How to Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy Diet during All Trimesters

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

There is no hidden truth about the benefits of a balanced diet on a healthy lifestyle but these benefits get more crucial when it comes to Pregnancy diet. Although the basic diet’s rules remain the same but need more attentions during pregnancy because if mother’s diet is not up to the nutritious requirements then it would be harmful to both mother’s and baby’s health. AcIt’slly, Its a mother responsibility to learn which nutrients her body needs for the healthy development of a baby and which foods would be helpful to give her right nutrients amount.

There is a question in everyone’s mind that why should they need to diet? What are the possible benefits and how you can grab these benefit?  Similarly, a pregnant woman also thinks that does healthy diet matter for her and for a baby and if she does not eat balanced food then what kind of complications she would face in the future.

Foods during Pregnancy

Pregnancy diet should include these essential sources during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester. Each phase is crucial for the growth and development of a baby. So, if a mother wants a healthy baby, then she should focus on these foods throughout pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet Chart

These essential vitamins and minerals should take when you follow any plan for healthy pregnancy diet. You must design your pregnancy diet plan in such a way that any healthy food you eat must be full of essential nutrients and will contribute maximum for both of your’s health.

Foods 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester Purpose
Rich in Folate Tick Baby’s developing nervous system
Vitamin B6 Tick Morning sickness (nausea and vomiting in pregnancy)
Iron Tick Keep you well as blood volume increases.
Calcium & Vitamin D Tick Baby grow strong bones and teeth
Omega 3 fatty acids Tick Baby’s brain development
Iron Tick Red blood cells for your growing baby.
Vitamin K Tick Energy boost, Birth and Breastfeeding, Helps to Blood Clot.
Iron Tick Red blood cells for your growing baby.

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