8 Myths and Facts of Aerobic Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

How to Choose Aerobic Exercises

Slow twitch muscles fibers and fast twitch muscle fibers are two types of muscle fiber which handle the selection of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise. Slow twitch muscles are mainly responsible for aerobic exercises such as cardiovascular work on the treadmill, stepper, or bike. High twitch muscle fibers largely responsible for anaerobic training such as powerlifting, sprinting, shot putting and swinging of golf club.

Does high-impact exercise help weight reduction?

You can lose weight by making a calorie shortfall, blazing a greater number of calories than you take in, so undertaking exercises that smolder a lot of calories is a magnificent backup to a calorie controlled eating regimen to move those undesirable pounds.

For 60 minutes of moderate paced running can blaze around 300 calories. It can make a significant commitment towards accomplishing the vital calorie shortage to get more fit, or then again it can acquire you a bar of chocolate that you feel less regretful about eating. The normal grown-up male who doesn’t practice requires roughly 2,200 calories a day to keep up his normal weight.

Myths of Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss

Treadmill for weight loss
Treadmill for Running

MYTH: Aerobic exercises is the best way to control your weight.

Combining a conventional aerobic exercises program with a caloric restricted diet does little to help you preserve lean body mass during your weight trimming efforts.

MYTH: Aerobic exercises lift resting metabolic rate after exercise.

The amount of energy expended after an aerobic workout tends to be very minor. The total calories burned during recovery depends upon the intensity and the duration of the workout.

MYTH: More sweating results in a more fat loss.

If you exercise in extreme heat or humidity or “rubberized” clothing, you certainly will sweat profusely and reduce weight. This temporary weight loss represents only water loss, not lost fat.

Why Drinking Water is Good for an Athlete’s Health

MYTH: Exercising for a particular area may reduce your fat from that region.

When exercising, you utilize energy produced by metabolizing fat from all the regions of your body — not just the specific muscles involved in the workout.

MYTH:  Dairy products handle cellulite on thighs.

The activity of the fat promoting enzyme lipoprotein lipase is very high in the legs and hips that show a greater percentage of fat deposition in these areas.

MYTH: Working for higher intensity may trim down your more body fat.

Lower the intensity level at which you exercise, the body start consuming fat. A factor that determines the role of fat as a substrate during exercise is its availability to the muscle cell.

MYTH:  Appetite is reduced if you exercise aerobically.

Your level of caloric intake is usually unchanged or slightly increased in response to long-term aerobic exercises training.

MYTH: It is very difficult to stick with same weight throughout life.

There are 75% to 90% chances that those individuals who lose weight would regain their weight which they had lost one to three years of completing their diet.

Facts of Aerobic Exercises

People get less appreciation for working long hours as compared to lifting weights. But it is the fact that real fitness belongs to aerobic fitness. Many people assume that Aerobic exercises are special kind of training and only designed for particular individuals. Like athletes especially ‘runners,’ which spends countless hours on roads or streets to perform their activity or those who committed in a specific task. Unfortunately, they are at a mistake.

  • Aerobic Exercises can burn calories at a rate between 8 and 30 calories per minute. That’s a lot of glazed donuts!
  • Aerobic exercises whip the heart muscle into great shape. It increases oxygen capacity within the bloodstream by up to 20% within just 3-4 months.
  • Aerobic exercises seem to melt fat off the body when combined with a healthy diet, and a regular program of resistance training.
  • You will eat 25% and 30% more calories to maintain or lose weight if working out 5 times in a week.


We all should know exercise has a deep relation with a human body structure through metabolic responses. These metabolic responses occur in the body. You must choose Aerobic exercises sensibly if you want supreme output from your workout. There is nothing to hide about the exercise type and duration that is the priority of every exercise program.

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