Try out Best Workout Routines to Tone up Legs Bums and Tums

It is a remarkably challenging fact to know how to tone up your full body. More importantly, how to firm up your legs and bums at the same time when you are working out to lose your belly fat. Everyone wishes to have sexier and stunning looks, but without focusing on legs bums and tums, it is hard to get a perfect body shape. It is a good approach to include exercises for all body parts.

When you start following below-mentioned workout routines, you should keep in mind these points

  • Workout routines should include the warm-up session.
  • Do some stretches after finishing  your workout session.
  • You must focus on the particular muscle.
  • You should exercise five times a week.

Workout Routines for Legs Bums and Tums at Different Levels

Beginner Level

  • Gradually start working out for your muscles is always a handy approach which means start exercising with low-intensity level, and less repetition then you can step forward to the next level. This beginner-level is carefully designed because initially, muscles are not used to with a new exercise and it’s better to give your muscles some time to adjust.

Intermediate Level

  • This level gets trickier and demands more effort to perform your workouts. The time, duration and intensity level for all exercises increase for this intermediate level. You can start seeing changes in your body but you have to stick at least 6 weeks with this level before moving to the next level. But keep in mind all this depends on an individual goal.

Advanced Level

  • This level is like a dream comes true because it is the toughest level and you need more commitment and hard work to workout at this level. You will see dramatic changes within your body or you can say it is the stage where you can transform body.
  • Look at the following exercises and analyze how much time you may reach to intensity level is necessary for you.

Take a Glimpse of Best Exercises for Legs Bums and Tums

These workouts routines for Legs Bums and Tums are designed according to beginner, intermediate and advanced users. You can jump up to the second level once you can fully perform your current level. These exercises are best to tone up, firm up and melt belly fat and make you sexy within no time.

Cross Trainer

Why not add Cybex’s cross-trainer at your home gym? It works for leg muscles, upper back and helps to melt flab underarms in a move. It works efficiently for the abdominal muscle too. The good thing about cross trainer, it puts less pressure on knees than a treadmill.
There is no question about its effectiveness and health benefits that correlate with it. If you are thinking about toning up legs bums and tums then you can’t skip this exercise. It works efficiently for the abdominal muscle too. You can manage the resistance and level and choose different programs like cardiovascular strengthening, weight loss, and fat loss.

Leg Extension

The leg extension is a strength training exercise that focuses on quadriceps muscle. This exercise is performed on the Leg Extension Machine. Those who are looking for toning up their legs would be a great inclusion for them.

Seated Leg Curl or Lying Hamstring Curl

When you plan for developing and strengthening back leg muscles then you can’t skip seated leg curl or lying hamstring curl. Both Leg Curl and Lying Hamstring Curl engage glutes and hamstrings muscles.

Leg Press

Those who want to increase lower body strength cant skip leg press exercise that is done on leg press machine. As you breathe in, slowly bring down the platform until your knees become perpendicular to your glutes. You need to breathe out while pushing the platform upward.

Hip Adductor

The adductor movement describes a lateral movement towards the mid-line of your body. This exercise is used to strengthen the inner thigh muscles.
The hip adductors are an intense muscle gather. They comprise of the Adductor Magnus, minimus, Brevis, and longus. The gracilis and pectineus muscles are incorporated. The adductor fibers are innervated by the obturator nerve (L2-L4) besides the pectineus that is innervated by the femoral nerve (L2-L4). The hip adductors work for five muscles that make up most of the internal thigh mass. The gracilis, pectineus and adductor longus are the most shallow adductor muscles.

Hip Abductor

These are the lateral movement away from the midline of your body or external or outward movements of your legs. This exercise works better for glutes and tensor fasciae late muscles. So, if you want to lift your butts then this probably be the best option available.

Basic Plank Hold

You can tone up your tummy by performing planks. Planks are good for strengthing all your abdominal muscles including core, obliques, transverse abdominus that helps in maintaining your posture. You can try out different plank positions like elbow planks, side planks, side planks with rotation, and elbow plank jacks. Get into the pushup position for basic plank, shoulders are aline with elbows, squeeze abdominal muscle but avoid arching in your lower back. Keep holding this position at least 30 seconds.

Squats with the Fit ball

Squats always helpful for building and strengthening quads muscles. While using a fit ball, you can tone up your arms too by keeping them extending.
Your feet hip-width apart, take the Fitball place it behind your back and slowly bring your glutes down like you are going to sit on a seat. Hunch down until your thighs are parallel with the floor, holding your back straight and abs in. Push move down through your heels to come back to the begin position.

Dorsal Raises

Dorsal raises works well for the lower back muscle. Lie down on your stomach with your hands slightly above your ears, drop your shoulders. Take a full breath in, lifting your trunk off the floor. Hold quickly, then getting lower to the floor breathing out.

Static Lunges

Static lunges work for the entire lower body, more importantly, calves muscles. Start with one foot forward, press it forward, keep your back straight by engaging core muscle, until the opposite knee touches the floor. Your front knee shouldn’t cross the toe of that foot.

Skull Crush

Skull Crush is the best exercise for reducing flab underarms. It greatly works for the triceps muscle. Lie on the flat bench, grab the EZ barbell, flex your elbows, slowly bring down the barbell towards your forehead, then extend your arms above your forehead.


Hence, It becomes necessary to follow proper workouts routines for a gorgeous, attractive and healthy body. Those who do not focus on Legs Bums and Tum workout routines always lack fitness and probably their body shapes do not look attractive. Giving 30 to 45 minutes to these workout routines on a regular basis may change the whole scenario.

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