Sports Injuries to Athletes – Precautions to Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

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Athletes of all ages receive many wellness remunerations from sports and other forms of physical workout. Physical exercise is compelling for good health. Sometimes, sports cause injuries and every athlete have to face those injuries. You should not consider those injuries lightly. As some sports injuries are serious, in fact, sometimes a person has to bear long-standing boundaries in the physical activity level.

Sports Injuries doesn’t sound pretty word for any player. It’s a nightmare for a player to get injured in any sports. In reality, injuries are the main part of any sports. So, one should train well to keep away from unwanted sports injuries. Players must aware of the possible injuries and their treatments. Getting injured is not a big issue but recovery is a primary concern, how anyone can recover quickly for the next day.

This article will explain, how a sports person can prevent himself from these sports injuries.

Possible Sports Injuries

These are the most unwanted injuries that players have to face during playing football.

Overuse Injuries

Anything which is involved more during playing results in overuse injuries.


It is traumatic brain injury results from striking together.

Heat Injuries

Temperature of body or external temperature adversely affects players performance

Hamstring Strain

Sprinting activities lead towards hamstring strain.

Sprained Ankle

If the ankle twists inward, soft tissue around the ankle gets damage.

Knee Cartilage Tear

Damage the meniscus within the knee.


When the stress occurs on the pelvic area while kicking and turning.

Leg injuries

Excessive running exerts pressure on leg muscles.

Shoulder injuries

Two players get collapsed, or even one is trying to defend another player.

Head injuries

Hitting football with head

Neck Injuries

Hitting the ball with the head also puts pressure on neck joints C1 to C7.

Hip Injuries

This type of injury can occur because of the bicycle kick.

Back Injuries

Excessive movements and continuous running and stress on the pelvic region may become the cause of back injuries.

Muscle Injuries

Dehydration is the main reason for muscle stiffness because of lack of oxygen in the body.

Right Equipment to Prevent Sports Injuries

Proper equipment and footwear are critical to Prevent Sports Injuries. For the exercise, you have to use the recommended safety equipment.

  • Racquet sports for eye protection for cycling helmets are necessary.
  • Be sure the equipment suits well and it must be in good conditions.
  • The shoes have two qualities in every season and for every occasion, it must be fit well and it fulfills the needs of your sports.


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Precautions to Prevent Sports Injuries

  • Just think about the exercise environment and possible dangers as well.
  • Some of them need accommodation in the case of Slippery or sticky playing surfaces.
  • In the form of heat, humidity, cold or lightning Athletes have to face the challenges.
  • The activity doesn’t end with the game or the practice. Every weekend if you play football but you are not exercising to condition your muscles but in the end, you will just gain aches and pains. To keep muscles strong and flexible physical activity is the requirement of the body. If you didn’t do exercise, then you don’t have the right to expect them to be ready.
  • Before rigorous activity warming up is necessary to avoid injury,  no matter how strong your muscles are.
  • For activity, light stretches and exercises ready the muscles by overwhelming them with fresh blood.
  • Every sport hits the particular areas of the body and makes injuries on the special part of the body. In the case of the Running joints and legs are affected.

Sports Injuries on Field

In the world, there are uncountable sports that are played according to people’s taste and preferences. But Football is number one in all sports. This particular game requires lots of stamina, power, and it involves lots of muscle movements during 90 minutes of playing. Players should know about possible injuries that may occur during playing football.

Pele Injuries

The king of football had to face many injuries in different world cups.

  • 1958 FIFA World Cup
  • Pele in Sweden sidetracked because of a Knee injury.
  • 1962 FIFA World Cup
  • He injured himself while attempting a long-range shot against Czechoslovakia.
  • 1966 FIFA World Cup
  • He again got injured and missed the second game against Hungary.

Famous Sports Injuries for England

  • David Beckham – 2002 – Broken Metatarsal
  • Wayne Rooney – 2006 – Broken Metatarsal
  • Ian Wright – 1998 – Hamstring

Football Sports Injuries During World Cup 2014

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Esteban Cambiasso
  • Ryad Boudebouz
  • Erik Lamela
  • Javier Pastore
  • Mustafa Amini
  • Colombia striker Radamel Falcao
  • German midfielder Marco Reus 
  • French winger Franck Ribery 

Famous Sports Injuries In Cricket

  • In the world of cricket, some tragic incidents occurred, and several players were injured but a few cases have been reported to be seriously injured after being hit by the ball when a player lost his life. We all know that there are lots of sports injuries incidents happened in the past, on the field or even off the field. But none of them got the dramatic end and resulted in the seriously painful event except Phil Hughes in this modern area.
  • In 1880, the English county of Nottingham England batsman George Sommers batting ball in the historical field coach died from wounds.
  • Pakistani wicket keeper Abdul died while playing in Karachi.
  • English county of Lancashire Ann Foley caught the ball in nineteen hundred existed slept the sleep of death.
  • 1990, Raman Lamba Indian batsman playing the field in Bangladesh Domestic match ball after being injured on the head.Raman Lamba, three days of life and death, died after being caught in the dilemma. Ball of fire accident has not only gripped the players but also perform duties bar old Empire lost their lives.

