Sports Injuries to Athletes – Precautions to Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Athletes of all ages receive many remunerations from sports and other forms of physical workout. Sometimes, sports cause injuries, and unfortunately, almost every athlete has to face those injuries. He should not take the injuries lightly.

Sports Injuries don’t sound good for an athlete. It’s a nightmare for him to get injured during the match. In reality, injuries are the main part of sports but one should train accordingly to keep away himself from unwanted sports concerns. Actually, players must aware of the possible injuries, and their treatments.

This article will explain, how a sportsperson can prevent himself from these sports injuries.

How Do Sports Injuries Occur

These are the most unwanted injuries that players have to face


It is traumatic brain injury results by striking together.

Heat Injuries

The temperature of the body or external temperature affects players performances.

Hamstring Strain

Sprinting sports lead to a hamstring strain.

Sprained Ankle

If the ankle is twisted inward, soft tissue around the ankle gets damage.

Knee Cartilage Tear

Damage the meniscus in the knee.


When the stress occurs in the pelvic areas by kicking and turning.

Leg injuries

Excessive running exerts pressure on leg muscles.

Shoulder injuries

Two players get collapsed, or even one is trying to defend another player.

Neck Injuries

Hitting the ball with the head puts pressure on neck joints C1 to C7.

Hip Injuries

This type of injury can occur because of a bicycle kick.

Back Injuries

Excessive movements and continuous running and stress on the pelvis may become the cause of back injuries.

Muscle Injuries

Dehydration is the main reason for muscle stiffness because of the lack of oxygen in the body.

Right Equipment to Prevent Sports Injuries

Proper equipment and footwears are critical to Prevent Sports Injuries. For the exercise, you have to use the recommended safety equipment.

Racquet sports for eye protection for cycling helmets are necessary.

The shoes should have two qualities in every season, it must be fit and it fulfills the needs of your sports.

Precautions to Prevent Sports Injuries

Just think about the exercise environment.

Some of them need accommodation in the Slippery or sticky playing surfaces.

In the form of heat, humidity, cold or lightning Athletes have to face the challenges.

Light exercises ready the muscles by overwhelming them with fresh blood.

Every sport hits the particular areas of the body and makes injuries on the special part of the body. In the Running joints and legs are affected.

Sports Injuries on Field

In the world, there are uncountable sports that are played according to people’s tastes and preferences. But Football is number one in all sports. This particular game requires lots of stamina, power, and it involves lots of muscle movements for 90 minutes of playing. Players should know about possible injuries that may occur during playing football.

Pele Injuries

The king of football had to face many injuries in different world cups.

1958 FIFA World Cup
Pele in Sweden sidetracked because of a knee injury.
1962 FIFA World Cup
He injured himself while trying a long-range shot against Czechoslovakia.
1966 FIFA World Cup
He again got injured and missed the second game against Hungary.

Famous Sports Injuries for England

David Beckham – 2002 – Broken Metatarsal
Wayne Rooney – 2006 – Broken Metatarsal
Ian Wright – 1998 – Hamstring

Football Sports Injuries During World Cup 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo
Esteban Cambiasso
Ryad Boudebouz
Erik Lamela
Javier Pastore
Mustafa Amini
Colombia striker Radamel Falcao
German midfielder Marco Reus
French winger Franck Ribery

Famous Sports Injuries In Cricket

In the world of cricket, some tragic incidents occur and several players were injured but a few cases have been reported to be seriously injured after being hit by the ball when a player lost his life. We all know that there are lots of sports injuries incidents happened in the past, on the field or even off the field. But none of them got the dramatic end and resulted in the seriously painful incident.
In 1880, the English county of Nottingham England batsman George Sommers batting ball in the historical field coach died from wounds.
Pakistani wicket-keeper Abdul died while playing in Karachi.
English county of Lancashire Ann Foley caught the ball in 900 existed slept the sleep of death.
1990, Raman Lamba Indian batsman playing the field in Bangladesh Domestic match ball after being injured on the head. Raman Lamba, three days of life and death, died after being caught in the dilemma. Ball of fire accident has not only gripped the players but perform duties bar old Empire lost their lives.


It is not difficult to get rid of injuries. Proper exercise and good nutrition always put a positive influence on the player’s performance. Staying positive in the field is important to cope with these sports injuries.

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