Natural Home Remedies to Cure Severe Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain
Kidney Pain

Kidney pain can be caused by infection, injury or sometimes by enlargement of the kidney organ, or by conditions that are because of blocking urine flow of out of the excretory organ. Urinary tract infection (kidney infection) and excretory organ stones are the common causes of excretory organ pain if a kidney pain is persistent or causes your concern for medical aid.

Causes of Kidney Pain

  • Bleeding in the excretory organ
  • Kidney tumor
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Blood coagulation in excretory organ veins
  • Horseshoe excretory organ where each kidney coalesced along and kind of horseshoe structure
  • Stone within the excretory organ
  • Urinary tract infection

Kidney Functions

Kidneys are one of the crucial organs in our body that engage in performing excretion. They’re primarily chargeable for the of many functions, like maintaining the chemical equilibrium, leveling electrolytes balance, and control of blood pressure level. Kidneys flush out waste products from the body in the form of urine straining and holding helpful parts in the body. Blocking of urine can be painful so, you have to seek you, medical aid provider, to relieve kidney pain.

Due to several reasons, like intake unhygienic food and different body infections, the functioning and potency of kidneys get hampered. Malfunctioning of the Body ends up in intolerable pain in kidneys. In distinction of females are at a lot of risks to the excretory organ infection. The pain is curable and may be treated with enough potency at home.

Conditions that lead excretory organs or kidneys to pain will have serious complications. Look for immediate medical aid if you’ve got excretory organ pain besides the severe pain, high fever, cold and wet skin, bloody urine, paleness, high heart rate and sweating, confusion. In this condition, you have to seek medical treatment for kidney pain.

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Nutrients that Give Relief from Kidney Pain


If you are suffering from kidney pain, the intake of water is effective remedy that may cure your wellness. Water is effective for your kidneys because it helps them flush harmful bacteria out of your body. It’s counseled that you just consume a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

Lemon Juice

Lemon contains an over plus of citric acid; that is useful in the breaking down of Cagglomerates in kidneys. Drinking lime water will result in to flush out toxic matter from your body in a form of urine helpful for persons who have stones in kidneys.


Watermelon is helpful in removing stones that create of phosphates and carbonates. They regulate the extent of acidity in wee. Besides, watermelon is one such fruit that contains the best level of water concentration about 99% and so, is very effective in hydrating your body and flushing out the waste product.

Related pain. Different helpful foods in treating, your excretory organ stones could embody nutrition-rich food like apricots, pumpkin, cantaloupes.


Useful foods, in treating tract infections could embody carrots, parsley, and celery, notes Balch, Alfalfa, sweet potatoes.


Oat bran could be one of the useful foods for the kidneys having stones. A famous medical doctor states that the oat bran could be a high supply of insoluble fiber, which helps decrease your body’s CA absorption and your level of urinary CA, which successively reduces your risk for nephrolith formation.

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Reduce Discomfort after Treating Kidney Pain

Apply heat

Place a warmer on your abdomen both sides and on your back to scale back feelings of pressure or pain.

Use pain medication

For fever take a non-aspirin pain reliever that contains a pain pill (Tylenol, others) like directed by your doctor, or take a prescription medication that he or she provides.

Stay hydrous

Drinking lots of fluids can facilitate lush microorganisms from your tract. These products will worsen a frequent or urgency to urinate.


Pain in an excretory organ or kidney can be a sign of some serious health issues underlying pathological state that needs the care of a professional doctor or health care provider. Excretory organ infections, specifically, be concerned, they’ll result in serious health complications. Don’t delay seeking treatment if you develop flank, or side, pain or different symptoms commonly related to kidney pain.

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