10 Dangerous Causes You Didn’t Know About Unwanted Weight Loss

Dangerous Causes Of Unwanted Weight Loss

Unexpectedly losing weight? Then it can be a symptom of a fatal disease. About 50% of hospitalized patients worldwide do not get enough nutrition or are at risk of underfeeding. Older people may lose weight due to a lack of medication or normal appetite. Not having enough knowledge about different diets such as A Low […]

What Role Digital Dentistry Plays in Orthodontist Education

Digital Dentistry

As 2020 is about to begin; there are many technologies that are being revived by adding innovative ideas to make them in harmony with the changing hi-tech science. One of the technologies that have been renewed is digital dentistry which was invented in 1973. But now many new creations have improved the way Orthodontists and […]

A COURT FOR ALL: 8 Benefits of Playing Basketball

playing basketball

Image source One of the most loved and common sports is basketball. This physical sport has been playing at a professional level. People are taking it as a lifestyle. Players of basketball are mostly men, but women are also getting the part to play basketball. You have seen how countless basketball players have become renowned […]

5 Easiest Steps for Body Fitness Test at Home

Body Fitness Test

Distinctive body fitness test proves the physical potential. You may be at the peak of your fitness, you may practice diverse kinds of physical tests. There are few tests that emphasis on weighing your endurance, stamina, strength, balance and coordination. Tests can focus on a fastidious physical attribute, a mixture of two or a few […]

18 Surprising Health Benefits of Figs for Better Well-Being

Health Benefits Of Figs

Figs are deliciously sweet fruit. The smoothness of the skin and the crunchiness of the seeds make their taste different among other fruits. Figs are the fruit of Heaven. In the Quran, Allah has sworn of Figs and Olives that these fruits are the blessing for the weak people. Health Benefits of Figs Our unhealthy […]

Is Hip Pain Therapy Good to Treat Intense Pain

Hip Pain Therapy

The hip pain therapy is time taking, but it assists the dislocated joint to come to its actual location. The hip joint can be painful while it gets injured and damaged. These joints are among the heaviest joints in this body. A person can suffer pain while walking, sleeping and moving his body. Hip pain […]

How Useful Physical Therapy is to Eliminate Body Pain

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is that branch of medical science that uses specially designed workouts and exercises programs that helps to patients to regain the same movements prior to injury and improve their physical fitness. This treatment is for anyone from infants to an adult who has musculoskeletal defects in their body or suffering from sciatica. If […]