It is not difficult to get rid of injuries. Proper exercises and good nutrition always put positive influences on player’s performances. Staying positive on the field is also very important to cope with these sports injuries.


Dengue Fever Types Causes Symptoms and Treatment Awareness

Symptoms of Dengue Fever
Symptoms of Dengue Fever

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Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted by a mosquito and caused by any of the four related dengue viruses. It is also called “break bone” because it may cause severe joint and muscle pain. Female Aedes mosquitoes transmit dengue. Since no vaccine is available, prevention is the best remedy.


Dengue is one of the many viral diseases transmitted by mosquito. The disease commonly breaks out in explosive epidemics that spread with amazing rapidly as seen in the year 2011 in Lahore. The disease has affected all warm parts of the world such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Central Africa, Central America and China. It is a disease of monkeys transmitted to them by forest-dwelling mosquitoes.

Outbreaks in human population presumably began when some of these mosquitoes got the virus from monkeys and made way to human villages where they started breeding. Hence, infected persons carried disease to cities where Aedes took over as the vector.


Dengue geographically restricted until the middle 20th century. It was relatively a minor disease. During the 2nd World War Aedes mosquitoes “e.g., s “were transported around the world with cargo and thought to have played a crucial role in the spread of the virus. It was first properly documented in 1950’s during epidemics in the Philippines and Thailand. It is found persistently in the local population (endemic) in more than 100 countries in Asia, America, and Africa.


After an infected mosquito’s bite, an incubation period of different types of dengue fever are as follow:


These include:

  • Asymptomatic or Undifferentiated Fever
  • Dengue fever (D-F)
  • Dengue Hemorrhagic (fever DHF)
  • Dengue Shock Syndrome


This is a type of fever which represents flu-like symptoms with mild fever


The temperature rises above 102F with a severe headache, backache, joints pain, with nausea and vomiting.


It occurs in less than 5% of the patients. This is accompanied by extensive leakage of plasma. Very cases show bleeding from nose, gums, and rashes on the skin. There may be a decrease in heart rate, weak pulse, and cool extremities. There is a rapid decrease in white blood cell (WBC) and platelets. In some cases, this may lead to DSS.


When the patient experiences shock, he has gangue shock syndrome. Both DHF and DSS patient need hospital monitoring and intensive care strict.


Dengue fever is caused by one of four types of dengue virus DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3and DEN-4 which are called its serotypes.


It enters the skin of human beings through the saliva of infected female Aedes mosquito when it bites for a blood meal. It multiplies in the body cells such as WBCs and symptoms appear after 4-7 days.


When a female Aedes bites a patient, it acquires a virus. It multiplies in the body of the mosquito and is subsequently released to saliva. The virus does not cause any disease in mosquitoes.


The carrier of dengue virus is Aedes mosquito. It is black in color (up to 10mm in size) with the white spot on the body and legs and has shiny wings. Both the male and female mosquito feed on plant nectar but only the female can bite human beings as its mouth parts are designed for this purpose and bear style for sucking blood. The female mosquito needs to suck blood to lay eggs.


Aedes mosquito breeds in clean water which may accumulate in natural or artificial containers. The natural containers include tree holes, bamboo internodes, and leaves while artificial containers include discarded bottles, food packaging, ice cream cups, tools, toys, buckets, dishes,

Damaged appliances, discarded tires scrap cars, boats. Utensils, floors, water storage tanks, barrels, jars, pans, and buckets etc. are the favorable breeding places. In short, we should reduce every possibility of collection of water.


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Aedes mosquito itself does not have the ability to fly over the long distance. The rapid rise in trade and travel across the world resulted in outbreaks of dengue epidemic in areas where it was previously absent (but the vector Aedes is present) and can also be transmitted through blood transfusion and organ transplant.


The following measurements can be taken:


  • People can prevent mosquitos bite by wearing clothes that fully cover the skin.
  • Use mosquito nets which are sprayed with insecticide.
  • Apply mosquito repellents.


Controlled spraying of each part of the house, under the furniture, behind the curtains, dark corners, stores and removing all junks items will eliminate the breeding haven.


