12 Most Common Health Benefits of Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness includes general fitness or the overall state of health and well-being and specific fitness or the ability to perform a particular physical task or activity. Nutrition, exercise and the rest are necessary to be physically fit. Physical fitness also includes an individual’s capacity to perform normal daily tasks and activities without getting stressed, fatigued or tired. Physical fitness also indicates an individual’s ability to perform work-related tasks efficiently and adequately with enough energy left for leisure activities and other needs. Physical fitness also supports strong endurance and resistance to diseases and infections and improves faster recovery. An accurate general definition of physical fitness is the ability to perform daily living activities efficiently. While maintaining one’s well-being at the base level, adapting to new physical challenges and demands at the mid-level and maximizing the body’s full potentials at the top most level.

Components of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness also has different components, namely, physiological, health related, skill related and sports related. The physiological aspects of physical fitness are metabolism, morphology, and bone integrity. Health-related issues include cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance and muscular strength. Skill related aspects include agility, balance, motor coordination, power, speed and reaction time. Sports characterize into team games and individual games. These components are equally important and contribute significantly to a general physical fitness.

With these elements in mind, experts emphasize these essentials that should be addressed in a holistic physical fitness program, namely, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility training, strength training, muscular stamina, is there a Generic Propecia body composition and general skills training. An effective physical fitness program should also cater to age-related and health-related needs. An overall fitness program should also achieve fitness in a triangular perspective, providing to physical, emotional and psychological health.

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