How to Start My Own Gym Business in The UK

If you are a fitness enthusiast looking to take this passion as a career, then opening a gym business might be an ideal option for you. The health industry is probably one of the cleanest among all the industries in the market. Like other industries, it has the least effect on the environment.

The health industry is witnessing a massive growth. People now days are actively joining gyms and other health-related clubs and centres to stay fit. There is no denying the fact that opening a gym can be highly profitable. But, this should not be the only reason for you to enter the business. Proper research and planning on the market are essential to be successful commercially.

Major Things to Run a Gym Business

Yes, you are all pumped to start your gym, but you must be mentally and financially ready. Money is the major source that you will need for your business and for that, you can approach a lender like to apply for small business loans in the UK. Apart from that, there are other necessary qualities that you will require:

  • Determination to get started
  • Professional qualification from NVQ
  • Will power to stay on the track and sacrifice the work-life balance
  • Good communication skills
  • Marketing and sales planning

Steps needed to start a gym

Starting any form of business is not at all easy as there are numerous tasks that you have to carry out all alone. To be successful, you have to consider aspects from the very start and take all the key pointers. Here, we have mentioned step by step guide that can help you start your Gym in the UK. So, let us get started.

 Start with the business planning

Starting a business is just like going on a hike where you will keep on exploring new things throughout the journey. Now, not having a map means you will lose your way. Similarly, if you are starting a business, then you need a plan. Here are the main benefits of having a business planning:

  • It provides a blueprint that guides the way where you should be heading and what steps you need to take
  • The investor or lender will expect business planning before providing the funds.
  • It will help you share your vision with the managers and other working staff of your business.

Complete research on market is essential

Next is to do research on the market. It will help you understand the industry and analyze the consumer behavior pattern. The research will also help in clearing all the doubts that you might have while starting the business. You cannot formulate a marketing strategy without knowing the industry and the consumers.

With research, you will be able to figure out who are your customers and what they generally prefer. It will help you to come out with an effective marketing strategy to attract them.

Get the legal permission

To open a gym, you will need licenses and other permits that can take a while. You will have to register yourself to get an Employer Identification number and to pay the local and state taxes. Pay a visit to your city’s chamber of commerce to know what exactly you need. If needed, you can take the help of a legal expert who will guide you properly with all the legal procedures.

As there will be a risk of injuries and accidents, you will need employee liability insurance for the working staff.  Having personal identity insurance is very important as it will protect you against:

  • Any professional negligence
  • Loss of data
  • Copyright or confidentiality issue
  • Money or good loss


People coming to your gym will be attracted by two things- the interior of the place and the set of equipment that you will be providing. Thus, make sure that your gym is spacious enough for the people to perform their exercises and weight lifting easily. The place should be clean and hygiene that is very necessary for any health-related business.

Check all the equipment in your gym from time to time. Maintenance will help in keeping the equipment right and will also reduce the chances of any injuries that can occur due to any malfunction in the equipment.

Decide on the sponsorship

There are multiple famous brands in the market with whom you can collaborate. You will get the sponsorship and also a tag of the well-recognised brand. But, if you have bigger planning for your business and want to place yourself ahead in the market alone, then you can get started with your own brand identity.

For sponsorship, you can contact any of the local business of your city for the advertisement. They will surely be interested in collaborating if your business planning is effective.

So, this was the step by step guide on how to start your own gym business. It might take some time to establish in the business, but you must stay on track no matter what happens.

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