The Exercise Every Runner Must Do

The Exercise Every Runner Must Do

Runner Exercises

It is a fact that exercise is that single and solo thing that can make you fit and active. If you are are having negligence in doing the exercise, then we are afraid that you might get sick and weaker day by day. It is highly vital for you to do the fitness and healthy exercises frequently. Exercises that should be followed by all the runners if they want to have a fit and active lifestyle in their lives. Why not get a golden opportunity of sharing these fitness exercises with your friends and buddies too:

Runner Exercises
Runner Exercises

List of Runner Exercises


In this kind of exercise, you have to hold a pair of dumbbells; your palms should be facing your thighs. Now, bend at the hips and also keep your arms. Now, pull the dumbbell in your left hand by raising your upper arm. Lower down and repeat this process with your right arm. With this exercise, your middle back and also biceps, core muscles will get stronger.


In this kind of fitness exercise, you will be holding a pair of dumbbells, and, your palms should be facing each other. Now, press the dumbbells by rotating it to your left and lower the dumbbells when you rotate back, now rotate to the right. You have to make the repetition of the process 8 to 10 times. With this fitness exercise, you will get stronger shoulders, triceps and core muscles.


In this exercise, you have to be into the pushup position and rest your shins right on a stability ball. You have to pull the stability ball right toward your chest and also raise your hips and roll the ball forward towards your feet. Perform this sequence few times. With this exercise, your shoulders, as well as core muscles, will get stronger.


In this kind of exercise, you have to hold the kettle-bell in front of your chest. Then stand on your feet and push your hips back. You have to lower your body and make your thighs parallel to the floor. Now, press the kettle-bell right above your head and then return the kettle-bell to its original position. With this exercise, your glutes, quads and also hamstrings, lower back as well as upper back; shoulders will get stronger and tougher.


You have to get into pushup position and then raise your right knee by rotating your hips up. Then make reverse directions and keep on rotating your hips up and also touch your right foot to the back. With this fitness exercise, your shoulders, core muscles will become more firm and stronger.

Easy Accessible Runner Exercises

So, these are all the primary and essential exercises that should take into consideration now. These Runner Exercises are the most preferable and highly recommended by the fitness experts and can carry them up even from your home place, and, you do not have to go to any fitness center.

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