Why Do People have Muscle Soreness after a Workout

Muscle pain is a common complaint that is suffered by the majority of people, once they are finished up with their particular workout session. There are a few different names that represent muscle pain as Muscle soreness and DOMS. Muscle pain is an entirely different phenomenon than Muscle Strain.

A muscle strain is a situation, which occurred due to damage of muscle or tear of the muscle. If you continue exerting pressure on that particular muscle, you ultimately impose the risk on surrounding vessels that cause bleeding and bruising.

Causes and Symptoms of Muscle Strain

It’s paramount to realize the causes and symptoms of muscle strain, ignoring muscle strain or thinking it as temporary pain can be harmful to your muscles in the long run. Few symptoms of a muscle strain include swelling, feeling pain even if you are not performing any task and weakness of the muscle. So, must aware of these symptoms. Seeks the doctor’s attention if the pain persists for longer than a day.

Understanding DOMS – Muscle Soreness after a Workout

DOMS means delayed onset muscle soreness. This muscle pain is not only particular to those people who like to go to the gym but also everyone who involves in any exercise program or workout plan can suffer this pain. DOMS usually occurs when you begin exercising, change your workout routine, the intensity of exercise and even time duration. At the start, muscles are not used to the new workout routine, but once you keep going with the same workout routine, you will get relief after a couple of days. This muscle pain starts appearing after 24  hours and lasts up to few workout sessions, but if it keeps going then, you may need to concern with your Gp.

Muscle Soreness relates to the repetition of one muscle by engaging in any physical activity over and again. There are different names of muscle soreness such as muscle injury, muscle cramps, muscle ache, muscle sickness, muscle tenderness, muscle strain and illness all are used in the same sense and having same meanings. People exactly should know whether they are in pain or having muscle soreness because if they are in pain and start treating of muscle soreness then they do not get benefits from that particular treatment.

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