells, the germs may easily be transmitted to your body.

Use Tissue Instead of Towels:

Do not use towels rather you must use a tissue. The reason is when you use a towel and keep it in your pocket or hang it with trouser then you use it over and again, the germs are easily transferred to your body from a towel. Using tissue will eliminate this risk because once you use the tissue you can throw into the bin.

Use Disposable Glass rather Gym Bottles:

People always carry gym bottles with them but during this time period, you should avoid carrying water bottles because when you drink water from the bottle and unconsciously if hands are a touch on the mouth of the bottles and you drink the water again there are 100 percent chances of transmitting the germs directly into your stomach.

Gym Belts:

There are always 3 to 4 belts in the gym which people wear while lifting weights. You should avoid wearing the same belts because you know people wear these belts when they lift heavy and they sweat like a hell and when you use the same belt even these belts are dry still plenty of germs in it which can be easily transmitted to your clothes.
If you have your gym belt then when you come back home you must keep it in the sunlight to kill the germs in it.

Trainers or Gym Shoes:

Your gym shoes are the prime source of germs carrier so when you come back home you should clean your shoes regularly. I m not saying you wash it daily but at least with wet clothing, you must clean it.

Stop Using Mobile Phones:

Nowadays everyone keeps their mobile phone when going to the gym. They play different workout music and motivation songs, somehow its a good thing but during these crises, I wouldn’t recommend that you keep your mobile phones because when you exercise you keep checking the songs or attend calls that are not good. The reason is when you pick your mobile with your hands which already carries some germs and you put back into your pocket which means you are spreading germs. So you should avoid it.

Shower In Gym:

Once you finish your workout you must take a shower in the gym. keep your outfit in the plastic bag and when you come back home straight away put your clothes in the machine for the wash.

If you follow these 12 gym hygiene hacks you will be safe and you can do your workout with any fear. Keep you and your family safe from this deadly disease. Do not let your body a chance to catch this virus.

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