Natural Remedies : Healthy Foods that May Encounter Depression

Healthy Foods Depression
Healthy Foods for Depression

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Low mood directly related to depression that results in an adverse impact on person’s behavior and feelings. Depression can vary according to different situations such as family responsibilities, career-related responsibilities, environmental, etc. Sometimes, when we are depressed, and we feel like nothing is going our way. If you are also facing such situation and feel you didn’t live your life that you want to live, then you should take help from the doctor. After consulting the doctor, you can decide which approach is right for you. There are many effective treatments that will help you to change your lifestyle, therapy, and medication both are included in those plans.

Depression has been known to people from the centuries, and people are also aware of its treatment. These days, the depression is very common among the individuals as the world are progressing, and everyone has to keep pace with the world and stay in the competition as well.

It is true that finding the right treatment will take time. You will get to know that drugs work for you or psychotherapy as the depression treatment and It is also true that medication can get rid of the symptoms of depression, but at the same time you cannot believe on medications alone. You have to adopt another method along with the medications to treat the Depression.

Natural remedies for depression have been getting the attention of the people these days, as 50% of the people have left the usage of antidepressants due to the side effects of these pills. Latest studies have found that the natural treatment is as effective as the traditional treatment were.

Treatment of  Depression in Past

In the past, psychologists have insisted that the only safe and the best treatment for depression are prescription antidepressants and professional by the therapist, psychologists or any other mental health professionals. Recent studies have found that the depressed person doesn’t feel relaxed after taking those pills in many cases.


Depression is very difficult thing to deal with, many mental, and physical upset of the body relate to the mental depression. The symptoms of depression include sadness, loss of energy, not showing interest around the world.

Natural Remedies

The natural remedies for depression include the mood enhances chemical that can change the mode of the person so that he may enjoy the things around him. Such as a natural remedy includes SAMe, which can be used to decrease the mental pressure, it can be purchased, and it has shown the practical results towards its users.  The exercises that we daily do is another source for releasing the depression from the mind.


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Vitamins and Herbs for Reducing Depression

Depressed individuals want to get out from under the weight of the world by trying, anything reasonable that promises relief. Many turn to vitamins, minerals, and herbs and results usually show they were wise to do so.


  • Vitamin B-complex, 100 mg daily, vitamin M1, 400 mg daily, Vitamin B12, 2000mcg daily, Vitamin C, 1000 mg three times daily, Folic acid, 5 mg daily, L-tyrosine, 1500 mg after breakfast and lunch, DL-phenyla-lynine, 1000 mg taken twice daily with L-tyrosine.


  • The herbs such as St john’s wort has been used for the centuries to release the depression from the mind. These herbs use as the alternative to the antidepressants pills, and there is also no side effect of using these remedies.

Healthy Foods

  • Skip wheat, sugar, and other refined carbohydrates.
  • You should quit alcohol and caffeine.
  • Foods high in tryptophan, including turkey, chicken, avocado, dairy products, bananas, dates, fig, kiwi fruits, mango, pecans, plums, tomatoes, and walnuts are a good healthy option.
  • Foods high in vitamin B1, including brewer’s yeast, broccoli, brown rice, Brussels sprouts, eggs, asparagus, fish, poultry, whole grains, legumes, liver, peas, kelp, oatmeals, plums, prunes, raisins, and nuts.
  • Eat foods high in vitamin B12, including liver, sardines, mackerel, herring, red snapper, flounder, salmon, lamb, Swiss cheese, blue cheese, eggs, haddock, beef, halibut, anchovies, chicken, turkey, milk, and butter.
  • Eat foods high in folic acid, including whole grains, wheat germ, bran, brown rice, liver, milk, beef, barley, chicken, tuna, salmon, lentils, legumes, mushrooms, and green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat foods high in vitamin C, including rose hips, acerola cherries, guavas, black currants, red peppers, oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, cabbage, papayas, cantaloupe, and tomatoes.


Why You May Need Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Lifestyle

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and Minerals

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Why do We Need Vitamins and Minerals?

