Phil Hughes Death The Biggest Incident in Sports

Phil Hughes Death

Phil Hughes death the biggest incident in sports

In the world of cricket some tragic incidents occurred, and several players were injured but a few cases have been reported to be seriously injured after being hit by the ball when a player lives are lost. We all know that there are lots of sports injuries incidents happened in the past, on the field or even off the field. But none of them got the dramatic end and resulted in the seriously painful event except Phil Hughes in this modern area.

Few Famous incidents in cricket history

  1. In 1880, the English county of Nottingham England batsman George Sommers batting ball in the historical field coach died from wounds.
  2. Pakistani wicket keeper Abdul died while playing in Karachi.
  3. English county of Lancashire Ann Foley caught the ball in nineteen hundred existed slept the sleep of death.
  4. 1990,  Raman Lamba Indian batsman playing the field in Bangladesh Domestic match ball after being injured on the head.Raman Lamba, three days of life and death, died after being caught in the dilemma. Ball of fire accident has not only gripped the players, but also perform duties bar old Empire lost their lives.
Phil Hughes death
Phil Hughes death

27 November, 2014 becomes the saddest and the most shocking day in the history of all sports as Phil Hughes Australian left-handed international batsman has passed away at the age of 25 because of the severe head injury which occurred couple of days before while playing domestic cricket at SCG. He was brutally bouncer by Sean Abbot.

After this incident, ICC will think about what would be the best option for players to stay away from bouncer we can’t forget those great West Indies batsmen who faced bouncer without even wearing helmets. But now players will keep in mind that how much it could be worse happening if they bat on without properly equipped.

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