Common Misconceptions about Online STD Test

STD Test

Just like there are so many notions and myths attached to digital shopping, online service providers especially medical ones aren’t trusted that readily. Patients are reluctant to share their personal details and credentials with digital health care facilitators. The reasons are online scams and canny marketing that often results in disappointing the users and consumers […]

8 Incredible Avocado Health Benefits for a Pregnant Woman

Sliced avocado with hummus on brown toast

Conclusion: There are numerous avocado health benefits for pregnant women. So, why not make avocados a part of your regular diet? There are plenty of options to eat avocados like you can put avocados on bread with an egg in breakfast, add it to salad at lunchtime or with fruits as a snack.

18 Surprising Health Benefits of Figs for Better Well-Being

Health Benefits Of Figs

Figs are deliciously sweet fruit. The smoothness of the skin and the crunchiness of the seeds make their taste different among other fruits. Figs are the fruit of Heaven. In the Quran, Allah has sworn of Figs and Olives that these fruits are the blessing for the weak people. Health Benefits of Figs Our unhealthy […]

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Dates for Better Well-Being

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are one of the sweetest natural organic products that are eaten by the majority of people because of their unlimited health benefits. They come in different sizes and tastes, and you can eat in the raw form. Dates are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can get an abundance of primary […]

16 Treatable Women Health Issues with the Right Nutrients Intake

Women Health Issues

Men and women share lots of common health problems but women have their own health issues that require more consideration. This article will expose major women’s health issues . Women are not aware of the diseases they can suffer in the future or even suffering and what would be the potential health loss to them. […]

Guidelines about Exercise and Healthy Diet to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Prevent High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic disease, when the pressure of the blood in the arteries remains high for a certain number of weeks. As we know, one of the functions of the arteries is to carry oxygenated blood to the body except pulmonary artery and if there remains a consistent high pressure […]

Causes and Treatments of Dizziness or a Sudden Loss of Consciousness


You probably have experienced the symptoms of dizziness. We can best describe as a sensation of unsteadiness or light-headedness. In some cases, it may be associated with a feeling of faintness. However, with dizziness, you do not faint or lose consciousness. You may feel dizzy after having one drink too many, or immediately after getting […]

9 Easy Ways to Manage Asthma


Asthma is perilously increased, especially among children. More than 10 million Americans suffer from this disease. Some experts believe environmental pollution is to be blamed, but whatever the cause, deaths from asthma continue to mount at an alarming rate, largely because many susceptible people don’t recognize the warning signs in time to take action. Recognizing […]