Unhealthy Foods and Sex: Which Foods are Bad to Eat Before Sex

Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods

Healthy food choices are always in the news either in terms of increasing muscle mass, trimming down fat, keeping your body healthy and even for a healthy sexual life. You always heard about healthy foods that boost libido and enhance your sex drive but might be you hardly listen about unhealthy foods that may become hurdle into your healthy sexual life. Therefore, people should have knowledge about those foods that are less healthy when it comes to sex. You will surprise to know that even healthy foods can get worse if you don’t eat them at the right time.Your diet is a bank account.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

Lack of quality diet may lead to poor health or fitness that ultimately becomes worse for your sexual relationship. It means people should have some knowledge about healthy foods, especially, they must know which foods increase libido and which foods should ignore before or during sex.

Healthy Foods Unhealthy Foods
Oysters Artificial Sweeteners
Pumpkin seeds Alcohol
Onions Hot dogs
Garlic Bubbly Beverages
Dates Red meat
Peanuts Bowl of oatmeal
Almonds Mint
Bananas Beans

Avoid Unhealthy Foods during Sex

Some foods are purported to strip away inhibitions, make you in a mood for lovemaking or may improve blood flow to your sex parts, all of that may boost your performance and your pleasure. In reality, there are not lots of scientific proofs to substantiate the link sex and food. But there is no reason, you and your partner ought to turn away from such so-called natural love potions. But still, there are lots of foods, which you should avoid before having sex because those food choices may encounter your sex drive. Have a look at these foods.

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