People always talk about fat, protein, carbohydrates and sugar requirements for a healthy body. Whenever someone designs any diet plan, always try to focus on these macro-nutrients. It’s a truth that these macronutrients are essential, but it does not mean that we can ignore the importance of vitamin and minerals. Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals may result in the lack of performance and probably harm your healthy lifestyle.

By the proper intakes of vitamins and minerals and by following a few other healthful practices from youth or middle age on, you can extend your life and years of well-being by twenty-five years

Vitamins are the micronutrients that are present in the bodies in small amounts. There are two types of vitamins which are Fat soluble (A, D, E, K) and Water Soluble (B, C). You should consume both types of vitamins to make your body active and energetic.

Requirements of Vitamins and Minerals Supplements

A human body needs vitamins and minerals at every stage of life. Our body only performs well if we give it to the right dose of macronutrients and vitamins and minerals. Let’s go for these reasons that make vitamins and minerals supplements equally valuable for a healthy body.

Poor Digestion

  • Poor digestions of foods limit the intake of vitamin and mineral in the body. Such as if you do not chew well or even eat too fast.

Hot snack

  • Excessive intake of tea and coffee can cause inflammation of the digestive linings that results in less extraction of vitamin and mineral.


  • Excess intake of alcohol slows the metabolism and digestion procedure that ultimately puts an extra load on the liver and damage it.

Fad Diets

  • Sticking with fad diets or low calories diet such as 800 calories diet for a longer duration can cause a serious lack of vitamin and mineral intake.


  • Overcooking of foods including vegetables destroys the minerals. Light steaming is preferable.

Food Processing

  • Vitamin E reduces after defrosting of foods.


  • Antibiotics are best known to fight against infection, but it also fights against friendly bacteria which helps the absorption of B vitamins.

Food Allergies

  • People have different types of food allergies. Such as nuts allergies and the most common gluten or lactose allergies. Skipping gluten foods mean the loss of significant dietary sources of nutrients that include thiamine and calcium.

Accident and illness

  • Incidents such as burning may result in loss of protein. Similarly, surgery enhances the requirements of zinc and vitamin E.


  • Vitamin B2, B5, B6 and C requirements increase because of physical and emotional stress.


  • During pregnancy, extra 300 calories are needed which mean if there is an increase in fat, protein and carbohydrates requirements then there should be an increase in vitamins and minerals requirements. Nutrients that should increase includes B1, B2, B3 folic acid, A, D, E and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc.


  • Athletic needs to eat more because of increased energy requirements to the body to perform physical activities. They also need an excess dosage of Vitamin C and iron.


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List of Vitamins and Minerals

Lack of energy and the feeling of fatigue is a complaint regarding age-old. Human body energy levels only increase by intake of Vitamins. For an energetic and long life, Vitamin B is necessary. Natural foods are abundant with the Vitamin B. The typical American diet has a deficiency of Vitamin B. We see a Vitamin B deficiency in people who are on weight-loss diets.

(B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9), cyanocobalamin (B12), pantothenic acid and these vitamins include in a group of eight vitamins. In energy production, each vitamin plays a significant role. B-complex is important with any single B-vitamin to increase energy levels.

Vitamins and Minerals functions

  • Role in the metabolic process of food and alcohol B1-Thiamin vitamin plays a significant role. The Action of the adrenal gland and boosts immunity function.
  • Fatigue, blindness, and anemia are caused due to the low levels intake of the B2-Riboflavin. For the production of energy, Riboflavin is required.
  • To produce energy in the body, the vitamin B3-Niacin also helps. For treating neurological diseases and high cholesterol, Niacin is used. Niacin reduces the production of lipoproteins, an important risk factor in heart patients if the patient uses it with the combination of Vitamin C.
  • On the list of the main energy boosters, B5-Pantothenic acid is always on the top. It is also known as an ‘anti-stress’ vitamin.
  • To fight fatigue B12 also helps a lot. For the formation of red blood cells, Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient. With our energy levels, Red blood cells are associated.
  • B-complex vitamins work better if you want to keep yours energy level high.
  • B6 (Pyridoxine) promotes carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel in the body.
  • B9 (Folic Acid) important to suit aerobic activities.