An Epidemic can be prevented or controlled by well-coordinated community efforts by increasing the awareness about dengue fever. People should learn to recognize and differentiate between three different stages of dengue fever (DF, DHF, and DDS). They should also be able to differentiate between the Aedes mosquitoes and Anopheles, their breeding sites and way transmission of dengue virus. They should be aware of the control measures.

Awareness message can be given to the masses through print and electronic media i.e. radio, T V newspaper etc. Teacher should also play their positive role by informing their students about all factors involved in a spread of the disease, and about its control.


The biological control is being favored because of its harmless nature. Therefore, the use of natural enemies for the control of this disease is imperative.

  • Many birds prey on mosquitoes
  • Wall lizards, jumping spiders destroy a number of mosquitoes.
  • Certain fish are a natural predator of mosquito’s larva in ponds.
  • Larva of other insects also feeds on the larva of mosquitoes.



  • A Family doctor should be consulted as no medication is available.
  • Paracetamol should be taken to control fever. Drugs like aspirin and brufen should be strictly avoided.
  • The patient should use plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration.
  • After, 3 or more days should consult the doctor.
  • If the patient feels worse he should be shifted to the hospital immediately for treatment.


GOVT. of the Punjab responded promptly to the epidemic Avery active multidirectional campaign was started to keep the disease under control. Teacher, .students, doctors, paramedical staff, several GOVT. department and public representatives headed by the Chief Ministers Punjab took part in this dengue fever campaign.


9 Essential Aromatherapy Oils for Skin Treatment

Aromatherapy oils
Aromatherapy oils

We will discuss various oils and their benefits that are used in an aromatherapy bath. For some people process of fighting, aging is unfeasible and challenging. It is easier for you if you make out the well-known notion of “aging with grace”. For the wrinkles, free skin what is to be done that helpful for us and we hide the wrinkles. To protect the skin and get rid of wrinkles there are few natural methods such as fruits and aromatherapy oil treatments.

Causes of Skin Damage

The upper epidermal layer cells lose their elasticity as we have grown up. It becomes shrill and starts losing moisture. Due to depleting amounts of collagen the layers below lose elasticity, in that case, skin display wrinkles, becomes dry and sags. Due to facial motion wrinkles are still controllable. Proper moisturizing and cleansing are the skin needs after 40. To penetrate the skin deeply Aromatherapy, with its reliance on plant oils is prime important. For a longer period, it helps regarding give back youthful vigor into dull, dry skin

Aromatherapy Oils for Skin Treatment

Have a closer look on the oils mentioned below and Skin benefits are associated with them

  • Lavender helps you to rejuvenate the tired skin as soothing oil.
  • In the nourishing aging skin, another major essential oil that works wonders is Frankincense. It also reduces the wrinkles.
  • As a natural anti-aging agent, Myrrh is a part of famous perfumes and creams. Erase wrinkles massaging myrrh oil regularly is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Into dry, aged skin Pomegranate seed oil give a glow. Its manifold benefits work as an anti-aging agent.
  • To smooth out fine lines and wrinkles Sandalwood oil is famous and it’s the choice of the professionals. For the generation of new skin cells, Sandalwood oil is safe to use.
  • Your skin will be hydrated, and feeling fresh if you use the Neroli oil. To maintain skin elasticity Neroli oil is vital on a daily basis.
  • Clary sages  It combines with moisturizers to tighten the skin.
  • Maintains moisture and raises blood circulation and skin elasticity Geranium oil is the best choice.
  • Due to the potent antioxidant properties Grape seed oil, is useful for aging such as wrinkles.

When anyone is looking to have an aromatherapy bath, above-listed essential oils are imaginary choices. There are many more effective aromatherapy oils that can add to the list.

These Aromatherapy Oils are best choices for skin treatment and also useful for reducing depression and promotes sound sleep.

Health Benefits for a Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding Positions
Breastfeeding Positions

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It becomes mother responsibility to feed her baby and make baby fit and healthy during its initial stages when it needs proper nutrition. Many mothers get satisfaction and feel enjoyment by developing an emotional relationship with a child by breastfeeding activity. Breastfeeding is having numerous healthy impacts on both women as well as a child’s health. These benefits come in the form of good IQ level for children and reducing lots of diseases for a mother as well.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mother’s Health

Breastfeeding mothers can enjoy plenty of health advantages that includes

  • Psychological benefits
  • Reduced risk of various cancers
  • Lower Heart Disease because of a decrease in weight and controlled sugar level.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Reduces cardiovascular disease

Breastfeeding is a superb present for you and also the infant.

