Morning Stretches Before Getting Out Of Bed

Morning Stretches

Start your day with morning stretches that give you energy for the day. It is the best way to cure the tired feeling that keeps following you all day long. We all are aware of the fact it is key to perform stretches to reduce stiffness or stress that you may feel after exercise, or […]

Get the Best Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plans during All Trimesters

A health diet for mother and her baby

There is no hidden truth about the benefits of a balanced diet on a healthy lifestyle but these benefits get more crucial when it comes to the Pregnancy diet. Although the basic diet’s rules remain the same but need more attention during pregnancy because if the mother’s diet is not up to the nutritious requirements then it […]

Best Pregnancy Exercises During All Trimesters for a Fit Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercises

During your adult life, you’ve possibly been conscious that exercise like yoga, bike ride and running can help you to gain flexibility, reduce pounds, prevent type 2 diabetes, control high blood pressure, increase endurance and much more. In 1994, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) published new exercise guidelines. Current research suggests that […]