Learn About the Facts of Sex during Pregnancy for a Healthy Relationship

Sex during Pregnancy
Sex during Pregnancy
Most of the women become afraid when their husbands ask to do sex during pregnancy. We can’t blame women because they are more concerned about the safety of a baby. There come too many negative thoughts in their minds, but it doesn’t mean women shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy. You would build a good relationship during pregnancy. Many women will surprise to know that their sex drives upturns during the period of pregnancy; the reason is that during the 2nd trimester, there is a rise amount of blood in the pelvis and vagina. Being pregnant is the most valuable and the most wonderful gift of nature for a woman. The feelings, thinking, behaving even every act get changed after knowing that she is pregnant. In other terms, you can say she is excited for every second and minute. Moreover, some awkward thoughts start coming in her mind and make her worried about the sex during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Facts

Birth Defects
  • About 97% of babies are born healthy in the USA while the other 3 % may face birth defects like spina bifida.
  • Women hate such word ‘miscarriage’ and this word creates fear in their mind because not a single mother wants this outcome, but the reality is entirely different than thinking. Women younger than 35 having only 10 to 12 % chances and 35 to 39 years old having a risk of 18 percent.
  • An estimated preterm baby born in the USA is not more than 12 percent and almost 70 percent of babies is born between 34 to 37 months.
Labor Pain
  • Most of women rate 7 or 8 out of 10 on a pain scale.

Most Common Questions about Sex During Pregnancy

Is Sex safe during 1st Trimester ? Sex during pregnancy is harmless for those who are not suffering from an infection, Nausea and cramps in body. Because if they are not feeling an unusual weakness, it means their pregnancy is proceeding normally. The majority of couples assume that if they have sex during pregnancy, it would harm their baby, but it’s not true because one major reason for miscarriage is due to an unhealthy embryo. It’s more convenient to consult with your doctor and must share the few things about the physical interaction you having with your husband. So the family doctor may assist you well. Is there more urge during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy? During the fourth month of pregnancy,the blood circulation increases in the bod. So having sex restores the working of the organ with the arrival of specific hormones and it guarantees the proficient flow. This implies the embryo gets a good supply of oxygen and supplements when in the womb that enhances development. Many of the pregnant women encounter preferable climax during the fourth month of pregnancy. The explanation for this is pregnancy builds a creation of two hormones in the body. Surprisingly, most women sexually arose during the 2nd trimester. The sense of self and sexual arousal increased because of the increased flow of blood and other changes in the body. During their first trimester, many women hesitate about being having intimate with their partner, fatigue is the main reason which they have to face during the first trimester. During the 3rd trimester, most of the women are not comfortable because they have grown large; they desire not to be intimate. At the time of delivery, many continue to do sex. Does Sex during Pregnancy Harm the Baby? One can engage in sexual relation, in a condition, hormonal vacillations, exhaustion, queasiness, and breast delicacy right on time in pregnancy may bring down your sex desire. Because the pregnancy causes to increase weight, back pain, and different indications might be lose your eagerness for sex. Moreover, the creating child is surely safe by the amniotic liquid in the uterus and the muscles of the uterus itself. That’s why, nothing can harm the baby not sex stress nor pushing something from outside the membrane. What are the Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy? During the pregnancy, If you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner without facing a problem, always choose the position that will work fine for you. The sex positions will vary according to all three trimesters.
  1. During the 1st trimester only missionary position should be adopted by the parents to be.
  2. Cowgirl and doggy style is best during the 2nd trimester for spice up the moments.
  3. In the 3rd trimester, side to side position is best Instead of lying on your back. For example, you may need to lay beside your partner sideways or position yourself on top of your partner or before your partner.
Butt-centric sex may be uncomfortable if you have pregnancy-related hemorrhoids. Additionally butt-centric sex by vaginal sex may cause the disease, making microbes spread from the rectum to the vagina. Will Pregnancy Affect the Father’s Sex drive? If the pregnancy is smooth and uncomplicated, there is no exploratory confirmation that sex is risky during pregnancy. He may not be familiar with the physical changes which you are experiencing. This worry may be more professed closer to the end of the pregnancy in the apprehension of hitting drew in a fetal head. Alternatively, many men feel an increase in their desire for their partner’s changing bodies during pregnancy, and they may feel an increased need to express their emotions in a natural way. When should Sex be avoided during pregnancy? First of all, if you have placenta previa, keep away from penetration during intercourse, this could bring about an issue. Secondly, if your amniotic sac has cracked and your waters have broken, stay away from sex because the disease could climb to the baby. At last, if you are in preterm work, stay away from sex , as a climax and chemicals in semen can increase uterine constrictions. Maintain a strategic distance from sex in the third trimester if your partner had genital herpes, despite that, he is well and has no wounds. Abstain from getting oral sex if your partner has mouth blisters on his lips. Despite of all, these men should listen to their women. Suppose, if women are not interested in sexual intercourse during pregnancy, then do not force them for it. You can grab the attention of your woman by cuddling, kissing, and hugs make certain that you are both loving to each other. Conclusion It’s true, you should know how to promote a healthy sexual relationship during all phases of pregnancy. But we assure you that all these valid information about sex during pregnancy will assist you to have safe sex in a better way.

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