1 Week Ab Program at Home

Ab Program

1 Week Ab Program Numerous people are very eager to have a ripped abdominal section (also commonly known as “six-pack abs”). They begin their research and begin doing rigorous exercises that end up being frustrating because it doesn’t deliver the expected results in the expected times. But this is not due to lack of dedication or effort on your part. All you need is the proper guidance and instructions, and you are on your way to achieving your desired goal. And as a general healthy reminder, it is always best…

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Upper Ab – How do Upper Ab Workouts

Upper Ab Workouts

Upper Ab Workouts The key to building the base of your much-desired “six-pack abs” lies in developing your upper abdominal area. The upper ab workouts are also equally valuable like middle and lower ab workouts. This upper ab portion is beneath the lower part of a chest. If anyone gets fat on this portion, it can put an adverse effect on the shape of a chest. So, training for each and every muscle is vital if you are looking for perfect body shape. Like middle, lower and obliques workouts it…

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20 Minutes Lower Ab Workouts for Men at Home or Gym

Lower Ab Workouts for Men

Lower Ab Workouts for Men Lower ab workouts are one of the hardest and challenging workouts. The majority of men or women want to crush their lower ab, but not everyone gets successful in it. These muscles are the lower rectus abdominal and covered with lots of belly fat as compared to upper ab that are relatively easier to work on it. If you are thinking about developing lower ab, you must include external oblique exercises because this obliques section give proper V shape to your lower abdominal region. So,…

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20 Minutes Best Lower Ab Workouts for Women

Lower Abs Workout

Lower Ab Workouts for Women Lower ab workouts are slightly different than other workouts. Lower ab belly fat is an extremely tough to melt down because it constitutes a more stubborn fat area of rectus abdominals as compared to upper or middle abs. So, it is necessary to choose right workouts and techniques to get maximum results from your lower ab workouts. Women always try to find such workouts that they can easily manageable with their normal routine tasks. Few ladies do not have much time to go to the gym but…

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Ab Exercises – How do Ab Workouts for Men

Men Ab Workouts

Men Ab Workouts Nowadays, ab workouts are getting much popularity among people. Men try to do different ways to get ab or 6 packs. Personality improves because of the good body or overall fitness. Everyone in the gym or even at home prefers to do the ab workouts, but most of them do not figure out exactly which one is a best ab workouts for them. Doing hundreds of crunches or leg raises are not a good idea. And people think if they do hard for one exercise will get…

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Ab Workouts – Common Mistakes during Ab Workouts

Ab Workouts

Ab Workouts The word “Ab workouts” or “Six Packs” workout has become one of a most frequent workout during last ten years, and it is all because of media. People like to get what they see on TV. These ab workouts do not restrict to men only. In fact women. Children or even old people like to get such fitness. Beach bodies or summer bodies is also another factor that tends people to do ab workouts. Women like to wear the bikini and want to look more attractive, and that is why they prefer to…

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