  • The main purpose of vitamins and minerals include repair and growth of body cells, tissues, and organs such as skin, bone, and muscles.
  • They also encourage chemical process in the body like whole digestion process.
  • Consistently lower intakes of vitamins and minerals may result in different diseases such as loss of appetite and energy, beriberi, and pain in the calf muscles.
  • Few more conditions include lip and tongue soreness, skin lesions, skin problems but should be careful or avoid extra dosage of vitamins as well.


The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals of Nuts during Pregnancy

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Nuts are a most valuable delicious snack that provides a good quantity of calories, fat, and protein and also loaded with of minerals and vitamins. Nuts are not only important for those who think about weight loss and love delicious and tasty snacks but also eating nuts during pregnancy is a healthy option for a woman because they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Nuts contain some key nutrients vital for the healthy improvement of your infant. Having nuts amid in pregnancy is essential. Nuts contain vital fat, supplements, vitamin and calories that pregnant ladies essentially require adapting to developing needs every trimester.

Facts of Eating Nuts during Pregnancy

There have been hypotheses about eating nuts amid pregnancy as a result of the conceivable nourishment hypersensitivity. There is no motivation behind why you ought to exclude nuts in your regular eating regimen if you are solid, and your body reacts ordinary to nuts in nourishment.

Unless else you are particularly unfavorably susceptible, nuts are an incredible decision to devour while pregnant. Delicious and addictive, nuts can be had as a solid nibble or in short dinners. Aside from using crude, nuts can likewise be consolidated into other sustenance arrangements.

Best Nuts during Pregnancy

These nuts are utterly delightful when included into day by nibble schedule, whether eaten crude, sweet or flavorful.

 First Trimester

  • Vitamins requirements for a first trimester are vitamin B6 and iron which prevents morning sickness and maintain blood volume. Cashew, pistachio, and hazelnut are good sources vitamin B6 and iron mainly comes from cashew.

Second Trimester

  • Vitamins and minerals requirements for a second trimester are calcium, vitamin D, and Iron. Almonds are the main source of calcium which is essential for baby strong bones and teeth.

Third Trimester

  • Vitamins and minerals requirements for a third trimester are vitamin K and iron. All nuts almost a good source of iron which is essential for the growth of a baby. Pine nuts are a good source of vitamin K.


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Popular Nuts Nutrition Facts

Nuts are a good source of polyunsaturated fats, proteins and having a delicious taste that makes them a preferable snack. Most commonly eaten nuts are peanuts, almonds, walnuts, Brazilian nuts, cashews, and pistachio. Nuts offer versatile benefits to human body.

Average Calories from Nuts

  • Average 25 gm quantity provides over 130 calories and 5 gm of protein. People should be careful while eating in bulk quantity because it can make them fat.

Almonds Nuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 144 calories, 12 gm fat, 5 gm carbohydrates, 5 gm protein, fiber 3 gm (which is almost equal ¼ daily requirements). It is also a good source of calcium and magnesium.

Peanuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 140 calories, 12 gm fat ( polyunsaturated 4 gm, monounsaturated 6 gm), 4 gm carbohydrates, 6.5 gm protein, fiber 2gm. It is also a good source of iron and magnesium.

Cashew Nuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 138 calories but varies according to different uses, 11 gm fat (polyunsaturated 2 gm, monounsaturated 6 gm), 8 gm carbohydrates, 4.5 gm protein, fiber 1 gm. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Pistachio Nuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 140 calories, 11 gm fat (polyunsaturated 3.5 gm, monounsaturated 6 gm), 7 gm carbohydrates, 5 gm protein, fiber 2.5 gm. It is also a good source of magnesium and vitamin B6.

Hazelnuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 167 calories, 15 gm fat (polyunsaturated 1 gm, monounsaturated 11 gm), 4 gm carbohydrates, 4 gm protein, fiber 2.5 gm. It is also a good of iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Brazil nuts Nutrition Facts

  • 25 gm of serving provides 164 calories, 16.5 gm fat (polyunsaturated 4 gm, monounsaturated 5 gm), 3 gm carbohydrates, 3.5 gm protein, fiber 2 gm. It is also a good of iron and magnesium.

