7 Best Abdominal Exercises that Pregnant Women Should Do at Home

Abdominal exercises for pregnant women

Women they don’t know how to perform exercises during pregnancy and even they don’t know how useful the exercises are and which exercises are the most effective ones? In this article, I will talk about those best abdominal exercises that are useful for pregnant women and can be easily performed at home. They do not […]

Learn About the Facts of Sex during Pregnancy for a Healthy Relationship

Sex during Pregnancy

Most of the women become afraid when their husbands ask to do sex during pregnancy. We can’t blame women because they are more concerned about the safety of a baby. There come too many negative thoughts in their minds, but it doesn’t mean women shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy. You would build a good relationship […]

8 Incredible Avocado Health Benefits for a Pregnant Woman

Sliced avocado with hummus on brown toast

Conclusion: There are numerous avocado health benefits for pregnant women. So, why not make avocados a part of your regular diet? There are plenty of options to eat avocados like you can put avocados on bread with an egg in breakfast, add it to salad at lunchtime or with fruits as a snack.

What is Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis Testing

Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

Sooner, the 1st Meeting on Controversies in prenatal genetic diagnosis was held on September 25-7, 2015 in Paris, France. It is the need of the hour that all the well trained medical and also scientific professionals should be coming up with ways to get to know the genome information and the detailing about them. It is […]

Get the Best Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plans during All Trimesters

A health diet for mother and her baby

There is no hidden truth about the benefits of a balanced diet on a healthy lifestyle but these benefits get more crucial when it comes to the Pregnancy diet. Although the basic diet’s rules remain the same but need more attention during pregnancy because if the mother’s diet is not up to the nutritious requirements then it […]

Best Pregnancy Exercises During All Trimesters for a Fit Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercises

During your adult life, you’ve possibly been conscious that exercise like yoga, bike ride and running can help you to gain flexibility, reduce pounds, prevent type 2 diabetes, control high blood pressure, increase endurance and much more. In 1994, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) published new exercise guidelines. Current research suggests that […]