Always Think About your Baby Fitness

Baby Fitness
Keep your baby smiling

‘Love your baby but do not hurt your baby’.

Physical fitness is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. The most sensitive and caring issues are how to keep your baby healthy and physically fit. Although diet plays an important role to keep your baby active, on the other hand, there is another issue that is practically disregarded by everybody. This issue is about how to carry or lift your baby because unconsciously we hurt our baby when we lift it up.

These are the following noticeable harmful ways for baby body fitness during lifting and carrying him.

Wrong ways of carrying or playing with a baby

  • Baby joints are very sensitive. When we lift it up by holding its hands is an absolutely wrong way because the whole body weight keeps downward and it is just like we are dragging something. This way can damage the shoulder joint and even put stress on his wrist and elbow joint.
  • Playing with the baby is having a good impact on its overall body fitness but you should keep in mind these few precautions. First to keep safe it from any kind of stress and injuries. For example, we like to swing our baby by holding both hands to please it but it becomes the worst scenario because unconsciously we hurt our baby by putting stress on deltoids and shoulders.

Take Care of Baby Fitness

The Right Ways of Carrying, Lifting and Holding a Baby

A good approach always keeps your baby settle in a comfortable position.

Wearing Your Baby

Probably, it sounds funny ‘wearing your baby‘ but it actually means how you can carry your baby while doing your work. You can lift and carry your baby to your front side and even on the backside too.

Holding from a Rib Portion

It is a good way to hold your baby first from his rib portion then lift upward because when you lift your baby from the ribs you do not exert any extra stress on a particular joint.

Individuals receive diverse styles and systems to lift and conveying their babies as per their availabilities such as woven wraps, back wrap cross carry, secure high back carry, front carry (facing forward), Hip carry and Do it all carries.  The right ways of lifting and carrying your baby are also important for your own health, especially for a mother. It’s true at initial stages your child wants more physically attachments and you have to hold, lift and cuddle all the times but later on, you must be careful because your baby weight increases rapidly and daily lifting of your babies with wrong ways can affect your health such as back pain due to a wrong posture.


It is better to follow proper ways to keep you and your child healthy. The correct methods for lifting and carrying your child are likewise imperative for your safety, particularly for a mother. It’s valid at starting stages your baby needs more physical connection, and you need to hold, lift and nestle every time.

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