12 Most Common Health Benefits of Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness means an individual’s ability to perform normal daily tasks and activities without getting stressed, fatigued or tired. It also indicates an individual’s capability to perform work-related tasks efficiently and adequately with enough energy left for leisure activities and other needs. Being physical fit supports you strong endurance and resistance to diseases and infections […]

What do You Need to Know about Dehydration


People actively participate in sports and other forms of exercise. There are hundreds of sports available to choose from with many officially endorsed every year. Some partake in sports just because they enjoy the sport, and it brings them great satisfaction while others take part to enjoy the many associated health benefits that exercise promotes. […]

Why Do People have Muscle Soreness after a Workout

Muscle Soreness

Muscle pain is a common complaint that is suffered by the majority of people, once they are finished up with their particular workout session. There are a few different names that represent muscle pain as Muscle soreness and DOMS. Muscle pain is an entirely different phenomenon than Muscle Strain. A muscle strain is a situation, which […]

Unhealthy Foods and Sex: Which Foods are Bad to Eat Before Sex

Unhealthy Foods

Healthy food choices are always in the news either in terms of increasing muscle mass, trimming down fat, keeping your body healthy and even for a healthy sexual life. You always heard about healthy foods that boost libido and enhance your sex drive but might be you hardly listen about unhealthy foods that may become hurdles […]

How to Boost Your Memory with Mental Acuity Diet

Mental Acuity

Mental Acuity is an assessment to measure a human’s mental sharpness. With all age groups, memory decline, and mental insufficiency has become an illness today. Parents are frustrated about how they help their children from memory decline and mental insufficiency. Lack of sleep or boredom is responsible for poor retention. The many of us have […]

Sports Injuries to Athletes – Precautions to Prevent Sports Injuries

Prevent Sports Injuries

Athletes of all ages receive many remunerations from sports and other forms of physical workout. Sometimes, sports cause injuries, and unfortunately, almost every athlete has to face those injuries. He should not take the injuries lightly. Sports Injuries don’t sound good for an athlete. It’s a nightmare for him to get injured during the match. […]

Dengue Fever Types Causes Symptoms and Treatment Awareness

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted by a mosquito and caused by any of the four related dengue viruses. It is also called “break-bone” because it may cause severe joint and muscle pain. Female Aedes mosquitoes transmit dengue. Since no vaccine is available, prevention is the best remedy. HISTORY OF DENGUE FEVER Dengue is […]

9 Essential Aromatherapy Oils for Skin Treatment

Aromatherapy oils

We will discuss various oils and their benefits that are used in an aromatherapy bath. For some people process of fighting, aging is unfeasible and challenging. It is easier for you if you make out the well-known notion of “aging with grace”. For the wrinkles, free skin what is to be done that helpful for […]