Jen Selter American Fitness Icon and Heroic Inspiration

Jen Selter American Fitness Icon and Inspiration

Jen Selter Famous ‘Belfies.’

Have you ever hear about Jen Selter? She is an American model and fitness girl. Is well know due of her activities in Social Media, especially on Instagram where men all over the world are giving “like” on Jen Selter famous ‘Belfies’. Yes, you read right, is not a ‘selfie’ is a ‘belfie’, because this fitness model posts photos of her amazing buttock.

Jen Selter Responses on Social Media for Butt Selfies

With more than 6 millions of followers on Instagram, this 21 years old girl understood meaning of her butt selfies after a post of her body on Instagram, back in 2013. Since that post, a lot happen to this New Yorker, who was voted 82 in the Top 99 of Most Desirable Women last year, an election launched by AskMen, the online website for men.

Jen Selter as Fitness Icon

Jen Selter famous ‘Belfies’ gained her contracts with fitness brands, Social Media fans and job deals. Now she has a closet full of garments, used for her butt-workout. In an interview with People Magazine, she explained her outfit for exercising, which counts with more of 400 butt-bearing pants and 100 of those leggings are black, the perfect color to hit the gym.

She didn’t go to college because she already had a full-time job working out her body. Jen Selter butt led her to success as fitness model when she was 18 years old. This girl has a commitment to herself never to post “raunchy” photos, due her purpose is inspired people to start working out. In Jen Selter life, sometimes she only needs a good workout to feel better, and she seen amazing.

Jen Selter Beliefs Tag

Jen Selter also has a hashtag used in Twitter and Instagram, where people take their own ‘belfies’ and upload to Social Media using #Seltering. This booty pose has been seen all over the world, and the hashtag has been trending topic on Twitter, where she has more than 875 K followers.

Want to look like Jen Selter famous ‘Belfies’?

You can try, but it won’t be easy. You will need a lot of workouts and then when your buttock is firm; you can start posting like her on your Social Media accounts. Jen Selter famous ‘Belfies’, are well known in a lot of countries, where men and women follow her updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This lady’s rear is because her success, and you can have a similar one, with a hard and committed workout. Are you ready for her butt routine?

Jen Selter Workouts Secrets

The first step to start a workout routine is making some cardio exercises; to get your muscles warm before a butt focused routine. If you are in the gym, go and find the Stair master or a climber machine, used for about 20 minutes. Also, you can work with on a treadmill set at a relatively steep incline; this will work your legs and butt specifically.

Jen Selter Workouts Routines

Let’s begin with the Jen Selter butt workouts routine, doing squats. Jen Selter says that squats are a girl’s best friend, because work your core, glutes and keep your legs toned. Also, squats strengthen the muscles around your knees.

Jen Selter Donkey Kick

Jen Selter Donkey Kick
Jen Selter Donkey Kick

Squeeze your glutes during the movement, that’s the key. This exercise begins with engaging your four body muscles at once the hands and legs must be width apart by shoulder and hip. Now, slowly raise your right leg extended and pressed your heel towards the sky at the base of your foot is in a straight line above your butt.

Go back to the initial position, while you are holding your glutes crushed. Then, try it again for three sets of 15 reps, switching legs.

Jen Selter Canine Companion Hydrant

Jen Selter Canine Companion Hydrant
Jen Selter Canine Companion Hydrant

This movement helps you to assure your glutes and targets a different area than the previous exercises. Take a start with by engaging your four body muscles at once, your hands shoulder width and knees hip-width apart. With your leg flexed, raise it parallel to the floor and hold for 3 sec. Then go back to the original position and come again.

Don’t forget to squeeze abs and butt during this movement. You should do three sets of 15 reps and rest 30 sec between each set. Shift your legs.

Jen Selter Squat Pulse

Jen Selter Squat Pulse
Jen Selter Squat Pulse

The payoff of these exercises is worth it; you won’t regret it, even when your legs could be asking for a rest. Remember to squeeze butt and abs to have a better result, during three sets of 15 reps with 3 sec of rest between each.

Stand up, with your feet widespread than shoulder breadth, toes turned slightly out, and your arms pushed out, in front of you. Go down for not more than 6 inches and straight up, keeping your knees in line with toes and arms parallel to the floor. Try to do it without a stop before the set is complete.

Summer is coming, are you ready to #Seltering?

Jen Selter famous ‘Belfies’, are a big deal and need a hard workout, but we are sure that you can make it.

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