Explore 15 Best Tips to Safely Perform Your Ab Workouts

Ab Workouts
Ab Workouts

Nowadays, ab workouts are gaining much popularity all over the world. Men try to adopt different ways to get ripped ab or 6 packs.  Everyone in the gym or home prefers to do the ab workouts, but most of them do not figure out exactly, which are the best ones. Its’s useless to perform hundred of crunches or leg raises at one go rather you should plan properly. People have a misconception that you will get good results if you go hard for a particular exercise.

Importance of Ab Workouts

The importance of developing your abdominal muscles (commonly known as “abs”) is as important as developing other parts of your body. Can you ever visualize yourself not being able to stand, or walk properly? I don’t. As a matter-of-fact, approximately $50 Billion is spent on a yearly basis by people experiencing back pains, and this is a big deal indeed. So what is one way to prevent back pain? It is none other than strengthening your core muscles. The abdominal muscles are responsible for maintaining balance; this is because of your “gravity center” or roughly. The area below your belly button called the “sacrum.” It handles making standing upright or sitting, or walking upright possible and helps to not cause pain or injury.

Tips – How to Plan Ab Workouts

Lots of people are not aware of the fact that their wrong workout pattern might harm their efforts and can distract them from their goals. It is unfair, to say about those who only perform their workout at home can’t get the desired results. It’s a golden opportunity for them to look at these exercises that can be performed easily at their homes. The only requirement is concentration and full commitment and just give 30 minutes to your workout.

Ab Workouts Program

You can perform Ab exercises at home as well as in the gym and by using machines or without machines.

Hanging Leg Raise

Movements: Flexing and Extension

Work for Major Muscles: Abdominal section

Plate Twist

Movements: Flexing and Extension

Work for Major Muscles: Abdominal section


Movements: Balance and Stabilization

Work for Major Muscles: Inner abdominal muscles, back


Work for Major Muscles: Obliques, Core Muscles

Classic crunch

Work for Major Muscles:: Upper ab

Reverse Crunch

Work for Major Muscles:: Lower ab, Core Muscles


Dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a cable weight system can be used.

Work for Major Muscles: Torso

Trunk Rotation

Work for Major Muscles: Ab, Obliques

Bird Dog

Work for Major Muscles: Core Muscles

Knee Tucks

Work for Major Muscles: Legs using a stability ball

Glute Bridge

Work for Major Muscles: Ab, butts, Core Muscles

Side Plank

Work for Major Muscles: Obliques, Glutes, Core Muscles

Tips – How Can You Avoid Common Ab Workouts Mistakes

Although it is exquisite to keep your body fit but keep in mind that proper guidelines reform overall results. Here, we will discuss, how you can avoid the common mistakes during performing ab exercises. You must have the knowledge about what you are going to do such as:

How many workouts should be done?

Which parts do you need to focus on?

Which is a good diet for ab workouts?

Is he ready to spend much time building ab?

Current body fat is he carrying?

How many calories does he want to burn off during a particular workout?

Tips to Perform Your Ab Workouts

It is the best technique to combine two exercises for each abdominal muscle.

10 exercise 12 reps each exercise and three times sounds good. The total number of repetitions would be 120 * 3= 360.

You can quickly burn over 150 calories for this 30 minutes ab workouts.

Avoiding junk food those are high in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

Eat minimum of 1 gram Protein per kg of body weight.

Increase your water intake because it keeps you hydrated the whole day.

Frequent workout sessions should be preferred for burning maximum calories in a week for the ab workouts program.

You should always focus on quality rather a number of repetitions. It is the best approach to do 2 exercises of 15 to 20 repetitions for each abdominal muscle like upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and obliques.

Safety Precautions for the Ab Workouts

There are different types of ab workouts for Upper Ab, Middle Ab, Lower Ab, V-cut, and Obliques, so it is necessary to choose your workout according to your age and gender.
A most common complaint among people who undergo abdominal exercises is the lower back pain and it is the result of hyperextending your spine. You should be more careful if you are already facing this problem and start during your workout. Avoid overtraining!


It is always the best and the safest way to refer to your healthcare provider or medical practitioner, or even your gym trainer before attempting to begin any workout routines or exercise programs.

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