All You Need to Know About Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

Protein is the building block of life, helps in the formation, growth, and maintenance of bone, muscle, skin, hormones, and other compounds in the human body. Nature provides us with rich sources of protein to sustain the body; however, in cases of strenuous physical activity, a protein supplement comes to the rescue as an easy and convenient source of high-quality proteins. Some commonly used types of protein powders include whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, hemp protein, and pea protein, the latter three being vegan, plant-based sources of protein.

Why You Should Choose Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

As an athlete who prefers a protein supplement today, different brands confuse them with a variety of options available. However, what makes Quest nutrition protein powder stand apart is its mission to provide cutting edge products backed by science. Powered by complete dairy-based proteins, this product provides you with the full amino acid profile for optimal results. The custom additions of flavors ensure that your net carbohydrates and sugar intake are at check without compromising on taste. 

Variants and Ingredients

Using only FDA approved fibers, quest nutrition protein powder only uses cutting edge ingredients that help improve metabolic functions. Some of these include high quality, dairy-based protein isolates, slow-acting water-soluble casein, natural flavors, water-soluble fibers, low-calorie natural sweeteners, and a heap of goodness. A scoop of quest protein powder contains 20 gm of protein, 2 gm of carbs, and less sugar. The most popular flavors available are a chocolate milkshake, cinnamon crunch, Cookies and cream, Cold brew coffee latte, Peanut butter, Salted caramel, and Vanilla milkshake.

Price and Popularity of Protein Powder

They have priced around 28 dollars for a pack of 25 ounces (0.7 kgs.). It is a high-quality supplement at an affordable cost compared to other commercially popular brands in the market. Coming to its popularity among customers, the brand has garnered a steady set of followers within the fitness world. Many athletes, nutritionists, fitness experts, and bloggers across the globe are consistent users of their products. Some famous names amongst these include Lindsay Dungey, Kristin Kirkpatrick, Brian Nguyen, and many more, who are ambassadors of the brand.

Protein Powder
Protein Powder

When to Use it?

An athlete can opt for one of the powders, as mentioned above:

  • When the body grows, it requires more protein than the usual amount of proteins to fuel any workout. This is the right time to opt for a protein supplement
  • It requires more than the usual amount of proteins for sustenance when you increase the workout intensity.
  • A similar logic follows when you’re transitioning into a new or more complex workout. The change pushes the body and increases its appetite for protein
  • Injuries are part and parcel of an athlete’s journey. Once occurred, protein assimilation in the body increases. To assist the recovery, the protein intake also has to go up
  • Along with muscle building, protein supplements can also aid weight loss. Containing low fat, low carbs, and minimal sugar, protein powders do not hamper your weight loss goals
  • Diet restrictions also require one to explore other options to supplement the body with the requisite amounts of nutrition. Most vegetarian or vegan athletes opt for a protein supplement to compensate for the absence of meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, and other animal-based proteins in their diet
  • Apart from the individual athletic goals, an optimal amount of protein intake would help maintain your body composition and boost your immune system.

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How to Use it?

Our body demands more carbs than proteins to fuel a workout. It is what the muscles run on. Following a 5-1 ratio of carbs to protein would make for an ideal post-workout meal. Quest protein powder nutrition is known for its versatility – a great pre-post workout drink and an active baking ingredient. Using a scoop of your favorite flavor, you can make a healthy fruit smoothie, some delicious pancakes, and a decadent granola bar, to drink with water, coconut water or milk. Get past the traditional wisdom of consuming powder right after a workout, and incorporate it into your diet.

Remember that a quality protein powder is designed to bridge the gaps in a less nutritionally dense diet. It “supplements” the body with a requisite amount of amino enzymes which it is not able to get from a regular diet. Only when it is coupled with an intake of other nutrients, good sleep, a healthy lifestyle, copious water intake will it bear any positive results. So pick up your favorite flavor. Put your creative hat on, and make your favorite dishes into a protein power-house by adding a dash of protein with Quest protein powder nutrition.

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