Nuts during Pregnancy as a Snack


  • Eating almonds in the morning could be a good choice. You can eat peanuts before or even after your workout because it is an excellent source of protein.


  • Nuts are known as a good healthy snack. You can add almonds, peanuts in your post workout shake and even add them to the porridge to make you fuller up to 4 hours.


  • Nowadays nuts are used as butter such as peanut butter,  almond butter, cashew butter which means you can have more options to make your breakfast more delicious and tasty. For example, slice in the morning and add one spoon of butter is a good idea. If you are looking evening snack then probably these butter can be used on biscuits as well. Peanut butter can also be included into your smoothie.


  • We can also obtain oil from nuts though it is too expensive. Such as peanut oil and almond oil.


  • Nuts add incredible taste and nutritional value to cakes.

There are plenty of other things that are incomplete without nuts such as croissants, cupcakes, energy bars and lots of other bakery items.


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Advantages of Eating Nuts during Pregnancy

Nuts are not just delectable; they additionally come stacked with effective supplements required for healthy pregnancy. The following are a percentage of the advantages recorded for you to know:


  • The high protein content in nuts helps in the solid advancement of bulk in your developing child. Protein admission is likewise imperative for you as a mother to increase enough quality and stamina for the approaching conveyance and parenthood. It likewise helps in solid conception weight of your child.


  • The fiber content present in nuts helps in simple processing and regulation of insides. It like this keeps issues, for example, stoppage under control. It is prescribed to eat enough fiber amid pregnancy, and nuts are an incredible decision for the same.

Vitamin E

  • The vitamin E content in nuts helps in a sound arrangement of hair and skin of your infant. It keeps the mother lovely as well.


  • Abnormal amounts of calcium in nuts diminish the danger of hypertension and pre-eclampsia amid pregnancy. Calcium is crucial for building solid teeth and bone in your infant.


  • Manganese enhances solid body weight in both mother and tyke. It additionally helps in the arrangement of solid and sound bones.


  • Riboflavin present in nuts helps in intellectual improvement of your infant. Significant measures of riboflavin likewise create satisfactory vitality levels.


  • Magnesium guarantees the correct arrangement and capacity of the focal sensory system in your child. It additionally helps in your general stable discharges.


  • Folate or Vitamin B9 present in nuts is basic for the sound development of cerebrum and focal sensory system in your infant. Folate likewise shields your developing child from neural tube imperfections in the pre-birth phases of development.


Each food has unique nutritional facts that classify as good or bad in terms of health benefits which it provides to the body. Individuals should know about nutritional facts about that particular food which he consumes especially for diet purpose. As, we all know nuts are packed with numerous health benefits, and you can look forward to protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals breakdown for most favorite nuts.

Sadly, a few individuals eat nuts regularly: They account for much less than eight percent of each day antioxidant intake. That can be due to the fact people are fearful of the fats and calories in nuts, or they locate simple nuts dull. That’s a shame, due to the fact a small handful can % your weight loss program with filling protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, and important nutrients and minerals. Right here’s how your fitness blessings whenever you nosh on a handful of nuts.

If the myth of using nuts amid pregnancy still exists, there is no affirmed prove that nuts can bring about sustenance hypersensitivities in your unborn tyke. There have been confirmations of consecutive pregnancies and labors even after the utilization of nuts. If you have a prior family history of sensitivity to nuts, examine the same with your specialist before continuing to including nuts amid pregnancy stage.

If you are on a strict diet then you should prefer nuts in your diet because nuts can make up the deficiencies by providing the right amount of fats proteins and essential vitamins and minerals. You must include minimum 25 gm serving of any nuts as a healthy snack in your diet plan. Even if you are focusing on a diet, you can add these nuts on a regular basis because these are a good source of healthy fats and more valuable fiber. All calculations or percentages are based on the daily requirements of 2000 calories and these are the minimum nuts nutrition which you must consume to keep yourself healthy and active.

If you’re not allergic, go ahead and include nuts in your eating routine for substantial and adjusted dinners. Eating nuts during pregnancy will be a vital piece of your eating routine while forming the strength of your unborn child for the coming years.