Workout Routines for Legs Bums and Tums

It is a remarkably challenging thing to know that how to tone up your full body. More importantly, how to firm up your legs and bums at the same time when you are working out to lose your belly fat. Everyone wishes to have sexier and stunning looks, but without focusing on legs bums and tums, it is hard to get a perfect body shape. It is a good approach to include exercises for every body part, but you can put more concentration on particular muscles.

When you start following below-mentioned workout routines, you should keep in mind these following things

  • Workout routines already include the warm-up session.
  • Do a couple of stretches once you finished your workout.
  • You must concentrate on the particular muscle.
  • You should exercise five times a week.

Workout Routines for Legs Bums and Tums at Different Levels

Beginner Level

  • Gradually start working out for your muscles is always a handy approach. It’s good to start doing exercises with low-intensity level, and less repetition then you can step forward to the next level. This beginner level is carefully designed because initially, muscles are not used to with a new exercise and it’s better to give your muscles some time to adjust.
Start Up 25 Minutes
Cross Trainer Hill Program, 10 Minutes, RPE 6-7
Leg Extension 1 * 12
Leg Curl 1 * 12
Hip Adductor 1 * 12
Hip Abductor 1 * 12
Squats with Fitball 1 * 12
Basic Crunches 1 * 15
Basic Planks 1  set 45 seconds
Dorsal Raises 1 * 15

Intermediate Level

  • This level gets trickier and demands more efforts to perform your workouts. The time, duration and intensity level for all exercises increase for this intermediate level. You can start seeing changes in your body but you have to stick at least 6 weeks with this level before moving to next level. But keep in mind all this depends on an individual goal.
  • Focus on these exercises and perform your exercises according to their intensity and duration level.
Intermediate 35 Minutes
Cross Trainer Hill Program, 12 Minutes, RPE 7-8
Leg Extension 2 * 12
Leg Curl 2 * 12
Hip Adductor 2 * 12
Hip Abductor 2 * 12
Leg Press 2 * 12
Squats with Fitball 2 * 12
Basic Crunches 2 * 12
Basic Planks 2 * 12 45 seconds
Dorsal Raises 2 * 12

Advanced Level

  • This level is like a dream comes true because it is the toughest level and you need more commitment and hard work to workout at this level and ss as result, you will see dramatic changes within your body or you can say it is the stage where you can transform your body.
  • Look at these exercises how much time you should give and what intensity level is worth considering for you.
Advanced 45 Minutes
Cross Trainer Random Program, 12 Minutes, RPE 8-9
Leg Extension 2 * 12
Leg Curl 2 * 12
Hip Adductor 2 * 12
Hip Abductor 2 * 12
Squats with Fitball 2 * 12
Static Lunges 2 * 12
Basic Crunches 2 * 12
Basic Planks 2 * 45
Dorsal Raises 2 * 15
Reverse Curls 2 * 15

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