Top Reasons to Train as a Boxer

Boxing is a sport that is followed by millions of people worldwide. It is no wonder, therefore, that there are many aspiring boxers all around the world. Boxing is a good profession if you’re serious about it. However, the fact remains; that even for physical fitness one should pursue boxing. When we look at the greatest boxers of all time, it is no wonder that we are easily inspired to become hardcore professional boxers dominating the ring. On the contrary, for the common folk, it is best to pursue it as a means of physical fitness and if one has a passion to pursue the sport professionally, then they must! For general body fitness, the following are the reasons you should become a boxer (for both professionals and non-professionals). It is also highly recommended to use the best boxing attire such as gloves, pads and rash guards, etc.

1. Fat Burning

Boxing can help you burn fat fast. As much as 500 calories per session! The calories keep burning even after the session has ended! This post-training calorie-burning effect is a sure-fire way to reduce your fats! When you keep on throwing in the punches and exchanging blows on top of that, the calories burn fast! Moreover, the exertion allows for the muscles, tendons and joints to exhibit a higher level of strength. This adds up to the overall strength of the body. The endurance of the body increases as a result. Moreover, as the training gets more intense and the going gets tougher, the body learns to cope with more difficult and tough situations. This enables the stamina to increase as well. This stamina continues to increase day by day and helps make the trainee stronger. The more stamina, the longer the workout and the higher the number of calories burned!

2. Increased Muscle Tone

If you become a boxer, you are very likely to have a lean body without any bulk mass. Moreover, boxing sessions are composed of fast repetitive actions that will allow your muscles to tune up real fast. If you are practicing with your partner, then it is highly recommended to increase the intensity of your punches. This will enable to allow your muscles to become leaner quickly? Who likes flabby muscles? No one! In quick succession, land punches on your partner’s defensive and feel the sweat on your arms do the talking. To have an increased muscle tone, divide the entire activity into short intervals of intense activity. This will allow for your muscles to quickly contract and relax which in turn will sharpen your reflexes even more.

3. Build Strong Bones and Ligaments

Resistance training is great to strengthen your bones. It also helps to reduce the chances of osteoporosis. Boxing helps one to strengthen their joints, tendons and ligaments leading to greater response against resistance. As you continue to work out, your stamina will slowly increase. When it does, make sure to engage in resistance training for longer periods with your trainer or partner. This will allow your body’s endurance to increase providing you the ability to work out and train for even longer times.

You can also use your body weight to increase muscle mass that is crucial to maintain your metabolic rate working at its max potential.

4. Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Since boxing is about fast reflexes and quick body actions, you will be able to contract and relax your muscles every time you throw in a punch. This will help your heart and lungs to work in harmony and pump oxygen all over your body making your vitals work all the better. A heart that is in perfect health will allow you to be more confident and sure of yourself. You must also avoid foods high in cholesterol to have a healthier heart. These days people engage in smoking and other harmful activities. Make sure to stay away from such activities and you’ll end up having a body, mind and spirit in perfect sync with each other.

The sport will also test the endurance of your entire body. It will make your body better at delivering oxygen to all the parts of your body.

5. Better Muscular Endurance

When you are training, your muscles will regularly contract and relax. This will result in muscle fatigue. With time the duration before your muscles get tired will increase leading to greater muscle endurance and fitness. This will also enable you to burn more calories. Muscular endurance, in the long run, will help you with the ability to train for longer periods. Moreover, you will also become capable of engaging in routine activities without feeling the heat at all!

6. Improved Core Stability

When you train you will constantly experience body imbalance as your training partner will engage with you physically. This will make your body adapt to the changes quickly. Your fast and quick movements will allow you to pose more resistance to external influence. You will also be able to throw punches without much difficulty and compromise on body balance. All of this training, even for amateurs, will be very helpful in all walks of life. Imagine a person who spends their youth engaging in healthy activities and working towards a healthier lifestyle. Will that person not end up having a healthier old age? Surely, yes! Such an individual will enjoy a higher quality of life, be able to enjoy their time with their grandchildren even in the old age and exhibit an active lifestyle even after their youth age is long over. Compare this scenario to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle. They will most certainly have an inactive youth and issues such as heart problems, diabetes or blood pressure in the later ages. These issues are treatable but isn’t prevention better than cure?

7. Increased Strength and Power

Boxing is a full-body workout routine. It will help you shape up your legs, hips, glutes, core, back, shoulders, chest and arms. All your muscles will regularly contract and relax as you throw punches increasing your endurance and strength. After you continue training for six months, visualize the gains. Visualize every part of your body and feel the strength concentrated in your arms, chest, legs, hands, thighs and calves! How good is that feeling? The going is tough in the beginning but the gains at the end are worth the effort!

8. Stress Relief

Boxing has a lot of psychological benefits too. When you punch wildly you will experience a lot of satisfaction. This is due to the release of endorphins and dopamine. You will also experience an adrenaline rush that will enable you to have a better and more confident personality. Boxing is a great mechanism for stress release as well. Release all your stress by unleashing your fury on your partner’s defensive gear as you train. This will allow you to clear your head and feel more at ease. When you go home after the training, you will feel a better version of yourself. All the negative feelings will have subsided and a positive perspective on matters will have emerged!

All of the above reasons will motivate you to head to your nearest training center and start boxing. It is an excellent decision too! Time to get a lean and perfect body!

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