Arrival of Good Hormones

Many moms feel satisfaction and happiness from the physical and passionate fellowship they involvement with their youngster while nursing. These emotions are expanded by the arrival of hormones, for example,

  • Prolactin: Produces a smooth, sustaining vibe that permits you to unwind and concentrate on your kid.
  • Oxytocin: Promotes a solid feeling of adoration and connection among you.

These lovely emotions might be one reason such a large number of ladies who have breastfed their first youngster breastfeed the kids who take after.

Medical advantages

Breastfeeding gives medical advantages to moms past passionate fulfillment.

  • Mothers who breastfeed recuperate from labor all the more rapidly and effortlessly. The hormone oxytocin, discharged amid breastfeeding, acts to give back the uterus to its customary size all the more rapidly and can diminish baby blues dying.
  • Studies demonstrate that ladies who have breastfed encounter decreased rates of bosom and ovarian tumor sometime down the road.
  • Some think about having found that breastfeeding may lower the danger of creating type 2 Diabetes, rheumatoid joint pain, and cardiovascular sickness, including hypertension and elevated cholesterol.

Functional Added Bonuses

There are many handy points of interest to breastfeeding too, rewards the whole family can appreciate.

  • It’s brilliant, as well, to have the capacity to get the child and go out, regardless of whether around town or on longer outings, without carrying a sack loaded with nourishing gear.
  • Breastfeeding is additionally useful for the earth since there are no jugs to wash or recipe jars to discard.


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How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

One of the most debating issues belongs to a mother fitness after pregnancy. Every mother wants to reduce weight immediately to have the same kind of body fitness and looks prior to pregnancy. Hence breastfeeding plays and important role to reduce weight because it consumes 20 calories for producing 1-ounce milk and for a single day it requires 200 to 500 calories for milk production.

Some health professionals assume that breastfeeding mothers may have a higher risk of osteoporosis because mothers lose calcium while lactating but recent studies show that breastfeeding mothers have more bone density and therefore, having a lower risk of osteoporosis.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding is a cheap method. Otherwise, the cost of other methods for six months ranges up to 500 to 600 dollars.
  • It is available at every time and controlled temperature.
  • It saves time because there is no need to buy warm bottles and sterilize nipples.

Breastfeeding Tips

How does breastfeeding techniques help you to feed your baby properly? These techniques and tips include the followings;

  • Are you comfortable?
  • Baby’s head and body should be straight in line.
  • The baby should close to you.
  • Baby’s nose opposite to your nipple.
  • Support your breast.
  • Support your baby.
  • Vary your routine.
  • Relax, and then nurse.
  • Time to stop.

Breastfeeding Positions

  • Elbows Bent for Twins Feeding Together
  • The Cradle Hold
  • The Cross-cradle Hold
  • Football hold
  • A lying position


  •  It is imperative to provide a healthy environment for your baby while you are feeding
  •  The room should be warm.
  • Always keep the bottle of water or any drink.
  • You must have a pair of pillows to give proper support your baby and yourself. Small breast mothers can keep a pillow on their laps to bring babies closer to the breast.
  • Choose the right positions according to situations.

 Precautions during Breastfeeding

  • Avoid bending your baby for feeding.
  • Do not hold your baby’s head when you start nursing.
  • Do not pull out your baby when you are done with feeding. In fact, place your little finger on the side of mouth corner between gums and gradually pull out.

Although breastfeeding is a natural process, awareness of breastfeeding techniques can help your baby to feed properly.


Always Think About your Baby Fitness

Baby Fitness
Keep your baby smiling

Baby Fitness

‘Love your baby but do not hurt your baby’.

Physical fitness is the basis of the dynamic and creative intellectual activity. The most sensitive and caring issues are how to keep your baby healthy and physically fit. Although diet plays an important role to keep your baby active, on the other hand, there is another issue which is practically disregarded by everybody. This issue is about how to carry or lift your baby because unconsciously we hurt our baby when we lift it up.

These are the following noticeable harmful ways for baby body fitness during lifting and carrying him.

Wrong ways of carrying or playing with a baby

  • Baby joints are very sensitive. When we lift it up by holding its hands is an absolutely wrong way because the whole body weight keeps downward and it is just like we are dragging something. This way can damage shoulder joint and even put stress on his wrist and elbow joint.
  • Playing with the baby is having a good impact on its overall body fitness but you should keep in mind these few precautions. First to keep safe it from any kind of stress and injuries. For example, we like to swing our baby by holding his both hands to please it but it becomes the worst scenario because unconsciously we hurt our baby by putting stress on deltoids and shoulders.

Take Care of Baby Fitness: The Right Ways of Carrying, Lifting and Holding a Baby

A good approach always keeps your baby settle in comfortable position.

Wearing Your Baby

Probably, it sounds funny ‘wearing your baby’ but it actually means how can your carry your baby while doing your work. You can lift and carry your baby to your front side and even on the back side too.

Holding from a Rib Portion

It is a good way to hold your baby first from his rib portion then lift upward because when you lift your baby from the ribs you do not exert any extra stress on a particular joint.

Individuals receive diverse styles and systems to lift and conveying their babies as per their availabilities such as woven wraps, back wrap cross carry, secure high back carry, front carry (facing forward), Hip carry and Do it all carries.  The right ways of lifting and carrying your baby are also important for your own health, especially for a mother. It’s true at initial stages your child wants more physically attachments and you have to hold, lift and cuddle all the times but later on, you must be careful because your baby weight increases rapidly and daily lifting of your babies with wrong ways can affect your health such as back pain due to a wrong posture. It is better to follow proper ways to keep you and your child healthy. The correct methods for lifting and carrying your child are likewise imperative for your safety, particularly for a mother. It’s valid at starting stages your baby needs more physical connection, and you need to hold, lift and nestle every time.

Best Pregnancy Exercises During All Trimesters for a Fit Pregnancy

 Pregnancy Exercises
Pregnancy Exercises

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For all of your adult life, you’ve possibly been conscious that exercise whether or not which means a yoga elegance, bike ride or run can help you reduce pounds, as well as aid, prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Reduce hazard of pregnancy headaches: in single 2012 observe, girls who participated in fitness programs four times per week were less possibly to develop gestational diabetes and less probable to have unplanned cesarean sections than folks who didn’t exercise.

Decreased odds of movement complications: In every other observer of women in Spain, girls who exercised three times per week gained much less weight in the course of being pregnant and were much less likely to have macrosomic infants.

Exercise offers uncountable health benefits to everyone but here we will learn about the importance of pregnancy exercises for the pregnant woman. But if you want to get rid of mummy tummy quickly then you have to consider healthy diets as well.

Exercises     Health Benefits
Kegel Exercises  Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles
Swimming Keep Body Toned without Adding Stress
Walking Full Body
Running and Jogging Cardiovascular Health, Lower Blood Pressure
Bicycling Supports your Weight
Stair Climbing Machines Raise Heart Rate
Yoga Decreasing Stress
Aerobics Increase Stamina for Labor and Delivery
Dance  Get Rid of Pregnancy-Related Discomforts

Here is a list of pregnancy exercises, which are classified according to different pregnancy phases.

Pregnancy Exercises First Trimester

First, three months of pregnancy are most important because the body starts changes during this period. So, women should focus on these following pregnancy exercises.

Bird Dog

  • Preserve your center tight during the movement. Maintain your back and neck in a straight line through your heels. Don’t rotate the torso. Your knee can brush the floor while you come lower back in, but don’t come to a complete prevent.

Bridge Pose

  • Sleep facing up with knees bent and feet flat on the ground, barely wider than hip distance apart; vicinity your hands comfortable at your aspects, arms up. Exhale and press your lower back to the floor. Curl your tailbone underneath, peeling your spine far from the floor, lifting your buttocks till you return to relaxation to your top lower back. Hold your pelvis curled below and your decrease lowers back long.

Side Plank

  • Facet plank pose, you kneel on all fours together with your wrists stacked without delay below your shoulders and your knees immediately under your hips, and shins and fit amplify at the back of you. Step returned together with your proper foot after which your left foot, urgent your feet firmly on the floor. Keep your neck in neutral, respiration deeply as you maintain the pose for 3 to five breaths. Take a smash and repeat the exercising as preferred.


  • Planks are a sort of yoga pose that exercises the core muscle mass, mainly focused on the abdominals. Resistance training, along with the plank pose, is not simplest a safe way to live in shape during pregnancy, however, can also help reduce the aches and pains associated with being pregnant.

Child Pose

  • In case you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you likely love toddler’s pose as it indicates a quick wreck from all of the robust paintings. While you’re pregnant, it is vital to take the time to rest and regroup. When in toddler’s pose, focusing on relaxing the face and respiratory deeply into the back, two vital instructions to keep in mind in between contractions!

Seated Hamstring Stretch

  • Stretching is just as critical as strengthening for the prevention and control of back pain at some stage in pregnancy and ought to no longer be unnoticed. You may additionally enhance your flexibility through stretching. Therefore, it’s far a critical a part of your exercising habitual.

Mermaid Stretch

  • The Mermaid Stretch is an outstanding exercising. Normally, it unilaterally stretches and engages your intercostals muscle mass, which are primary respiratory muscle tissues, your back extensor muscle tissue, and your Quadrates Lomborum. There is additionally a minimum stomach engagement to preserve the integrity of the torso.


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Pregnancy Workouts Second Trimester

Which are the best pregnancy exercises during a second trimester?

Single Leg Squat

  • Dissimilar-Leg Squat with Towel: Stand together with your ft together and region your right foot on top of a folded towel. Shifting your weight onto your left leg, slide the towel out slowly to your right, and then slowly return to the start role. You may work this faucet for 30 seconds before switching. Maintain your elbows bent, and your fists collectively close to your chin.

Hamstring Curl With Exercise Ball

  • The hamstring curl with balance ball utilizes a guide to improve the legs and hips off the ground. This leg exercise additionally works the back muscle mass. Begin a position as shown through mendacity on the floor, lower back of calves resting against the ball. Raise butt off floor via lifting hips in the direction of the ceiling. Pull the ball in together with your toes. Push the ball returned out. Return to start role.

Leg Extension

  • The leg extension is a resistance weight schooling exercising that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs. It is not a complete leg workout, along with the squat or deadlift. The exercise entails of twisting the leg of the knee and increasing the legs, then reducing them returned to the unique role.

Low Step-Up

  • The step-up is an all in one exercise, which works on the lower-body muscular tissues. It is a superb power exercising since it mimics an actual-life motion, making it more functional than different decrease-frame energy activities. The step-up has several versions, so you can include it for your lower frame application often and nevertheless maintain your ordinary sparkling.

Lateral Resistance Band Step

  • Beginning at each end of the band anchored around a desk-bound item stands on the band. The toes ought to be together and you ought to have a slight bend in the knees and at the hips with the frame at about the identical attitude because of the decrease leg. You have to twist the elbows and the shoulders open, attractive into the again to hold an upright posture and neutral spine.

Hips Extension Glute Kicks

  • Begin in a quadruped function along with your arms underneath shoulders, knees beneath your hips, and returned straight. Lift one leg again and up as excessive as you may cross. Lower it momentarily close to the ground then go back it back up. Do approximately 12 reps on a single leg, return it to the floor, and repeat on the opposite aspect.

Instructions need to follow for pregnancy exercises during the second trimester:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Pre and post workout diet
  • No lying on your back
  • Lift less than 30-40 pounds
  • Heart rate should restrict to 140
  • Do not start anything new
  • Take plenty of water
  • Do circuit training


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Pregnancy Exercises Third Trimester

The last three months of pregnancy are almost equally important to others two trimesters. Here is a list of pregnancy exercises, which are safe during the third trimester.

Resistance Band Front Raise

  • The front boost exercising may be completed with a band, as proven here, or weights including dumbbells. It assists to enhance the shoulder muscles, especially the Deltoid.

Resistance Band Lateral Steps

  • Despite the fact that the lateral band on foot workout seems pretty strange, this workout is a super way to improve hip stability, strengthen the hip abductors, especially the glute medius and boom balance of the knee joint.

Seated Dumbbell Row On Stability Ball

  • Begin with hips to decrease torso onto thighs. Maintain weights near the floor, palms facing body, with palms extended without delay below the shoulders. Squeeze shoulder blades collectively and bends elbows about 90 degrees to lift weights away from the floor. Slowly return weights to beginning a position with the aid of straightening hands back down.

Seated Over Head Triceps Extension

  • Do the 2 arm dumbbell extension with the aid of sitting on a 90 diploma bench holding a dumbbell on top of your head using both fingers. Make certain that the dumbbell is at ease by way of keeping it with both arms facing upward. Maintain your head up and eyes were dealing with forward, slowly lower the dumbbell in the back of your head as a long way as viable, moving best at your elbow joints.

Biceps Curl

  • The dumbbell biceps twist exercise helps the biceps and the muscle mass you rely upon to carry heavy gadgets and appearance fawn in sleeve free shirts. Use warning if you have lower-back or elbow troubles.

Triceps Kickback

  • The triceps kickback exercising works your triceps, which help the chest in just about every pushing movement. Use caution when doing this flow if you’ve elbow or lower-returned problems.

Women should engage themselves in different exercises program to get long-term health benefits. These step by step guidelines for pregnancy exercises will surely help you to boost your fitness level.


Is It Good Idea to Perform Full Body Free Weight Exercises for Toning up Muscles

Full Body Free Weight Exercises
Full Body Free Weight Exercises

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The development of strength involves the selection of appropriate exercises and proper execution of these selected exercises is imperative to get productive results. It entirely depends on your choice how do you want to do your exercises. You have two options to perform these exercises i.e ‘free weights’ and the other option ‘with the help of machines’. Both ways of doing exercises having their own health benefits. Here we will discuss which free weight exercises are best for developing your upper and lower body muscles and no doubt these free weight exercises are also best for weight loss.

Upper Body Free Weight Exercises

You can use dumbbells and barbells and as well as your own body weights for performing resistance training exercises for your upper body. You can also do push-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups and even stretching. These exercises are equally important for women to melt down fat from their breasts. There also few more exercises that will help to get attractive and toned breasts.

Bench Press

  • Set down on a flat bench
  • Grip the bar firmly with hands outside shoulder
  • Keep the wrist straight
  • Lower the barbell until just above the chest
  • Extend the elbows to return to the start

Dumbbell Flyes

  • Hold the dumbbells in both hands.
  • Put down yourself on a flat bench with the upper body fully supported on it.
  • Raise the dumbbells above the chest with an elbow slightly bend.
  • Lower the dumbbells until both hands are at bench level.

Shoulder Press

  • Sit with feet apart at shoulder distance.
  • Position dumbbells about ear height.
  • Raise overhead until arms get fully extended.

Lateral Raise

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Place the dumbbells on the sides of thighs with slightly flexed elbows.
  • Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height.
  • Rotate dumbbells to keep parallel to the floor.

Upright Row

  • Stand with feet just outside hip width apart.
  • Lift the barbell with close hand grip up to chest height.
  • Keep the elbows higher than the hands.

Front Raise

  • Feet apart slightly wider than the shoulder.
  • Hold dumbbells in front of thighs.
  • Raise weights up to shoulder height.

Single Arm Row

  • Place the knee and hold the dumbbell on the same side.
  • Keep the chest outward.
  • Raise the dumbbell directly up towards the armpit.
  • The elbow should be closer to the body.

Bent Arm Pullover

  • Laid down on a flat bench.
  • Hold a dumbbell with both hands.
  • Position dumbbell with elbow slightly bent up to 90 degrees.
  • Move downward until arms are parallel to the torso.

Prone Flyes

  • Laid down on an inclined bench back towards the ceiling.
  • Grasp dumbbells with both hands with palms inwards.
  • Raise the dumbbells directly out to the side until level with the shoulders.

Barbell Biceps Curl

  • Standing with the feet hip width apart.
  • Hold the barbell with shoulders width grip at arm’s length.
  • Raise towards the chest and slightly downwards without locking out the elbows.

Free weight exercises work for stabilizer muscles.


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Lower Body Free Weight Exercises

Lower body exercises are extremely hard as compared to upper body exercises but you can’t deny the importance of lower body exercises when it comes to sculpting your full body, boosting your stamina, increasing your strength, and also a symmetry of your body.

Back Squat 

Squats provide numerous benefits, which include increased flexibility, built the stronger lower body, greater core stability, and increased hormone release.

  • Place bar across upper back
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Slowly downwards
  • Push through the ground keeping chest lifted
  • Keep knees in line with toes and heels down

Forward Lunge

This exercise is known as multi-joint exercise. It is suitable for enhancing core strength and hips flexibility.

According to the American Council on Exercise, lunges are one of the most effective lower-body exercises and are right up there with squats, step-ups and quadruped and four-way hip extensions

  • Stand straight keeping dumbbells in both hands
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Keep the chest lifted
  • Lunge forward using alternate legs, flexing the knees until leading leg knee is roughly at a right angle.
  • Keep knees in line with toes and heels down

Dead Lift

Dead Lifting will strengthen the entire back, and it’s surrounding muscles. It also builds core stability, increased fat burning, maintain good posture and increases cardiovascular performance.

  • Barbell resting on the floor
  • Place feet under the barbell, so shins are lightly touching
  • Grip wider than shoulder
  • Lift bar from the floor by raising the hips and shoulders
  • As the bar passes the knees drive the hips forward to stand up straight

Advantages of Free Weight Exercises

  • No matter how many times you lift a barbell or dumbbell.
  • You can easily develop your smaller synergetic muscles and stabilizer muscles.
  • You can lift dumbbells and barbell easily and can also move wherever you want.
  • Barbells and dumbbells are cheaper.
  • Increase power and boost your strength through the use of weights.

Hence, don’t forget about consistency, you need to perform free weight exercises on a regular basis to gain maximum fitness boost.


5 Fruits for a Shining and Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin
Glowing Skin

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It’s a human desire to look more attractive, beautiful and charming, especially when it comes to attraction then how we can ignore the importance of glowing skin. Women always try to apply different methods and treatments for their skin such as beauty products, facials to make it smooth but they are not aware of the value of natural remedy which they can get from the fruits.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Tell-tale signs of skin aging are Dry skin. Natural acids of our skin lose as we grown-up. Collagen is a complex protein and natural acids supply moisture to collagen. We have to face faster skin aging process in the case of dry skin condition.

Steps to Slow Down Dry Skin Process

The Natural course of aging will be slow down if you follow some steps. Have a look at these tips.

  • Keep the skin hydrated to prevent the dry skin.
  • Apply the right moisturizer after taking a shower.
  • After taking a bath, you can use the right moisturizer, according to your skin need.
  • After taking the bath use the moisturizer immediately.

Diet for Dry Skin

  • Ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Manuka and Honey are the parts of the good moisturizer.
  • Cut off the junk food from your diet and add healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Salt and additives include in the Junk foods. At a time, Salt holds on to two water molecules. You experience dry skin condition because the water supply to the skin is stopped.
  • Eat the food that contains omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Fruits that includes fibers are also good for your skin and hairs. To flush out toxins Fibers can help you.

Useful Role of Water for Dry Skin

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. By drinking water, you can quickly replenish fluid in your system. A minimum of 1 liter of water is very important for everyone.

Scrub Uses for Dry Skin

  • On the surface of your skin, dead skin cells always store. Due to the Dead skin cell, the cream didn’t absorb into your skin. A mild exfoliating scrub also suitable for every skin type. Mix oatmeal and honey. Dead skin cells can slough off with Oatmeal on the other side honey help you to hydrate your skin deep down.

Precautions for Getting Rid of Dry Skin

If you really want to get rid your dry skin, then there are so many ways to adopt.

  • Avoid overusing soaps and gels mild soap is always best for the usage. The soft soap also settles down your skin pH.
  • Do not need to take a shower more than once a day and avoid hot water during the shower.
  • Gently dab the skin after taking a bath.
  • Do not overexpose your skin to the sun and especially in the summers. Sometimes, you have to face wrinkles, skin cancer, and dry skin due to ultraviolet rays.


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How to Get Glowing Skin in 2 Weeks

Let’s have a look at glowing skin secrets!


  • The primary sources of banana are potassium, magnesium, and iron.
  • Bananas work as an anti-aging agent due to rich in vitamin A, B, and E.

Banana Treatment 

  • A fresh mashed banana facial can do marvels for your skin.


  • Lemon juice will keep your skin beautiful with its vitamin C content which boosts collagen production.
  • It is a natural Energizer, boost the immune system, throughout unwanted materials from the body, cure throat infection, solve the respiratory problem and reduce fever.
  • Lemon does not use only for skin treatments but also, it widely uses in aromatherapy and cleaning agent.

Lemon Treatment

  • Rub the inside of a lemon peel on your elbow remove dark spots.
  • Mix lemon and honey and use it as natural bleach on your skin.
  • A glass of warm water with a tea spun of honey and a few drops of lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning is an excellent skin cleanser.
  • Few drops of the lemon mix with few drops of coconut water work as a clarifying moisturizer because coconut water keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Antibacterial quality can help treat acne. Mix honey with lemon and scrub on your face for few minutes then wash with cold water.
  •  Mix baking soda with lemon is the right solution for white teeth.
  • Apply few drops on lips at bedtime and wash in the morning. It will keep alive your dead cells.
  • Lemon juice with olive oil then soaks your nails.
  • Coarse sea salt, lemon, peppermint essential oil make a mixture and apply.
  • Add lemon in warm water with honey and take it in the morning it helps in reducing weight.


  • Apple prevents cell and tissue damage because of the antioxidant property.
  • Apple’s having collagen that helps to keep the skin young and attractive.

Apple Treatment

  • Applying a mixture of mashed apple, honey rose water and oatmeal can act as a great exfoliating mask for your skin.


  • Rich in vitamin C that improves skin texture.
  • Like apple, orange also contains collagen that slows skin aging process.

Orange Treatment

  • Rub the insides of orange on your skin to tighten the skin.
  • Oranges can be dried and powdered and used as a natural scrub.
  • Like lemon, oranges also help to make skin blemishes.


  • Papayas are rich in antioxidants and contain a unique enzyme called papain. It can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities.

Papaya Treatment

  • A glass of papaya milk or just applying the flesh of papaya on your skin can do wonders for your skin.

Fruits are the best natural medicine for a glowing skin. Adding fruits on a daily basis provides you essential nutrients for your body.